What is the Importance of Meditation?


# Meditation is beyond your mind

# Therefore we cannot measure the importance of Meditation


# Patanjali says that Meditation is so important that even God is an excuse to Meditate.

A regular article would list down the importance of meditation in a list, and make you want to meditate immediately. Then, you’d start meditating, and you would get bored and shift your focus to something different. That is what happens to the majority of the people who want to start meditation at home. But this article has been presented to you not because we want you to immediately sit down, close your


eyes and chant some mantras. We want you to understand the whole concept of meditation.

One can ask, “Why is drinking water important?”


And the answer might be listed in bullets. But, if you think deeply, that is a wrong question to ask because you do not have the authority to ask the importance of water, because you are water! The whole 70 percent of you!
In a similar way, asking why meditation is important is like asking why water is important in life.

You seem to asking the advantages and disadvantages of meditation, but the idea of mediation is beyond the scale of advantages and disadvantages.  Here is the punch-line.
#The importance of anything is asked by the mind. Advantages and disadvantages are pursued by the mind. And Meditation is beyond your fragile mind. It is travelling above and beyond the mind.

Your mind is very scientific. Whenever anything new is introduced to the mind it looks for the advantages and disadvantages and pros and cons and this is necessary too! For survival and living. But can you really question something that is beyond your mind and situated somewhere deep inside your spirit?

Water boils at a 100 degrees Celsius. Whether you live high up in the mountains or low beside the sea, water boils at a 100 degrees Celsius. It cannot say, I won’t boil today because I am not in the mood. Or, It’s raining today so I won’t boil. If you heat water at a 100 degree Celsius, water boils.  It is the destiny of water to boil at a 100 degrees Celsius. Science creates destiny. But Meditation and Ultimate Bliss are not under scientific reasoning but above it.

Science creates cause and effect. Just think about it, if Meditation and Ultimate Bliss were under the power of scientific reasoning, Meditation and bliss would be created in labs! And the integrity of souls and life would disseminate into a thousand pieces.

So, it is worthless to try and dissect meditation and see if it has advantages or disadvantages. We would like to think that Meditation is the cause and Bliss is the effect. People come to ask me, “Why should I meditate, What will I Get out of meditation? Will I get riches? Will I win the Lottery? Will My Kundalini be activated? Will I find the love of my life?

Isn’t that stupid. Meditation in itself is the utmost joyful thing. Why else do you need from it?


Meditation is simply an opportunity to travel inside. An opportunity to play with utter bliss.

Importance of meditation
Importance of meditation. image source https://pikimage.com/

You want peace and bliss? Well, the sun is the peace and bliss of your life and meditation is the act of pulling down the curtains, opening your windows and the doors so that the sun rays can enter your room and your being. You cannot bring the sun up and the sun rays inside your room at will, but you can at least keep your curtains open and be ready so that when Morning actually happens, you won’t be missed out. The act of pulling down the curtains is meditation.  

Similar is utter bliss. You cannot bring it but you can be ready for when it comes. You can welcome it with music and smiles. It will come when it wants to. It does not face any necessity. But when it showers may you not be avoided. When the guest (Bliss) comes, you become a proper host.

Meditation does not bring utter bliss, but rather makes you ready for when bliss comes.
So there is no necessity for meditation. But our mind desires output from everything. It wants to suck all the good things out of life in desperation.  Whereas, Meditation is simply celebration, bliss in itself. It is being able to watch a ripe mango and not wanting to eat it.  

May you start seeing the birds and the rays of the morning, may you hear the birds chirping, may your hear the people speaking, may you see the forests guarding the earth, may you see the river flowing, may you smell the flowers of the morning. That is the ultimate bliss, that’s it. Ultimate bliss is no place else, its right here, right now.  But you are stern, Meditation does not bring God, it softens you.

If you Meditate, you flower. And the experience of the flowering is Godliness.
All the things that we do in life are because of a reason, as per the previous Article “Love and a thousand other diseases” theses days, we even love because of reasons.


Let your life have at least one thing that needs no reason. Dancing needs no reason. Singing needs no reason. Make Love without a reason. Don’t look for profit or loss in everything, Let life be an opportunity to play and not to do business.

|Until Next Time|Shunya Samarpan


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