Having Trouble with Gastritis ? Home Remedies to get rid of Gastritis


According to the research done by various medical experts, the patients are suffering from gastritis at least twice a week, and this problem persists until the next day.

In most of the cases, gastritis occurs depending on the lifestyle of people like working late, being sleep deprived, oily food, alcohol and smoking. Such kind of habits boosts to the problem of acidity. If we can’t escape from such habit, then this results in ulcers and finally cancer.

For more detailed information about gastritis, see the full video below:


The following measures can be adopted to avoid acidity:

# Do not tilt right while sleeping. It produces excessive digestive acids in the stomach.
# Do not go to sleep late. Keep yourself away from drinking alcohol.
# Do not have cold drinks, coffee and chocolate before sleeping.
# Do not eat tomatoes, vinegar and sour fruits in the evening.
# Don’t have spicy food for dinner.
# Eat your meal 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.
# Eat bananas, because it contains natural anti-acidity elements.
# Prefer light meal in the evening. This helps to keep your digestive system in a good condition.
# Consume Fresh Dill greens ( Dill Weed ) , Cardamom or cloves after meals.
# Drink cold milk to decrease the level of acidity from the stomach.


Binaural Beats Sound Therapy for Gastritis Pain Relief:


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