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The Best Color for Sleeping

As we all know that Sleep is one of the inevitable factors of human life. Without sleep, the human body will have hard times in functioning the daily task. You might have noticed, the other day you have less sleep and the day after is a real mess. You had a tiring day, you went for relaxation music but still, you have a hard time sleeping? What might be the reason? The answer to the general question is your room colour. Though it might sound pretty weird this is the true fact that hinders your everyday sleep. So what is the best color for sleeping? 

According to the research and survey conducted by Travelodge, it has been pretty confirmed that certain shades and colour can stimulate or relax sleepers. While their effects last beyond nighttime. Besides, Chris Idzikowski, a researcher of the Sleep Centre of Edinburgh state that receptors in our eyes are more sensitive to certain colours. These receptors located in the retina called ganglion cells are responsible to send the information to our brain. While it directly affects our sleep and sleeps time. The accurate colour not only helps you to extend your sleep time but also helps in the proper function of the brain. On the contrary, it also helps to have active and more sex.


What colour suit you best?

After researching with 2000 British, here come the surprising facts about colour and the sleep.

  • Blue: Blue seems to be winning colour among all the colour. If your room has blue, aqua blue or azure blue colour then you have a high chance of getting proper and long sleep. Besides, it also reflects your personality as a cheerful person. The research further states that people who have blue colour tend to have more sleep with seven hours and 52 minutes sleep per night. Since, blue has always been the colour of calm, peace, deep and large, the receptors give the signal to the brain and tend to have longer sleep.
  • Yellow: The second best colour for sleep seems to be yellow. The sunny hue motivates the nervous system and hence encourage to relax and be calm. Likewise, the use of colour gives the average sleep of seven hours and 40 minutes.
  • Green: Now green has always been the passionate color and reflects the whole greenery and life around it. But when it comes to sleep, choose the color wisely as it stands at the third place and provides seven hours and 36 minutes of sleep. While 22 percent of the respondents sleeping under the green color has reported to waking up feeling upbeat and positive. Simply not a bad color for sleep.
  • Silver: The silver color reflects classy, luxurious and metallic tones while they can have unexpected side effects while sleeping. The use of silver colors tends to have seven hours and 33 minutes of sleep. In the other side, people using this color has a high tendency of working out and lifting heavy in the morning.
  • Orange: The orange color has the capacity to add warmth and create a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, the color also helps in digestion and can be pretty useful if you have big dinner. The color tends to give you warm and relax sensation and ease the body muscles and is equally essentials for a good night sleeps. The color gives you seven hours and 28 minutes of sleep.
  • Red: The color is the sign of deep love and romance, however, Red is not the color of your sleep and sex. People have reported having sex only once a week. While it tends to give 6 hours and 58 minutes of sleep.
  • Gold: The use of gold color in the bedroom simply reflects the immense wealth. And a majority of bankers and other finance workers tends to use this color. But in terms of sleep, it might not be your favourite colour. It gives you moreover only six hours and 43 minutes of good night sleep.
  • Grey: The grey color looks perfect in the room and might match up with furniture and even looks stylish. But, it’s also not the color for the sleep. The dreary connotations color gives you only six hours and 12 minutes of sleep. And people using this color often spend their time in online shopping rather than catching a good night sleep.
  • Brown: The use of brown color in your bedroom gives you isolated, uncomfortable and restless feelings. On the contrary, it tends to give you only six hours and 5 minutes of sleep.
  • Violet: People having violet color tends to rest less compare to other major colors. The rich color is actually very mentally stimulating, while it tends to give you less sleep after a busy day causing vivid dreams and nightmares. The average time for this color is 5 hours and 56 minutes.

Since color is everything, choose wisely as it might, directly and indirectly, hampers your sleep. If you’re having such colors which give you less time of sleep then it’s time for a change and tries something different.


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