How to Get Rid of Wrinkles ? Causes, Prevention, Treatment & home remedies


Wrinkles are lines and creases that form on the skin in different parts of the body. Most of the times, they are formed as around the eyes, mouth or the neck. The most common cause of wrinkles is aging. But other factors like UV rays, smoking or stress can also be a causing factor for wrinkles. They become a big matter of concern for most people at some point in their life when they start experiencing the effects of aging. Usually, people start noticing the first signs of aging when they are around 35 years old. The signs and symptoms may appear sooner or later depending on other factors too. However, as we grow older, everyone has to face the impacts that the growing age brings with it. When the skin starts to experience aging then wrinkles are formed on the skin. It is actually a condition in which the cells of the skin divide at a slow rate and the dermis starts to get thin. At an older age, the skin cannot hold necessary amount of moisture and it also makes less amount of oil. The healing process also gets slower with age. Altogether all of these conditions cause wrinkling of the skin. However, it is not always aging that can cause wrinkles. Wrinkles can occur at a young age because of many other factors like smoking, sun exposure, and pollution.

The main causes of Wrinkles are as given below:

  • Aging

When a person grows older then the skin becomes more fragile and it also loses its natural elasticity. The skin produces less oil and it also loses its ability to hold moisture resulting in the formation of lines and crease. This is the most common cause of wrinkle on the face.

  • Exposure to sun rays and UV radiation

It has been known that any person who is exposed to more time in the sunlight tends to develop wrinkles at a younger age. Ultraviolet rays speed up the process of aging in people. Researchers prove that UV rays cause a lot of damage to the connective tissue of the skin which is necessary to maintain the skin’s elasticity and flexibility. The wrinkles begin to form when the skin loses its elasticity.

  • Smoking

Among all the negative impacts that smoking may cause to the overall health of a person, damage to the skin is also one of the known effects of smoking. Chain smokers are most likely to have problems related to the skin. Smoking causes the change in the supply of blood to the skin. As a result of that, it will speed up the process of aging.

  • Gender

The occurrence and appearance of wrinkles may differ in the person according to the Gender. Wrinkles are more likely to appear in women than in men. Scientific studies have shown that there are fewer glands which secrete sebum in the women. Sebum is necessary to form lubrication in the skin. So, women tend to have wrinkles at an early age as compared to men.

  • Deficiency of nutrition

Deficiency of nutrition can be an important factor which leads to the damage to the skin. The body needs a proper supply of nutrients to maintain the health of the skin. The deficiency of these essential nutrients leads to aging of the skin. As a result of that wrinkles are formed in the skin.


Prevention and reduction of Wrinkles

  • Don’t smoke

Though the negative impact of smoking has not been established to be 100 percent precise most of the scientific studies have concluded that smoking of cigarettes causes aging of the skin. Smoking of cigarettes releases a certain type of enzyme which breaks down the collagen and elastin. They are both essential components of the skin. Various studies conducted in twins have also shown that the sibling who smokes tends to have wrinkles and thin skin as compared to the non-smoking sibling.

  • Get enough sleep

When the body does not get the required amount of sleep then the body produces more amount substance like cortisol which is a hormone that breaks the skin cells. Getting enough rest will help to produce more human growth hormone and the skin will stay thick, elastic. When the skin remains thick and elastic then they are less likely to develop any kind of wrinkles.

  • Stay protected from the sun

As it has been mentioned that sunrays can cause damage to the skin resulting in wrinkles, so it is advised to stay safe from getting exposed to the sun. If it is really necessary to go out in the sun then a proper sunscreen is recommended. You should use a sunscreen daily. The sunscreen can protect the skin from getting damaged by preventing the breaking of connective tissues. Sunscreen can also help to be safe from cancer. Using an umbrella in the sun can be also helpful to stay safe.

  • Balanced diet

If you really want to stay away from the dreaded wrinkles to appear on your face then you should make sure that you eat a balanced diet starting from today. The best way to form a balanced diet is by including plenty of fluids, fresh fruits, and vegetables in our diet. Apart from that, we need to eat all necessary kind of nutrients necessary to our body in proper quantity.

  • Stay away from Stress

Stress can cause more wrinkles on the face because of too much squirting. You have been stay relaxed to keep the wrinkles away. When your feet stressed then you have to take deep and long breaths. Similarly, meditation techniques can also prove to be helpful to stay relaxed and stay away from stress.

  • Don’t wash your face too often and use moisturizers

You should not wash your face for more than two times in a day. Doing so may cause dryness of the skin as it will take away the natural moisture of the skin. When the natural moisture and oils of the skin are washed out then the wrinkles begin to form on the face. Using moisturizers regularly can help a lot to make the skin look younger. A proper moisturizer should be applied regularly to keep the skin young and wrinkle-free.

  • Sleep on the back

Various studies have shown that sleeping in particular positions every night will lead to the formation of sleep lines or wrinkles on the skin. Sleeping on the sides may cause wrinkles on the cheeks and chins. According to research, it is advised to sleep on the back to stay safe from wrinkles.

  • Eat more fish, soy, and cocoa

Eating fish and especially salmon or some cold water wish helps to build good skin. It is a good source of protein and it also has a lot of necessary fatty acid which is known as Omega- 3. The fatty acid nourishes the skin and keeps it young. As a result, there are fewer wrinkles on the skin. Similarly, Soy is also known to have properties which reduce the photoaging damage caused by the sun. Some studies have shown that fish protein, white tea, grape seed, and tomatoes help to improve the structure of the skin. Cocoa also has a high amount of dietary flavanols including epicatechin and catechin which helps to protect the skin from damage and improve circulation to the skin. It makes the skin much firm and smooth.

  • Don’t squint too much

It has been known that any kind of repetitive movement of facial muscles like squinting causes wrinkles on the skin. When you go out in the skin, it is advised to wear sunglasses so that you can stay safe from the harmful rays of the skin. Apart from that, the sunglass will also keep the eyes safe from squinting.

Treatments to reduce the Wrinkles

Science and technology have made so much progress that effects of aging can be reduced to some extent. It is possible to prevent and get rid of the wrinkles on the skin by different mediums. There are many skin care treatments, medicines and surgical methods which can treat the wrinkles. Some of the common methods are as mentioned below:

  • Medication

Different medications and creams which include topical retinoids and wrinkle creams can prove to be beneficial in reducing the wrinkles. Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and it should be used with sunscreen and protective clothing because they cause sensitiveness to the heat of the sun. Different anti-wrinkle creams are also available which contain substances like retinol, alpha hydroxyl acids, kinetin and antioxidants which help in treating the wrinkles.

  • Surgical methods

There are various surgical methods including the dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and skin lifts which help to get rid of wrinkles. In the process of Dermabrasion, the sanding of skin is done by repeatedly rotating a brush on the outer layer of skin. Similarly, in microdermabrasion, the similar process as Dermabrasion is applied but less skin is removed. In case of facelift, excess skin an fat lying under the neck and face is removed. The underlying muscles and connective tissues are tightened during this process. The results can be effective from five years to ten years. Other surgical methods include soft tissue fillers, botulinum toxin type A (Botox), chemical peel and the laser surgery.


Home based remedies to prevent Wrinkles

  1. Honey and apple mask

Honey is known to have magical effects on the skin of the person. It is proven to be a perfect home remedy to treat wrinkles. To get best results, a little honey is to be spread on the face and leave it for 15- 20 minutes. After that time, the honey is to be washed with lukewarm water. Similarly, apple and honey can be mixed together to spread on the face for best results. The apple is to be slice into small pieces and mixed with around 3 tablespoons of honey. The mixture is to be applied to the face for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed with Luke warm water.

  1. Cucumbers

Cucumber has a lot of benefits for the skin. It is to be sliced into thin pieces and then places it on a clean face for at least 30 minutes. Repeating this on a regular basis will help to prevent the wrinkles from appearing.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil also has properties which are effective in getting rid of the wrinkles. For that purpose, the face is to be massaged with a few drops of olive oil for about 20 minutes for every three days.

  1. Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates are known to have antioxidants which are beneficial for the skin. Eating dark chocolates regularly helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

  1. Tomatoes and honey

This is also a useful home remedy proven to be effective against wrinkles. First, a tomato is to be crushed and mixed with 2- 3 tablespoon of honey. The mixture is to be applied to the face and washed after around half an hour. Cold tea bags can be used on the eyes to reduce the wrinkles around the eye area.


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