Transform Your Sexual Energy into God Energy
Transform Your Sexual Energy into God Energy

Transform Your Sexual Energy Into God Energy

How do the Yogis attain the state of utter bliss?

The life energy usually flows downwards in your body. Therefore all the energy of your body gets stored either in your Swadhisthana Chakra or your root chakra, the Muladhar chakra, therefore all the energy in your life eventually comes down to sexual energy. Therefore all your energy becomes Sexual Desire. The more powerful and strong you become, the more sexual desire you generate in yourself. Therefore the ascetics of the past used to eat less, because they had renounced the world but still their sex energy would trouble them, and if they eat more, they would be more sexual. But this is no meditation, this process is sick. Because what is the point of becoming meditative at the cost of losing your life energy.

Meditation has a sub branch that says you need to overcome and go beyond your sexual desires, but the people who do not understand it properly, shrink their sexual centre by becoming weak and tell themselves that they have overcome sexuality. Such foolish people! If they start eating well again, their sexual desires will overpower them like never before. This is no meditation, this is deceit.

The aim of meditation is not to empty yourself of energy but rather the transformation of energy from downwards flowing to upwards flowing. You are not to destroy our dry your energy, but rather just change its direction. Whatever was flowing towards the ground shall rather flow upwards towards the sky. If your energy was water like, flowing towards the earth then you just need to make it fire like, flowing towards the sky. And on such a practice, you shall develop courage to travel the spiritual realms.

There is a technique to make the energy flow upwards. It’s called the Mool Bandha.  So what is the Mool Banda? Okay, so the energy that gets collected in your Muladhar or the root chakra is known as the Muladhar Chakra and it transforms all the energy into sexual energy. Through this technique, one can tie that Chakra, and shrink it and make its energy flow upwards towards the higher Chakra. Infact, when you tie the Mool or the root chakra, your energy automatically starts to ascend upwards. Think of it in this way, you have a balloon filled with water, if you squeeze it towards the bottom the water automatically travels upwards. It is the same with energy.

So try this, every time you feel like you are getting overpowered by sexual emotions. And as you practice this, it will be an habit for you to clear rabid sexual emotions.

So the technique is,

Sit down, calm down relax. Breathe out completely and totally. Make sure no ounce of air is left inside you. Exhale completely, and then pull your stomach in as much as possible. When you practice enough you will be able to exhale all the air in your lungs. When you do this, an empty space or a vacuum gets created in your stomach.

Wherever there is a vacuum, then energy from elsewhere comes to fill that space because nature does not prefer emptiness. Whenever you fill water in a pot from a river, for a miniscule moment, a pit gets formed in the place where you took the water form, but immediately, water molecules from the surrounding come to fill it up. Similarly, when you breathe out and create a vacuum in your stomach, near your Manipura Chakra or Life energy Chakra, energy from the lower chakras, the Muladhar and the Swadisthan, flow into it. And you’ll notice it if you are sensitive enough. You will feel as if an energy surge is shooting into your stomach. And you will feel yourself, getting refreshed and revived, just opposed to the fatigue you feel after ejaculation. Ever remember feeling loose and tired after ejaculation and you want to do nothing but fall asleep? Its fatigue.

But this is exactly opposite to that.  You will feel happiness and cheerfulness all around you because the transformation of Energy has started. You become more powerful active and un-fatigued and well rested.

Therefore whoever activates their Mooladhar Chakra, the root chakra and uses it to activate their Life chakra or the Manipura Chakra, their requirement of sleep minimizes. They can feel as refreshed after just a couple hours of sleep.

Your body needs to create energy and then transform it and tried to use it judiciously, but we tend to waste it. This is a tiring process. Every day we collect life energy from food, try to store it but eventually waste it through various activities. But have you ever tried transforming this energy and ascending it upwards? This shall be a new refreshing experience for you. And the first step to that is the Mool Bandha technique.

Let me remind you again, the aim is to breathe out completely and shrink your stomach or pull your stomach inside to pull your sexual energy into your Life chakra. Do this every time you feel sexually charged. As energy increases in your life chakra, it will start ascending upwards and continue ascending upwards. After enough practices, you will realize that the ascending energy has started to touch your heart chakra. And although now we say that we are capable of love, only when the energy fills the heart chakra, you feel what it means to be able to love.

You become love itself. Wherever you sit, you emit love vibes. Whoever you touch or whatever you touch shall blossom. When it ascends even more, it reached your throat chakra and your speeches will start having a genuine and beautiful impact on the people you speak with. The Upanishads were created when life energy had ascended into the throat chakra, Buddha could say so much about Bliss only when the energy filled his throat chakra. The Quran was sung when Muhammad had his energy in his throat chakra. Bhagvad Geeta is an expression of overflow of energy from Lord Krishna. As energy ascends more, it reached you Agya Chakra or your third eye chakra. And only then you start seeing for real. You start seeing beyond the regular material things. But it is a subject to be covered in some other article.
Anyways, this was just an exercise to transform your sex energy. Practice it and tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

Until Next Time

Shunya Samarpan


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