10 Tips for Skin Care In Winter

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Beautiful and healthy skin is one important component to get an attractive personality. It is a secret desire of every person to have a beautiful skin with alluring complexion. The first thing that we notice about anyone we meet is how their outer appearance is so skin health matters a lot in terms of developing a solid personality.

An unhealthy skin may be an indicator of other health-related problems. A person may be the most beautiful but if the skin is not healthy then it would seem like a flower without fragrance. However, we should remember that it is easy to want something but it is difficult to follow those methods without which we can’t get what we want. A beautiful skin requires a lot of care and pampering. It is just like a small child which will come to be the way you will deal with it.

Why Do We Need To Take Care Of Our Skin?

Special skin care is required at all times throughout the year according to the different weather conditions and situations but it needs even more attention and care during the winter season. There are many people who love the winter season as compared to the hot summer season but there are some skin related problems that appear in winter season which create problems for most of us. The biggest skin problem of all during the winter season is unnecessary dryness.


Tips For Skin Care Winter

Therefore, there are certain rules and regulation or winter skin care regimen to be followed, if you really desire to have healthy skin this winter season. The winter season brings with it dryness to the skin in all parts of the body including the face, hands or the legs. In some cases, the skin dryness is caused to a normal level while in most cases the skin gets too much dry resulting in other problems. There can be a lot of flakes which will be noticed or the dryness can cause itchiness and eczema too which is an inflammation of the skin.

Tips for Skin Care

When we try to keep ourselves warm during the winter season, by turning up the heating system indoors, that may cause dryness of the skin. Skin experts mention that the skin would get dry no matter what kind of heating system we use at our homes or workplace. It is advised not to ignore the dryness of the skin which the winter season brings with it because it may progress to become a bigger problem. The best way is to seek possible solutions to the skin related problems in time. There are certain ways that we believe can be helpful to take care of the skin during winter season. We have enlisted those points below.

1.Find a skin specialist

An esthetician means somebody who has knowledge about aesthetics or in simple words an esthetician is a beautician. Similarly, a dermatologist is an expert on skin, hair and related problems. If you are having any problems related to the skin during winter season then it is best to consult with an expert specialist to get proper treatment. It would not be appropriate to visit any drugstore and make a pick of any product just determining the symptoms by yourself.

The assistant at the drugstore may not have all the know-how on the matter. So it is necessary to seek consultation with an esthetician or a dermatologist who can guide you in the right way for the betterment of your skin. The experts can carefully analyze the type of your skin and they will study the type of skin care regimen you are following at present. Then finally they can advise on what kind of products of skin care regimen is best for you. Many people have the belief that expensive and branded products are the best and they will give desired results no matter what but that concept is totally wrong. It should be understood that the branded and expensive products are expensive because of the advertisement, marketing and the packaging costs. Most of the cheap products are also as effective if you identify the exact type of product necessary for your skin naturally.

2.Use more moisturizers

You have to find the perfect and suitable kind of moisturizers for winter season because what you have been using for summer may not be suitable enough for the dry season. Our skin care regimen should also be changed according to the season because different seasons have different effects. It is best advised to use oil-based ointment moisturizers in place of water-based moisturizers. Actually, the oil-based moisturizers work so well for winter because they not only moisturize the skin but they are also effective to reserve the moisture on the skin by building up a layer of protection.

Most of the night creams that we use are oil-based moisturizers. However, you have to be extra careful with your facial skin because you can’t use all types of oil on the face. Avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil and almond oil are non-clogging oil so they are best for the facial skin. There is a doubt about butter of shea oil because it may block the pores of the skin. There are other types of lotions which contain glycerin, sorbitol and alpha-hydroxyl acids which help to moisturize the skin. They are all known as humectants.

3.Don’t forget to use sunscreen in winter

One of the biggest mistakes we make during winter season is that we forget to use sunscreen thinking that they are just for summer. But as a matter of fact, sunscreens are not just a summer affair. Sun during the winter season can be damaging to the skin and the snow glare can make it worse. It is necessary to apply sunscreen on the exposed skin parts at least 30 minutes before going outside in the sun during the winter season. If you are supposed to stay out in the sun for a long time then it is important to reapply the sunscreen. The sun can pass harmful UV rays onto the sun during the winter season as well, so it is upon you to be careful in preventing any kind of damage on your skin.

4.Take good care of your hands

It is important to give good care to the skin on your hands as much as to your facial skin. In fact, the skin on our hands is much thinner and they have less oil gland because of which the moisture won’t be maintained well on the hands. During the dry cold weather, the hands can turn dry quickly. Because of this there can be itching and dryness on the skin of your hands. It is advised to wear Gloves while going outside. Woolen gloves may cause irritation to the skin so it is best to wear a thin cotton glove beneath the woolen gloves. Use appropriate moisturizers on your hands regularly.

5.Don’t wear wet gloves and wet socks

It may be very weird to wear wet gloves and wet socks and that too in the winter season. It is obvious that you may not do it unless you don’t have a spare pair of socks. There are various skin problems which can be caused as a result of wearing wet gloves and socks. It can cause irritation and itching of the skin. Cracking and sores may also be noticed which can get worse with time. Similarly, it can also develop to eczema so it is best to wait until your gloves and socks would dry up.

6.Use humidifiers in your home

During the winter season, the central heating system and the heaters throw away hot air into our homes and workplaces. This causes a lot of dryness in the air. Therefore it is a useful remedy to place humidifiers in different places around your home. Those humidifiers can help to make the home and indoor environment humid. It will cause less dryness in the skin.

7.Drink plenty of water

People are often advised by different sources that drinking a lot of water is necessary to keep your skin healthy. This thing may not be true because it is not just the skin which may benefit from hydration. But, the result of dehydration is far worse on the overall body system. Drinking water is not only necessary for the skin but for all the body organs. The skin of a dehydrated person will surely be in a worse condition than a well-hydrated person. So, plenty of hydration may not make the skin better but it will certainly help to make it any worse. We should also understand that the skin may still be dry even if you drink plenty of water. The amount of water you drink has nothing to do with how your skin type is. Drinking water is essential not only for the skin but for the overall health of the individual.

8.Moisturize your feet properly

It is not only necessary to apply moisturizers on the face and hands but protecting the feet is equally important. There are different types of creams and moisturizers which you may apply to your feet during the summer season and other seasons but those creams won’t work for the winter. Petroleum jelly and Glycerin containing creams or moisturizers are best for the feet during winter. Exfoliants should also be used on regular basis. The exfoliants help to get rid of the dead skin without which the skin can’t absorb the moisturizers. So this winter, take care of your overall skin by moisturizing your feet as well.

9.Don’t use harsh kind of peels

There can be conditions in which the skin is unnecessarily dry causing a too much uncomfortable situation. In such conditions, alcohol-based toners, peels, and facial masks should be avoided because they will absorb the oil and moisture from the skin. Cleansing milk or mild type of foaming cleanser is helpful. Similarly alcohol less toner, deep hydrating masks need to be applied in place of clay-based masks. The clay-based moisturizers will make the skin dry. So it would be best to avoid such kind of products during the winter season.

10.Don’t take a too hot shower

We avoid cold showers and seek pleasure in hot showers during the winter season but the hot shower can damage the lipid barriers of the skin. It would feel pleasant to take a hot shower during winter but it does harm to the skin by drawing the moisture. So it is advised not to take a too hot shower but little Luke warm water for a short time can be a better option. Don’t spend too much of time in the hot shower. Taking a Luke warm bath with oatmeal and baking soda will provide relief to the itching caused by excessive dryness on the skin. If you can’t get rid of your skin problems even after applying all these ways, then it is advised that you visit a dermatologist very soon. It is possible that you require special kind of treatment or lotion to deal with the problem or the symptoms may also be an effect of some other problem. Take medical advice as soon as possible.

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