Transform Your Sexual Energy to Your Third Eye


Please read the previous article on sexual energy into god energy if you have not yet read it.

So we spoke about taking the energy, that was residing in your sexual chakra and was being secreted out of your body from down under to taking that energy to ascend into your third eye. When the energy starts to strike your third eye, then and then only, you start becoming clairvoyant, you start to develop real vision, then and then only. You start seeing for real then and then only. Until then, you are spiritually blind. Then you start seeing the un-seeable.  Then you realize that you are connected to the bits and pieces of the universe. You are one with the starts and the moon and the land and everyone around you. Your Muladhar Chakra is the blind Chakra, therefore we call your sexual energy blind energy. Your eye opens only when your energy starts striking your Agya or the third eye chakra. Only then you develop real vision.


Therefore in the East, the process of thinking is not called Philosophy, it is prevalent in the western world. In the Eastern cultures, the process of higher thought building is called “Darshan” which directly translates to “Vision” which develops only in the Third Eye Chakra. Philosophy can still be generated in the Muladhar Chakra, but Vision can only be generated when your energy ascends upwards. And if you philosophize things in your Root chakra, what could you possibly philosophize? How far will that philosophy go?

How much can a blind person explain about light? Whatever a blind person says about light shall be wrong. A blind cannot even see darkness, what shall he speak about light? So blind philosphers can think as much as they want to but they cannot be visionaries. Darshan or Vision is not about thinking but rather it is related to Energy ascension. Buddha, Mahaveera are Visionaries and not Philosophers. They see. They are not proposing theories. What they are doing is they are binding whatever truth they have experienced into theories, they are not fondling or doodling in the dark, whatever they have seen in clear light, they have brought it into words.  When you gain the vision, and the eyes to see the truth, you will realize that the Supreme Power and the Supreme System is the only thing that is real. Everything else is illusion that is what people call Maya. Right now if you think about it, you will realize that the world is real for you and the concept of Supreme System or God is very unreal. You might be a theist, but look inside yourself, there always remains a subtle doubt inside yourself. When you go to church, you want to believe in God but you can’t because you haven’t seen it!


Even priests preach about God all their lives, but the real test comes in the moment of Death. They are scared about death too. Because although they preached it, they have not seen God or experienced him, and how does the priest justify that?

A Priest, named George was about to die, and another priest, Michel was giving him company in the last moment of his life, and the dying Priest, George, as he was about to die, was scared about death. Till now he had preached about heaven and afterlife, but now he was uncertain. He expressed his uncertainty to Michael, and Michael gave him a very nice idea.


Michael said, “George, Pray. Pray with these words- Oh Lord! Oh Satan! Protect me in the afterlife.”

George surprised, asked Michael, “But why would I pray to Satan?”

Michael came close to his ears so that no one else in the room would hear him and whispered in Michael’s ears, “Don’t take risks on your deathbed. Who knows? –What if there’s no God and only Satan? Just pray to both of them, don’t provoke anyone at your last minute of life. Whoever is there shall help you out!”

Most of our prayers are out of fear and not out of belief. But that is until you are stuck in the other chakras except for your or your Third Eye Chakra. When your Third Eye Gets activated, only then you witness the God element in this world. That is the capability of Seeing, the capability of Darshan, of witnessing.

One day an urban doctor had come to a rural village in order to explain the villagers about family planning. So there was a workshop being held. The Doctor explained everything about family planning and how important it is, to the villagers. After all was said and done, one of the villagers asked him, “Doctor, are you married?” the doctor replied, “No, not yet.” And the villagers started giggling.  When the doctor asked the reason for their laughter, the villager replied, “How would you know the pleasure of not using contraceptives? You are unmarried!”

In a similar way, we have heard about God, we have heard the words, but we have never experienced it, we have never tasted God, but we have heard of the word.
When Energy enters your third eye, you experience God, And these kind of people do not speak with the power of intellect, they speak with the power of the soul and the being. Their power comes from somewhere deep within. These are the people who create scriptures in their time; Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and all.


Then the energy ascends again to the Sahasrar chakra, the crown chakra. Sahasrar means a lotus with thousand petals. When your energy strikes your crown chakra, the petals start blooming, and when they bloom, you start living in utter bliss. That is when you start dancing without any reason. That when you start feeling happy without any reason. Then you become one with God, one with the universe, bliss starts flowing in you and you can’t stop the bliss from overflowing from your being. You wont be able to stop your being from dancing and celebrating. And then, that’s it, your life, has now become truly successful.


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