The 8 Fold Path of Buddha | The Supreme Path of Buddha


The night fell, and the first stars of the sky came up in the sky. Buddha was staying in his Bihar, his abode, and the disciples of the Lord were with him and they were talking. Bhagwan is silent and is listening to them and is shocked because the disciples are talking as if they are just normal worldly people!

“The path to this village is nice!”


“The path to that village is pathetic”

“This path is nice and shady”


“That path has an oasis, this path does not.”

“The king of this kingdom is very generous!”


“The king of that kingdom is not as generous.”

“The businessman of this place is a miser.”

“People of this village steal stuff”

“There are no people to give alms in these days.”

“If you want to see beautiful people, go to this kingdom”

This went on for hours, from morning to the evening. The birds folded their wings for the night. The trees lowered their branches for to recline. But humans are worse than birds and trees. The entire world prepared for the night, but the human disciples of Buddha kept talking. These 500 disciples were creating a chattering market because all of them were constantly talking.

Even if you become a Disciple and run away to Ashram, if you still remain in your market inside your mind, then there is no use.  


And Lord Buddha was present there! Utter bliss would have been flowing from him towards the disciple, but their cluttered thoughts and words did not let that bliss enter their being.

Even if they had been speaking about their inner being, that would have made more sense, if they had been trying to talk about each other’s problems into meditation and inner journey, that would have suited the disciples of the Buddha, but they were speaking about the journey outwards! All the journeys outwards distract us, only the inner journey converges us.

Then Buddha said, “Think about the inner journey dear disciples, what kind of beauty does the outer journey hold? If anything holds beauty, it is the Arya Journey or the inner journey.”

Buddha continued:
There are many paths but the 8 fold path is the supreme.

  1. Balanced Vision- You hold no opinion and you see as if a camera. Only then the truth can be seen. When all opinions vanish, and only pure vision remains, then only then can the truth be known.
  2. Balanced Determination- Determination without the ego. You have to make sure that it is not inspired by something that is not driven by your passion. Whatever you have passion in, hold a determination to do it but not because you want to show somebody else but you find joy in completing the aim.
  3. Balanced Speaking- Whatever you know, say so. However, you know, say so. Say only what is worth speaking. Because speaking creates a lot of problems. Just take heed in your life. You get tangled in so many problems in your life because you said something to someone. You cannot afford to be a hypocrite if you are looking for the truth.
  4. Balanced Action- Your energy is limited and the time to use that energy is limited. Therefore, do whatever is worth doing. Most of us are trying to keep ourselves busy and we cannot stay idle for a minute. If we are alone for a while in a room, we go and open the windows, desire to speak to someone, walk around, and become anxious. These are all worthless things to do. If you preserve the energy you spend in these worthless places, you can direct it to proper places.For example, if your neighbor brings in a Sports car, now you want to own a similar car too and now you start working towards it. But this is pointless. Don’t let your actions be dependent on other people.
  5. Balanced Living- Balanced living needs to be justified. Yes, we need to earn money and our bread and butter. If your living is justified, you shall automatically find peace in your life. If you are making a business out of lies, then peace in your life will be a rare phenomenon. They used to give examples about Lawyers because so many times it is believed that their entire profession is based on lies. The better liars they are, the better chances they have of being successful in their profession. So choose a lifting that is creative and constructive and not destructive. Make sure as you live, you do not hinder someone else’s life. Choose a profession that does so.
  6. Balanced Exercise- Some people are super lazy and some people are super functional. Well, both of them are not at an advantage. Both the lifestyles are harmful. A lazy person will hit below a bull’s eye and a super functional person will hit above the bull’s eye. It’s the bull’s eye all of us should be aiming for, hence too functional will also work as a negative point for us. The energy of life needs to be in constant balance, hence, balanced Exercise.
  7. Balanced memory- We need to forget the unnecessary and be reminded of whatever is important. But we tend to do exactly the opposite. The most important thing in life is your consciousness, and your awareness, but we have completely forgotten about that. We know how many dollars we have in the bank, but we do not know and have already forgotten about the person who owns the dollars.  If by any chance we start being aware of what is important in life, for example, our breathe, our smiles, our physical body, our mental body, our emotional body, our spiritual body, then our life shall be justified and peace shall be in our heart.
  8. Balanced Samadhi- One extreme of consciousness is being in a coma and the other extreme is going underground in order to meditate. Therefore, we need to sit and be aware of our core, with total and complete awareness. In a Balanced Samadhi, we go beyond the mind but our awareness is intact.  

Ask us any questions you have about these 8 fold paths.

Until Next Time,
Shunya Samarpan


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