How to be Free from Sadness | Overcome Depression & Stress


How to be become free from sadness ? Are you feeling unhappiness, depressed ? Let’s know how to overcome unhappiness.

The dictionary defines the mind as “the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.” And Sadness as the state of feeling unhappy.


Mind, we all have and sadness we all feel. Now let us understand how the two are interconnected.

First of all, thank you for choosing to accompany me in this journey of  the Spirit. I shall try to pool all that I have learnt and heard and understood over the years about the Spirit and Bliss to convey it to you. We have already spoken about Meditation, and shall move ahead to understand it in its depth. But the first step in understanding Meditation is to understand the Mind; which is the root cause of all our troubles. We need to understand the mind, because in order to achieve the state of meditation, we need to go beyond the mind.  


Mind is the root of all evil;

If your mind thinks or makes you act in an evil way, then pain and sorrow shall follows you. Your mind is responsible for creating turbulence in your life, may it be good or bad.

Imagine that your being is a still and silent lake. Whenever a stone is thrown in that lake, it creates a wave all around the lake. The stone creates a turbulence in the lake just like different things and events of life creates turbulence in you.


For example: When you see a car passing, your mind stores an imprint of the car and that imprint creates a wave in you, a wave of desire, a wave of desire to acquire the car. Then you say, “I wish I had that car!”

Now this desire will make you work your hands off. In order to get that car you start thinking more and doing more and that creates restlessness in you. Your thought “I wish I had that car!” appears every now and then. People who help you in acquiring that car become your friends and people who act as a barrier to the car will become your enemies. You will act despite yourself.

One fine day, you will finally achieve the car and cherish it for a couple of days, a week at the most. But after a certain time you will start feeling empty again. And you will start feeling restless again. Why does that happen?  That happens because while you were trying so hard to acquire that car, you had to practice restlessness so much that now it has become your habit! You are no more at peace again. And then you ask yourself, how do I get rid of this restlessness? The answer: Buy a better car or a house. This goes on throughout your life and then you die, and leave everything behind, all your riches. And the life that you lived amounts to…well… nothing.  

People become rich but they start becoming impatient because of years of practice of impatience to get rich. Now they just want to become richer. Ask yourself, isn’t it crazy?

Realized people analyse all of these waves inside themselves. Realised people have understood that the nature of the mind is to be unshaken but things and events in life create turbulence never the less.  

It does not really depend what the cause of the turbulence is. In ancient times they had no fancy cars! But people still got crazy impatient for stylish bullock carts!


In the lake of your being even if you throw a stone or a Kohinoor diamond, the same waves are brought about. The lake does not care what creates waves inside it. It simply shakes to a foreign object. That is the state of your mind. It simply shakes to external stimuli.

Mind is the root of all evil

If the mind thinks or acts evil, then pain and sorrow follow you like the wheels of a cart follow the bulls legs. The mind is the root of all waves in your life.

When we have sorrow we ask, who has caused this sorrow?

My family? The Society? Revolutionaries say that the economic structure of the society is the cause of all the sorrows in life. Psychological revolutionalries say there is no end to sorrow because if Man is let loose, he becomes rabid like a wild animal and creates sorrow, if he is disciplined, his emotions are repressed. So sorrow is created.

There can never be peace according to Psychoanalysts. But I disagree.
All revolutions have proven to be useless. There have been revolutions upon revolutions but all in vain. But sorrow still exists.


According to my experience, there is only one revolution that proves to be effective, the revolution of the individual mind. The root of sorrow is in your own mind. “If you desire to impart sorrow on to others, you are planting it for yourself.” says the Buddha.

If you are feeling sorrow today you planted the seeds yesterday. The seed of sorrow is in your mind so it shall fall in your mind and germinate in your mind. And the tree of sorrow shall grow there. You are angry and want to destroy someone, that might happen or might not happen but you shall definitely destroy yourself.

We tend to plant sorrow seeds in our mind for no reason at all, all the time.

There was a rich guy who had a big mansion. He used to give a tour of his mansion to all the visitors no matter how many times they would visit.

But one day he stopped showing his crib to all. His glow and pride in his house had disappeared becuae somebody else built a bigger mansion just besides his. Nobody had touched his house. But he had dived deep in the pool of misery. To make a line smaller without touching it, all you need to do is draw a bigger line beside it.

Maybe the person who owned the bigger house did not even realize that somebody was dying of jealousy because of his grand mansion. The point is that we let things control us.


The mind! Oh the mind!

Your world is how your mind interprets it.  

Mind is the root of all evil

If the mind thinks or acts evil, then pain and sorrow follows you like the wheels of the cart follows the bulls legs. The mind is the root of all waves in your life.

Understanding this is the beginning of a Spiritual revolution. One needs to realize that the cause of all your happiness and sorrow is you- yourself. Now you know, if you want to be happy sow appropriate seeds, and if you want to be sorrowful sow appropriate seeds.

If you want to die, drink your poison dear, if you want to live don’t!


Somebody else is not the centre of your world, You are the centre of your world, but again, you are not the centre of the Universe. Everything does not need to revolve around you.

Enmity never killed enmity. Anger never killed anger. Sow friendship, not fear.

Until next time.

Shunya Samarpan

P.S. The Author is a disciple of one of the Mystery Schools of Osho and hence his concepts might be influenced by Osho.

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