Ascension: Rising Higher in Love


Your life is always evolving and is evolving in a mysterious way. There is a certain magic to life. There is something of higher power governing everything that you do. And that magic is responsible for your growth. It motivates you to look at your life in a new way. Therefore, if you see any coincidence in your life, for example, if the phone rings and it is the person you think it is, or if you feel like you don’t want to travel today and the aircraft that you were on, meets with an accident, then don’t take it just as a coincidence, rather take it more seriously.

These kinds of coincidences are meaningful. These are rather synchronistic events that are trying to guide you on your spiritual journey and take you closer to truth.


We are all trying to build a newer better world aren’t we? All of us are. You might think that you are the only one who is trying to make the world a better place and everybody else is against you. But that is wrong, each and every individual here is trying to make the world a better place, but we are just not able to. Why is that?

Half of this millennium was controlled by Pundits, The Church and the so called spiritual leaders of the world controlled our thoughts and our beliefs. Various propaganda have been passes down in our subconscious through ages. They have interpreted spirituality for the people. They have channeled and restricted our beliefs. It segregated people into economic classes sometimes and sometimes into upper and lower casts. Sometimes it burnt women and most of the times it put human beings in the center of the universe between good and evil. These beliefs gave meaning to life but in the west they were challenged by the renaissance and reformation. In the east however, we clung to our oldest of beliefs and did not want to understand it analytically, let alone improvise it, let alone change it.  So lets talk about the part of the world that did 


The west became more and more dependent on science, and rightly so, because a change it the pattern of the belief system of the world was justly needed. However, we started becoming more materialistic in nature and although scientists were still looking for the meaning of life through a microscope and hydrogen and helium, the layman started becoming more and lazier and more and more engaged in material aspects of life. Eventually, we lost touch with our soul with the nature and with the meaning of life. We started to plough the earth for our never ending desires; we started to destroy our own home. But only recently, in the beginning of this century, people have started looking at the world from an eagle eyes view and have started realizing the mess we have caused onto the world and into ourselves.

Slowly and gradually we have started looking inwards. And that is the sole reason I have been able to write this article on spirituality and individuality. It is time for us to reconnect with life and nature and find out the meaning of life.

Now we need to understand another thing very carefully. Everything in this world is made up of energy. Just look around, there is energy all around you. Even matter is a form of energy isn’t it? Now you might have heard this everywhere but it is high time we start taking it seriously. The Law of Attraction.


So we know that everything is made up of energy. Not only that, but we need to also understand that this energy is malleable to human intentions. Your individual expectation can be built in mind and sent out as a message to be executed by the universe. This energy can be used in three ways
1. Blending- Whatever energy you have can be used in collaboration with another energy.

  1. Depletion- You can pass your energy to another entity.
  2. Absorption- You can absorb energy from another living being, however this should be a voluntary act.

The most useful and beneficial way of interacting with these higher energies for human beings is to absorb this energy. But how can we do that?
We need to start complaining less and expressing more gratitude. When we do that, we begin to see beauty in everything. The entire world around us becomes beautiful. And when we start tuning into beauty, we start raising our own vibrations. We start tuning into higher frequencies and thus we start ascending into the higher chakras of our body.

But why do we always feel like our energy is depleting and not increasing?  It has a simple explanation. We all have our energy but us humans, as selfish as we are, are always trying to protect our energy and trying to draw from others. We wish that everybody gives us enough love in abundance but we also wish secretly that we need not be committed to anybody. This is the reason we fight all the time for each other’s energy. However, we need not! Because the energy is always in abundance!!! And you do not need to draw energy from anybody else either. We can directly draw it from the universe. And the universe has infinite amount of energy, we can refill it again and again and again as much as we want to!

So! How to refill yourself of these loving energies? Well, the way is to give out whichever energy that you want to refill in your body and your life. For example, if you want love in your life, simply give out love, go hug a tree and talk lovingly to the tree, or pet a pet. When your love something or somebody, the energy inside your body transforms into love, and is flown out. Now it is refilled by the same kind of energy that left your body. So if y emit anger, the energy that will refill you shall be of anger, if you emit insecurity, the energy that shall refill you will be insecurity. So if you emit love, the energy that will refill you will be joy and when you emit love, regardless to whoever the subject is, the energy that will refill you shall be love. ☺

Love is not an intellectual concept or a moral imperative. It is a background emotion that exists when one is connected to the energy available in the universe, which of course is the energy of God.

Until next time,
Shunya Samarpan

Reference- Spirit Science the youtube channel


The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

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