Types of Meditation | 10 Different types of Meditation Practice


Throughout the world, different types of meditation are being practiced. The manifold practices are liked by people as per their culture, their nurture and their nature. Here are some of the meditation types that might click with you according to your type.

1) Vipassana meditation:


This type of meditation is for the people who have a chattering brain. You sit down in the Lotus Flower Position (Sukhasan or Padmasan) and then listen to the sound of your breath. Close your eyes and focus on your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Let your being dive deep inside yourself with every ingoing breath and focus outside with every outgoing breath. Your mind, in the beginning will get distracted and you will find yourself thinking about anything but your breath. Its okay, noticing this is a great achievement in itself.  When you notice this, smile, take a deep breath and come back focusing on your breath.

2) Tratak:


This type of meditation is for the people who are visually thinkers. But proceed with caution. Do not do this for longer than 8 to 10 minutes in the beginning. Mark a point on the wall and look loosely at the point. When I say loosely, I mean do not attack the point with your eyes. Just receive from it. Try this without blinking for as long as you can. You will begin to have surreal experiences. In the beginning, your eyes might get watery and you might find this meditation very difficult but with patience and practice, it becomes fairly easier later.

3) Sruti Meditation:

This type of meditation is suited to people who are attracted to sound. This is usually practiced by people with a lot of patience. This is the most leisurely and safe type of meditation there is. All you need to do is sit down and listen to the sounds around you. Just receive signals from the environment. The sound of the birds chirping, the rain falling or vehicles moving out and about. again, the mind might try to distract you from being aware and might make you think a thousand things. Its okay, that is the nature of the mind, just come back to listening to the sounds around you.

4) The Belly Meditation


This is for people who are laborious and hard working and spend a lot of their daytime physically toiling. For this meditation all you need to do is sit down or lie down in a comfortable position and continuously be aware of the rise and fall of your belly(Your stomach) as you breathe. Te belly is the source  and the storage area of all the energy in the body hence this meditation pacifies the fire energy or the fire element of the body. With continuous practice, a peaceful silence will cover you up as you continue to do this.

5) Third Eye:

This again, is for the visual thinkers. One needs to close eyes and look inside his closed eyes and keep a constant focus there. With closed eyes it is difficult to focus on one point but if we keep our eyes unmoving and stable inside, it does the trick. It is similar to Tratak meditation but whilst Tratak is focused outwards, this is focused inwards. This is a very powerful meditation and should not be done for more that 10 minutes at a stretch in the beginning.

Third Eye Opening Meditation Music:

6) Noor Meditation:

After being adept in the Third eye meditation, one can go deeper through this Noor meditation. If you continuously look inwards you shall see a lot of things, colours, dots and wavy movement happening inside your closed eyes. Noor meditation is passive onlooking towards all theses visual projections until and unless the inside runs black and you are pulled into a Blissful Dusky silence, called “Samadhi”

7) Self Guided Meditation:

This is easily practiced by  many. All you need to do is sit down and close your eyes. And starting from either the head or the toe, imagine that all parts of your body are slowly relaxing and getting healed. Do this as you slowly breathe in and out. As you do this, you might also notice that certain parts of your body are either ringing, aching or are uncomfortable. Its okay for this is the first step of healing the body, the identification of the problems of the body.


8) Elixir Meditation

This is to be practiced by people who are good at Vipassana or Sruti meditation only as it is a very powerful meditation. Its better done when you are lying down. With your eyes closed, relax first with Self guided meditation and then imagine that your spirit (along with your body, if it helps) is expanding with every incoming breath and expanding more with every outgoing breath. If done correctly you shall have surreal experiences in whilst doing it. This meditation is closely connected to Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming.

9) Brahmanaad Meditation

This is best practiced before going to sleep. If you have trouble falling sleep, keep your palms open and facing upwards as you chant “Hmmmm” like a buzzing bee. After about 5 minutes, close your eyes with your index and your middle fingers and your ears with your thumbs while continuing to say “Hmmmm”. This is the sund of existence therefore you will feel a deep relaxing sensation in your being which shall make you fall asleep faster.

10) Golden Light Meditation:

It is suggestible to do this meditation only after you become better in meditation number 1, 3,4 and 8.
As you sit with your spine straight, relax your body and your mind and then imagine a Go lden Light entering your body with every incoming breath. Now imagine the golden light entering all parts of your body including your capillaries. This refreshes your mind and your body and you are filled with new diving energy.


Do you know more types of meditation? Did you find these types easy? Do you want to know more? Do you have a question or a comment? Write to us below and we shall get back to you.

Blessed Be

Pratik Poudel

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