Right Food: We Are What We Eat


Right Food: We Are What We Eat

Human Beings are the only creatures whose food habits are contemporary and change according to circumstances. We are the only species who do not have a specific diet. All the other animals according to nature know what to eat and when to eat and how much to eat. But Human beings are indeterminate. Neither his nature dictates him what to eat, neither his consciousness tells him how much to eat, neither his mind tells him when to stop. Therefore his life is also indeterminate. But if we become a little aware and a little responsible for ourselves and our food, then we can have a balanced diet.


So there are a few things to understand.

What to eat and what not to eat?

The body is made up of chemicals. The entire metabolism of the body is completely chemical. If we put in alcohol inside ourselves, then the body reacts according to it. Even if the person is a bodybuilder, still the body reacts to whatever is put inside it. The alcohol does not see if the person is a bodybuilder or a slim and trim guy. If we put poison inside our bodies, we die. Poison does not segregate human beings if they are a sage or a criminal. They just react chemically. Any kind of food that excites, or speeds up or drops the metabolism of the body is harmful to human beings. And eventually, it starts harming your Chakra of life, the Swadisthana Chakra, or the area around your belly button. It slowly decays the energy of your belly chakra.  If you do not treat your belly center carefully and properly, then it starts to hibernate and fade away, making you a weaker human being.


The lighter the food, the more nourishing it shall become to your spiritual journey, your inner journey. Make sure that it is not heavy, rather it should be light. How do you feel after your meal? Doctor Kenneth Walker said, “Half the food that people eat, fills up their stomach, the other half fills ours.” Meaning that people usually eat double the amount that they are supposed to eat and hence fall sick, and them falling sick is business for the doctors! If they eat half the amount they are eating, then they shall barely fall ill!
Some people die of hunger and some people die of obesity in this world, and the latter is higher in number. You could go up to three months without food and you would not die, but if you go three months with double the food that you are supposed to have, you have a higher probability of dying. But there have been weird people in this world. Niro was a King who had assigned two doctors to make him puke after every meal so that he could enjoy eating again and again. But we are not really different. He was a king and he had assigned doctors besides him, and we have assigned doctors in our neighborhood. He vomited his meal every day, and we vomit ours in a couple of months. Not much of a difference eh?

We might laugh at Niro but we are Niros of our own world.


Our food is supposed to bring us health but the opposite is the case, it brings about sickness in us! It’s the same as the sun rises in the morning and the world is engulfed in darkness at the same time. Most of the doctors claim that most of the illnesses in humans is brought about by the food they eat.

specially for the people who meditate, they should be very careful about what they eat. If you experiment with your food for a couple of months, you will definitely find the right kind of food for you-The kind of food that keeps you light and vibrant.

Now another important thing to note is that what you eat is quite important, but not as important as how you eat it.  

In what state of mind do you eat? Do you eat in a blessed state of mind? If you do not eat in bliss, no matter what you eat, they might be poisonous to your body. And if you are eating in a blissful state of mind, sometimes, even poison is unable to kill you. True story!

Russia had a psychologist, Pavlov, who experimented on animals. He gave food to a kitten and through X ray machines, he was looking at how the kitten’s stomach was digesting the food.  As the stomach was releasing the digestive enzymes and chemicals, a barking dog was introduced into the scene which scared the kitten and its stomach stopped producing all those enzymes and chemicals. The dog was taken away from the scene, but still, it took about six more hours for the stomach to re-secrete the enzymes and the chemicals. But it was too late, the food had already been cold. And it was even more difficult for the stomach to digest all that food.

Human Beings live in tension 24 hours a day, it is a miracle that our food gets digested! Its actually a miracle! Therefore the state of mind when you eat is utterly important. The place where we eat should be sacred. But we are a big fan of eateries and outlets: Places entirely made for business and not for our health. Places where even food is recycled! Serving food is a sacred act, but it is usually done without any holy feeling in the eateries and the outlets that you visit.


Only non-vegetarian food is violent for your body- most people say, but even if you eat vegetarian food with anger in your heart, then that too is violence being done to your body.  What I would suggest to you is, in every meal that you do, make sure that your state of mind is blissful. Even if your state of mind is not in a happy state, I would suggest you to wait for a while until your mind turns to normal. Do not make your meal a mechanic act. Be grateful that your food is available to you, therefore be grateful and eat with gratitude.

Until Next Time

Shunya Samarpan

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