Why is Karma a Bitch ? Part 2


So, we spoke about the witnessing state of mind in the previous article. Let us summarize a part of it.
An aware human being has three dimensions in life.

  1. The Doer
  2. The Subject (The thing being done)
  3. The Witness

For example,


Qs1: While you are drinking tea, who is the doer?

Ans1: You are! Now, what is being done?


Qs2: What is being done or drunk for this matter?

Ans2: The tea is being drunk


Now listen to me carefully, if you look at the whole matter of you as the doer and the tea as a subject or an action, you create the action of a witness. Yes, look at the whole action of whatever you are doing, being done, and then you find that you are actually the witness, you are looking at the whole thing as if a third person is looking at it. If you are able to do this, you are in a state of awareness. For example, you are reading this. So keep yourself in mind and keep the action in mind, and if you practice this properly, you will see the entire event of this article being read with the witness state of mind. Who is watching the person that is reading this?  That is the witness.

If you start practicing witnessing then as mentioned in the article before this one, other people will not be able to press your buttons. You will be fully in your control and not theirs. And only then can you read a straightforward life.

Once it so happened that a Queen went to a sage with anxiety in her stomach and said to the sage, “Guru! Guru! The king, my husband has gone crazy!”

The sage asked, “Why? What happened?”

The Queen said, “He smiles when I shout at him nowadays! He used to get angry before, which was normal, but these days I scold him and shout at him and he just smiles! He is either going crazy or out of hand!”

On that note, the sage explained that it was him who had given the key of witnessing to the king! The sage said that now the king would not get angry by the effort of others and in that way, he will be able to see things more clearly and make better decisions for himself and his kingdom.


It was in this state that Jesus could still pray for his prosecutors when he was hung up on the cross. People who live in awareness are untouched by the buttons of life. They are out of our hands. They are the king of themselves, the ruler of themselves. And they are blissful most of the times.

Another interesting thing is that you can remain alone and be blissful, but you cannot be angry and alone. There is something in life that is dependent on other people and there are some things that are independent of any other thing in life. Those things that happen in dependence on others usually happen in unawareness, for example, anger. Those things that happen without any other dependence happen in awareness, for example, utter bliss.

Therefore Mahaveer says, If we do anything in unawareness, we get entangled in bondage. And this bondage creates more bondage and more entanglement. Do you remember the phrase, continuously lying in order to hide one lie? It’s the same with actions that we perform without being aware.

So guess what, if you even become angry with complete awareness, you will not fall into the Bondage of Karma. But that’s the catch, you can never be angry if you are completely aware. Let me give you an example of a bigger scale. I tell you that even if you murder someone with complete awareness, you will not be bound in the bondage of Karma, but again, that’s the catch. People usually commit murder in spite of themselves! Therefore you will be unable to commit murder if you are present and aware in the moment.

So you can do anything, but do it with complete awareness, and start it with the breath.

Now let me tell you how Karma creates Bondage. Throughout the world, people are acting without awareness, driven only by their thoughts and feelings but not by their consciousness, and as we have read that anything done on unconsciousness or without awareness creates bondage of Karma. So that equates to Karma bondages being created all around the world all the time.


In your dimension of understanding, let us understand it in this way,

In a world of unawareness,

Shyam says something rude to Ram, who is offended by the words and will naturally want to get back at ram with more rude words. But he might not have that opportunity, so instead his anger is blurted out upon Sita. But Sita is unable to rebute Ram because he is her senior so instead she bursts at Gopal, her son who takes his anger out on his friend Hari. Again, Hari’s anger drives him to act stupidly in front of his parent, say you. But if you are aware, you will not let Hari press your buttons hence, you delete the entanglement of Karma that was being created in a long line of unconscious actions. Here, you become the Buddha, the Jesus or the Bishnu.

Therefore in Mahaveer’s dimension of understanding, anything that you do without consciousness is a wrong act, or “paap” according to Hindu language. And anything that you do with consciousness is a right act, or “punya”.

Try one thing, the next time you see a homeless man or a beggar, give him some alms. And try to be in the witnessing state of mind when you are giving him alms. Tell us how you feel. Also if you have any questions regarding this, write to us below in the comments. And try to be aware by maintaining the witnessing state of mind as you walk, as you talk and as you breathe.

Until Next time,
Shunya Samarpan.  


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