Why you can’t concentrate? Having trouble with focusing & concentration ?


Concentration is the ability to direct one’s thinking in whatever direction one would intend. We all have the equal potentiality to concentrate; only matters here is how you would utilize your brain. Think of the times when you were engrossed in a super novel, playing your guitar or piano or even during playing cards and watching movies of your choice you would have the total concentration of your work. So only thing here work is how you entertain your brain and where you feel pleasure to work. Then concentration is sure to be in your hand.

However, there are also several techniques and practice to boost up your concentration you can follow:

  • Learning mental self-regulation for improved concentration.
  • Arranging factors that you can immediately control.

At the end of this content we will discuss on these topics as well but at first, let’s discuss why you can’t concentrate? And what are the possible reasons behind?

Why you can’t concentrate?

  • Technology Overload

Due to modern means of science and technology like a computer, BlackBerry, Cell Phone, and iPod most of the people get isolated and try to do more multitasking task. Similarly, their more engagement on such devices affects their concentration to stay focused on any single task. This will directly or indirectly affect the brain. Therefore, avoid logging in to the social media sites while you’re working. Similarly, email messaging also distract your concentration although many emails are work-related, they still count as distractions from your current project. So set aside specific times for that purpose.

  • Lack of Sleep

If you can’t sleep seven to eight hours a night you’re probably irritable and dealing with mind fog, and have difficulty in managing daily tasks. Fatigue makes it tough for you to concentrate, even when you have few distractions. So try to get adequate rest to get your focus back…

  • Poor Job Satisfaction

Definitely, everyone’s unhappy at work from time to time – maybe your client presentation flopped or your boss gave you a poor performance review. If you find yourself that you can’t complete the project on time or get in trouble for it then you would probably need medical attention or a new job.

  • Too much stress

Really taking stress and tension are the main cause of losing your concentration. It will slow down your memory capacity, so avoid it with meditation. It will improve your attention and eases symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  • Too Little Exercise:

Mounting evidence suggests that regular exercise keep your mind sharp and increase your learning and memory capacity. It’s even more important in adults with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). It even helps you to get better sleep at night so do more exercise and remain healthy. Exercise makes your body fit and healthy.

  • Hunger

Avoiding breakfast early in the morning may lose your concentration, so your brain can’t focus without having fuel in your body. It is one of the factors of a top concentration killer. Therefore, Avoid hunger at bay by applying following habits:

  • Always eat breakfast
  • Choose complex carbs
  • Skip simple carbs like sweets, white pasta etc.
  • Eat high protein-rich snacks like cheese, nuts etc.
  • Medication

Some of the medications may even affect your concentration so talk to your doctor or pharmacist to check if a medication or supplement you are taking may be affecting your concentration or not.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is not just a problem for children; it will also affect to adult. The most common signs are short attention span and trouble focusing on tasks. Therefore, medications and behavioral therapy are the most important task you should do to solve this issue.

Now let’s discuss on how to improve concentration:

  • Training your wandering mind

Learning a skill easily improve your concentration. Learning a skill takes a practice whether you are shooting baskets, dancing, typing, writing or concentrating. These concentration strategies really work to boost up your concentration.

  • Spider Technique:

It is one of the basic methods for concentration because it helps you to maintain your concentration and not give in to distractions. For example: Hold a vibrating tuning fork next to a spider web. Then spider will react and come looking for what is vibrating the web. Do it several times and the spider “wises up” and knows there’s no bug and doesn’t come looking. From here you may learn that you should build up your brain in such a way that you shouldn’t get distracted.

  • Keep aside Worry or Think Time:

Always give your full attention to major work and be full wherever you are, that will keep you away from getting distracted. For example: set 4 pm to 5 pm as your worry or think time on each day. When your mind is side-tracked into worrying during the day, remind yourself that you have a special time for worrying. For this, you can follow these steps:

  • Set a specific time each day for your time
  • Let the thought go, perhaps with “Be here now”
  • When you became aware of a distracting thought, remind yourself that you have allocated special time to think and solve the issue.
  • If in case any important things are to be done in an instance, you can even go for doing that task as per your thinking perspective.
  • Take a deep breath:

Practicing meditation and taking deep breaths really can improve your ability to focus and improve more blood flows to the brain and functions well, so always do exercise early in the morning.

  • Eat smart

If you are thinking that your choice of food has more to do with your figure than your brain, think again you might be wrong. Every foodstuff has special nutrients that directly or indirectly impact to the energy level and ability to your focus. So always consume healthy food that will improve your ADHD symptoms.

  • Find your space:

An important strategy for staying focused when you have adult ADHD is to work in a space where there are few if any, distractions.

  • Excising and Prioritizing your tasks

Always does exercise regularly that keeps you away from any worry and most importantly prioritize your tasks that help you to schedule your timetable. So arrange your task from highest to lowest importance and then tackle the list from top to bottom.

Besides, there are also other several factors that affect your concentration like

  • Light
  • Chair and Table
  • Posture
  • Clear away distractions
  • Signs
  • Take your phone off the hook
  • Music etc.

Hence, concentration is one of the most important aspects of your life, so plan well and do such tasks that would help to boost up your chances of developing concentration on each day. Life is short so let’s do something great for the world. That would enlighten you and your image of grace.


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