Subconscious Mind | The Mind Beneath or Beyond Consciousness


It is quite often that we have heard and read about the deep mysteries related to the human brain. The human mind is responsible for different activities which include perception, thinking, consciousness, memory and judgment. The overall thoughts and consciousness is controlled by the mind. It is the human mind which processes human feelings and emotions affecting our action and overall attitude. It is also responsible for appreciation, recognition and imagination. Thus, it is evident that the human mind is one of the most complicated things on earth. In general, when the scientists refer to the human mind, they also talk about the conscious and the unconscious types of actions which are affected by our mind. Simply putting it, the subconscious mind is that part of our consciousness which is not in focal awareness at the current time. Famous psychologist Pierre Janet had coined the French word ‘subconscient‘ which changed to ‘subconscious‘ over time. Janet had the argument that there is a powerful awareness below the layers of critical thought functions of the conscious mind which is known as the subconscious mind. Psychologically, subconscious refers to be in operation and existence outside of the consciousness. Famous Austrian Psychologist Sigmund Freud had introduced three different levels of mind model which comprise of the Conscious mind, subconscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is fully aware of the actions and thoughts, for example when we can see and smell a red rose. The subconscious mind comprises of the actions and reactions which we can become aware of only by thinking about it. For example when somebody has learnt to dance or to ride a car then it will require less conscious awareness as those actions will flow naturally because of subconscious mind. The unconscious mind consists of the past events and memories which are out of our access. For example, the memories of how we learnt to walk or speak are part of our unconscious mind.

What is the subconscious mind?

Describing the term in more simplified manner, subconscious mind acts as a huge store house for all the information and memories which are not in the conscious mind. Its capacity is unlimited and it stores all our past experiences permanently. All the life experiences, beliefs, memories, skills and the things we have witnessed or seen are stored in our subconscious mind. The power of the subconscious mind can be explained with a simple example of how we learn to drive a car. In the beginning, the person has to focus on different actions as he is driving the car. He cannot involve in other actions when he is driving but as time progresses different aspects of driving becomes part of the subconscious mind. He can even speak on the phone while he is driving. The conscious mind of the person becomes free when the activity related to driving becomes transferred to the subconscious mind. Hence the conscious mind allows the person to involve in another activity like using the phone at the same time as he is driving the car. The subconscious mind also acts in situations when our feelings and emotions are automatically triggered by situations which we face in our life. For instance, if we feel anxious and scared before giving a job interview then those feelings are caused because of our subconscious mind. It is also the subconscious mind which controls various body functions which include our heart beat and breathing process. Our conscious mind deals with logical facts, analysis, actions and calculations which we do in our consciousness.


Relation of the conscious and the subconscious mind

Many experts suggest that the subjective mind does not think and take decisions independently. It stores and retrieves the experiences and information as data. As a result it sets a certain pattern with which the person responds in a programmed manner when necessary. The subconscious mind follows the commands of the conscious mind because of which it works all the time without ever raising any questions. It helps to set a certain behavior with particular pattern which include our thoughts, hopes, desires or emotions. As already mentioned above, it is the subconscious mind which maintains the heartbeat, breathing process and even the temperature of the body. That impulse is known as homeostatic impulse. Similarly, the subconscious mind helps to maintain consistency in the process of our thinking and behavior. Our feelings, emotions and thinking are stored in the subconscious mind so it tries to keep us within our comfort zones. When we change the normal pattern of behavior or in simple terms when we try to do something new, the subconscious mind makes us feel uncomfortable. That is what happens when we are about to give stage appearance for the first time. It is usually the strong people with firm will power who try to test their subconscious mind by challenging their own comfort zones. If we don’t try to change the set pattern of our sub conscious mind in certain conditions then it is difficult to excel in our life.


How to control the subconscious mind?

There are various ways with which we can program the subconscious mind for our benefit. If we can do so then we can solve various problems in our personality. If somebody says something bad to us then the automatic installed behavior of anger may emerge in the personality because of the subconscious mind. As a result, we may do things which we might regret later on. The subconscious mind may be programmed or controlled by methods of hypnosis, meditation, positivity and breathing techniques. We can expand the awareness of our subconscious mind by practicing these methods. It is important to let go of the negativity and practice positive thoughts in our life. Similarly, meditation is a powerful medium to focus and control our subconscious mind. Different breathing techniques are also a powerful medium to get grasp on our subconscious mind. If we are able to program the subconscious mind in a positive manner then it will lead to happiness, satisfaction and success in our life.

Binaural beats sound therapy for subconscious mind programming:


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