Understanding Oneself ( Yourself ) | Moral Lesson & Story


Understanding onself ( yourself ) with the moral story & lesson given below:

Two Psychologists had their offices in the 5th and the 7th storey of a building. Both of them used to enter the gates of the building almost at once and would end up in the elevator together almost every day. The one who had his office on the fifth floor would, before walking out of the elevator, turn around and spit the other psychologist in the face. The other psychologist would simply take his handkerchief out and wipe the spit away. This would happen every other day. The liftman used to observe this and be awed at the sheer queerness of the entire act. One day, after the first psychologist walked out, the liftman gathered his courage and asked the second psychologist
The Liftman said, “What’s happening here? Why does the other fellow spit on you everytime he walks out of the elevator?
The Psychologist calmly replied, “I do not know, it seems like his problem!”
The second fellow could have shouted at the first psychologist, or beat him up, or spit back on him, but he did not, because he understands, (as his profession is a psychologist) that one can either take or not take offense to other people’s action. He chose not to.
The case is similar with everybody. You can either choose to accept or not accept pain given to you by others, or for that matter, pleasure given to you by others. As the above case shows, enmity can seldom end enmity. Try it out in your own life. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found out that only love can end hatred.
Think about it again, who in the world can give you pleasure, or pain? An action or a person that you think gives you happiness this moment might be the cause of your sadness the next moment, has that never happened to you before? Just think about it! Nobody else holds the power to change your feelings or your emotions, the power is only and only in your own hands,
“Why should I fear Anger if I got nothing from Love,
Why should I fear the Autumn if I got nothing from the spring.”


People fight all their lives with their spouse and choose to be sad at the demise of their partner. Such hypocrisy if you look at it from a different perspective, isn’t it? You become very doubtful if somebody compliments you, you think it might be sarcasm, but you get deeply saddened almost immediately if somebody points a flaw in you and accept it without any second thought. We are very good at accepting sadness and avoiding happiness. But is that ou natural tendency? If not, then are we normal?

The people who have been ripened with life have understood that others can neither give you pain, nor pleasure, they can neither be the cause of your happiness or your sadness. That is because we tend to catch our own reflections in others and try to find our flaws and forte in them. We always tend to run away from ourselfves to find solace in others.


In this journey of Meditation, let’s take away the borrowed concepts of God, or Enlightenment or Soul or any such Hulabalu! Let’s try to be practical and identify things truthfully.
Like Gautama the Buddha says,
The practicality in life shows us that,
There is pain in life,
There is liberation from pain,
The first step to liberation is understanding that we are the sole cause of all the emotions and feelings in ourselves, may it be happy or sad.

Understanding that you are the sole cause of your happiness or sadness retracts you from the outer world and helps you give much of your attention to yourself, which is the first step to Meditation.
Now moving on, let’s dwell into ideas a little deeper.
Do you know that the world is temporary?
Yeah yeah! Everybody says so!


But really, just think about it, how many humans have died since the beginning of time. Anthropologists say that there are at least 10 dead people under your feet this very moment. But we, we tend to live and speak and act like we are going to live forever. We are like dewdrops in the morning, that shall vaporize in minutes, we are like bubbles in a spring, but we act like we are immortal. Sigh, such naïve being we are.
Just imagine,

If you found out that you are going to die tonight, how will you feel. Bear with me and imagine that you are going to die tonight. What will you do? Will you keep on doing the same things that you did everyday? How will things change for you? Write to us in the comments below.

Now digest this, you might have found it very difficult to imagine that you are going to die tonight. It might have brought about nasty feeling in you. Well, you’re probably not going to die tonight. But you are definitely dying soon. Human life is such a fragile thing. Death might be waiting for us around any corner.
We are bord and from a sapling we flower, there is not much time left before we begin to wither.
Awaken! Awaken! Once you awaken, you will understand that this life is temporary, and that is not a sad thing. Behold! For once you awaken to this facet, the doors to a greater super life opens to you. The life of the spirit which is eternal, for the spirit is immortal.

Let’s not speak of God first, or liberation from this life or redemption or judgment day. Let us just understand these aforementioned simple truths of life. Don’t believe it for the sake of believing, experiment with it, play around with it, question it and then finally see if it resonates with you or not.

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