Why Do We Make Mistakes in Life & How to Correct them?


#People mostly live in a dreamlike state, so we tend to repeat mistakes.
#Now, how do you get awakened?

We as human beings have different states of awareness that we live in. There is our dreamlike state and there is our reality. Our reality too, can be subdivided into three different  states which are:

  • So called awake

This state is when we feel awake and feel like we are acting according to our thoughts but we are actually being driven by our emotions.
For example when we want to buy our friend a gift, but end up buying it for ourselves.

This is when our desire works and we are driven by it and give ourselves a logical explanation to  justify it.

  • Dreamlike

This state is when we are doing something and do not even realize that we are doing it. For example we might be lost deep in thought about an event a that happened a couple of hours before  while we are actually doing something, say cooking food at the moment.  

  • Real Awakening

This is when we are completely aware of whatever we are doing.  Every moment our awareness, is like a double headed arrow. We are aware of our breath, of our hand and leg movements, our breath and of whatever we are doing.


People mostly live in a dreamlike state, so we tend to repeat mistakes.

We just think that we are aware,  but just think about it. We get super angry and probably shout at people and after about half an hour later we tend to regret whatever we did while we were angry. And we say, “it happened despite of myself”. Meaning, “I did not want to do that, but it happened through me.”  Then we promise ourselves that we are never going to repeat it again, but tomorrow, the same element of anger catches you when you are least aware and makes you act madly. No wonder angry people are called mad, “He was mad at me; I am mad at you.”

We get angry today and feel guilt afterwards, then tomorrow we repeat the whole thing  and regret again. And that’s how our entire life carries on.

Now, how do you get awakened?

Try this simple exercise,
Every morning after you wake up and every night before you go to sleep,

Take 5 minutes off,

Relax (See Article: Types of Meditation for ways in which to relax.)

And ask yourself, “Who Am I?” for five minutes. The day you get the answer, not from scriptures and holy texts but from yourself, that day you can consider yourself as a truly awakened being.


When we have the habit of living in this state of constant genuine awareness, then we tend to identify our true errors and mistakes and tend to do it lesser, minimizing them in the long run.

There was Shyam who wanted to get hired as a crew member of a newly built ship.

The interviewer asked him, “Imagine that you are in the middle of the ocean, and you suddenly realize that there is a huge storm approaching you, what would you do?”

Shyam said, “ I would drop an anchor.”

The interviewer then said, “What if there is another storm?”
Shyam Said, “I will drop another anchor. “
The interviewer asked again, “ What if there is a third storm?”
Shyam Said, “ I will drop the third anchor.”

The interviewer, amazed at Shyam’s answers, said, “Where are you bringing all these anchors from?”
Shyam replied in a cool manner, “From wherever you are bringing all these storms.”


We tend to live in our imagination all the time. You plan for tomorrow while you live today. And your planning keeps you in a dreamlike state. And this turns out to be a habit.

So many times, so many mistakes are not really mistakes. We think they are mistakes because others persuade us to believe so. Other people will find faults in everything.  So we need to be clear whether they are really carelessness or not.

Your father might ask you to wake up early in the morning. But you are a late sleeper. Now people will call that an error and a fault in your personality. However, just think about it, do all people need to have the same sleeping habit? Well, I believe if you wake up at high- noon, then its your morning just like six in the morning is to people who wake up at 6 Am. There’s no book that says you need to sleep these many hours at all.

Sometimes people even find mistakes in your eating habit.  Some say, eat little but numerous times, some say, eat full. Many such habits are different depending on the culture, but most people fail to understand that just like every culture is different, so is every individual.

Tell us in the comments below if you regret having a habit.

First of all, identify real errors in your habits and not mistakes that others point out to you,


So what to do , in order to reduce your mistakes,

Identify and accept that you made a mistake whenever you commit one.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, hold your breath and say to yourself,
“I shall correct the mistake that I just committed.”

Then redo whatever error that you committed in the correct and appropriate manner.
Thank yourself for listening to your inner voice and taking steps to correct your mistake.

For example,
You are sick and tired of bursting out with anger at every small inconvenience.



The moment you feel anger inside of yourself,

  1. Accept that you are angry and feel your anger.
  2. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and say to yourself,  “ I shall resolve this situation without getting angry.
  3. Complete the action without getting angry.
  4. Thank yourself for deciding to avoid anger and doing your chores without anger.

Ask us questions and leave us a comment if you have any, in the comments below.


The best way to correct your mistakes is observe yourself as you commit the mistake.

Never suppress something that you want to do, even if you think it is a mistake, unless it harms anybody else.

Be responsible for yourself and your actions.

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