Types of Karma- How to balance your Objectives and Achievements


#Karma is the state of doing or performing actions.

#Karma tends to be a bitch if you are an a-hole.


#Karma Yog can lead you Bliss.

I know we have been speaking of meditation and love and bliss and life. But today I am in the mood to go a little deeper.


Today let’s speak of Karma. Karma, unlike popularized by the western media, is more than a bitch.

Karma in its literal sense means action- The State of Doing.


The biggest work that explains Karma is the Shrimad Bhagwada Gita. The Song of the God. In Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta we see how a God (Lord Krishna) pursues a Human (Arjun) to fight and not run away from the battlefield.

In this scripture, Krishna speaks of Three types of Karma or Actions.

  1. Karma
  2. Bikarma
  3. Akarma

But unfortunately, in today’s age, we are even below these three types of Karma (Actions)

The state of action that we are in shall be called Pratikarma or Reaction Based Action.

You are taking a morning stroll, if somebody comes up to you and praises you, you have a mind to praise the person back. Similarly if somebody comes and scowls at you, you have a mind to shout back at them. This my friend, is Pratikarma, or Reaction based Action. You are not creating an action but just reacting to somebody else’s action.

Somebody buys a Lamborghini, and you see that and you want to buy it too! In life, almost all the things that we do is a Pratikarma or a reaction based Action. That’s where we are in today’s time.  In order to understand Krishna’s Level of Actions, we need to rise from this level. And only then we can understand the three types of Karma or Actions.


Krishna starts from Karma.
#Karma is duty.

Whatever you are designated to do , or whatever the world expects you to do.

Everybody follows their Duty. If you follow your duty you practice Karma

#Bikarma is action with an initiative

Its an action where you take responsibility. If you take an initiative to do something, you practice Bikarma.

What is the difference?  


For example, for a cop, to monitor his area is his duty. But if he sees something queer happening outside his area and still does something about it, then that is his responsibility. He was not required to do it, but still he did take an initiative.  We rarely take initiatives.

Have you ever taken initiatives in life? If yes, post to us in the comments below, and tell us how it is a Bikarma and not a simple Karma with a duty.

Now, if we ascend from here, we reach Akarma.

In Karma, you are the does, you are doing a duty.

In Bikarma too, you are a doer, although with a responsible initiative.

In Akarma, you ascend to saying that you are not the doer. The Existing Universe is the doer. An Akarmak says, all these actions are done by the Super Being and all the fruits that you reap will belong to the Super Being. You are only a medium.


In Karma, your eyes are on the fruit, in Bikarma your eyes are on the fruit too, but in Akarma, Your eyes are not on the fruit, you simply enjoy the process of doing.

So you need to ascend from Karma to Bikarma to Akarma.

Now these were the states of doing, let us discuss similar states of being.

  1. Witnessing
  2. Balanced
  3. Non Doing


Whatever you do, do it with awareness. But how do you do that? Witnessing is whatever you do, do it with your own remembrance.

People ask you to “Take care of yourself”.  What does it mean? Be aware of yourself. Remember yourself. But you tend to do stuff in your own absence.  


Do whatever you are doing with totality. How? Join the Doer (yourself) with the doing. Join the doer with the action.

For example you are gardening. You will be totally concentrating on the plants. But if you remember the one who is gardening, then it’s witnessing. Forgetting yourself is Absence of mind, remembering yourself is witnessing.  Whatever you do with witnessing, you’ll find grace in it.

Now what is Balanced State of mind?

  1. The Balanced State

It is the state of the middle path.

For example, nonviolence is good, but if you take it to the extreme and tell your Army to not fire even if the enemy fires, then that is not good.

Balanced nonviolence is not doing violence to another, but also make sure that you are not doing violence to yourself. Avoid Extremism in whatever you do.


Now the state of Non doing.

Non doing ascends the previous state of minds. Non doing ascends to credting all your thoughts and action to the Superbeing.” I am just the kite, the Existence has the strings. Now I shall float and not swim. I wont do anything. Ill just go with the flow.” This state of mind is the state of Non Doing.  

Some other things to understand with these concepts are:

So now, are we not supposed to have an Aim or an Objective and expect Results in life?

Yes of course! But before we do that, we need to understand that Objectives and Aim always talk about the future and Results always talk about the past.

For example:


Question: What do you want to do in life?

Answer: I want to be an award winning Photographer

Now when you win that award, you say “I won the award.” That has already become a past.

Your Objective is something that you want to do in your life in the future. And the moment you talk about your achievement or your result, you are already speaking of the past.

Lord Krishna says, “Whatever has happened, its gone by done by.”

Therefore be totally indulged in whatever action is in front of you at the moment; in the present.


Now, start witnessing yourself and the action that you do. Do whatever you do carefully, slowly and with love. If witnessing and awareness do not generate love in you, it’s useless, in a similar way if love does not generate awareness and witnessing in you, you have simply wasted your time. Start with witnessing and we can work our way upwards to achieve the state of Ultimate Bliss. Start witnessing yourself to avoid sadness and depression in your life. Because they arise when you forget yourself.

Until next time,

Shunya Samarpan

Interpreted and Elaborated from the Discourse of Osho Siddhartha Aulia

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