What is Meditation? The Importance of Meditation Practice


Throughout the world, there is a new word in vogue; A word that has stirred many lives since the 80s although the phenomena existed long before that. The word was popularized by Yogi Paramhansha Yogananda in the west and was popularized in the East by the Western People. Such an irony!



Manifold practices are done in the name of meditation throughout the globe. Some practice concentration, that is giving their undivided attention to one point in front of them, may it be a burning candle or a picture or a point on the wall. This gives them nothing but headaches. Some others practice hypnotism. Ah! Such a risky art to dabble in! But not many people really understand the word in its entirety. The world is as vast as the ocean and equally deep, though scuba diving in it is fairly an easy process, that is if you understand it.

Meditation, as one may understand, is attention or awareness. It is often confused with concentration. But concentration is only a part of meditation.


Ask yourself: In your daily life, what do you turn your attention towards most? Is it your lover? Your job? Your car? Your studies? What is it? Whatever it is , that is your extroverted meditation. Now the meditation that we talk of, in spiritual term is similar but different in only one way- The attention in turned inwards. Towards yourself. Have you ever tried that?

Try it, instead of paying your attention to the screen that you are reading this in, pay your attention to yourself, trust me, it pays to be attentive. Take all your attention from the outside world towards yourself. Forget the world and close your eyes if you think it helps. Try it now for about 30 seconds.


How did you feel? What did you observe? Post to us in the comments below:

What you did just now is the tip of the iceberg, but that is how we proceed. Congratulate yourself, because you have just started your meditative journey. You might or might not have felt so much of a difference right now, but take my word when I say, we shall have surreal experiences in this journey together. We shall together feel peace, bliss, and prosperity without any external stimuli.

That brings us to our second point, Why is meditation important?

Imagine not feeling fear at death’s mouth, not feeling anxious before a meeting, not feeling a breakdown even if you have one, not feeling insecure about your finances or your life. All in all, you’re a t peace, undisturbed peace.  That is how you shall feel if you get the knack of meditation. Now don’t ask me Why one needs peace. That would be a stupid question. Lol.

Meditation as its name suggests is the medium, and the results are peace and bliss.

Here’s a parable for you to think about.

Three friends were walking when they saw a monk sitting at the edge of a cliff. All three of them started debating as to what the monk was doing.


The first friend said, “I think he is thinking about his family.”

The second one said, “ I think he is looking for his cow”

The third friend said, “ I think he is meditating.”

They debated for a while and then decided to go and ask the Monk what he was doing. On reaching the edge of the cliff, the first friend hurriedly asked, “ Monk! Are you thinking about your family?”

The Monk said, “No!”

The second friend then asked, “Then are you looking for your cow?”
The Monk said, “No!”


The third friend then said, “Then you must definitely be meditating. “
The Monk said, “No!”

All of them asked together, “Then what are you doing?”
The Monk Said……

Stay tuned to hear what the Monk says.

Coming back to the point, Meditation is the medium to reach peace and bliss.

Now, Love and Meditation are synonyms of each other, Let us try to understand this.
1. Meditation as its name suggests, is being attentive.

  1. We are attentive towards what we love.
  2. When we turn that Love to ourselves, it becomes meditation.

Now on how to meditate:


Sit with your spine straight, or howsoever you feel comfortable.

Then put a smile on your face first.

Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth, continue this for about 2 minutes. And keep your attention on your breath.

As you do this, you will realize that your mind wanders around and thinks of a thousand other things.

Its okay, everytime you realize that you are wandering, understand and accept that it is the nature of the mind and come back to your breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale though your mouth.

Now take a deep breath in and hold it in, for about 10 counts and exhale and hold the breath out for about 10 counts and inhale again. Do this for about another 2 minutes.

Now come back to breathing normally. Just make sure that your attention is on your ingoing and outgoing breath. If your mind wanders away, its okay, just come back to your breath.


Now repeat the whole process with your eyes closed. Trust me, it gets better and surreal with your eyes closed.

Meditation is not something that you achieve, meditation is not something that shall give you supernatural powers overnight. Meditation is not something that shall make you win the lottery. Meditation is simply a process of being more natural. More at peace with yourself and more intimate with your life energy. Meditation shall make you whole with yourself, it will make you understand your nature better, your angels and your demons better. And it will take you more closer with existence. That is the nature of being real, that is the nature of being normal. That is the nature of being human.

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