Health Benefits of Having Raw Onions | Types of Onion

Brief Introduction for Raw Onions

When it comes to any food, Onion is one of the favourite ingredients that everyone loves to use. Found in almost every house kitchen, the power of onions in terms of health has accompanied with uncountable benefits. Being one of the significant medical plants, it has the strength to heal various diseases and health problems. On the other hand, the cut of its one slice is pretty enough to make anyone full of tears. Apart from its medical elements and inspection, it is used in raw stage, sautéed, baked, steamed or as boiled. And Raw Onions adds extra flavours to countless recipes.
Allium Cepa in Latin comes from native Asia and The Middle East. Having the old records of over 5000 years, it is one of the most cultivated species of the genus Allium. Recording its brief history, the ancient Egyptians have used onions as currency and has worshipped it as it is one of the sources for the eternal life. Even they used to place onions in the tombs of Kings who died and believed that it would take them along to their afterlife.

Nutrition’s in Raw Onions

The tasty culinary plant is pretty rich in terms of nutrition. It contains Vitamins such as Folates, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. whereas, it has been nourished with several minerals such as Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus and Zinc. Above all, it also contains Macro Nutrients including Energy, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Cholesterol and Dietary Fiber. Besides, we can also find some portion of Electrolytes elements such as Sodium and Potassium.

Types of Raw Onions

Here are some of the commonly adopted types of onions that we can use daily as a raw or add extra flavor to several ingredients:

Yellow Onions
Yellow Onions are generally in sweet in the taste followed by golden coloured outer skins and pale yellow coloured inner flesh. These yellow onions are usually best in for cooking and are used by mass to prepare onion soups.

Red Onions
The red onions serve as the powerful kings of all the varieties and have a red outer skin and red white inner flesh. These Red onions cannot be stored for a long time while they are basically used in salads, sandwiches and in traditional cooking.

White Onions
The white onions have been blessed with white outer skins followed by the inner white flesh. The white onions have a mild flavour and can be eaten both raw and cooked. They are the superior onions when it comes to Mexican foods.

Green Onions/ Spring Onions
Green onions are basically famous for being young vegetables. Besides, being young, it is known as green onions, salad onions or scallions. The base of these onions is either white, green, yellow or purple in colour. It is used and served raw in salads, burgers and sandwiches. Additionally, it is used to garnish on top of meats, soups and other various vegetables.

The power of Raw Onions

Onions have great power in raw stage rather than cooked as it contains a variety of organic Sulphur compounds. In addition, it contained a volatile oil that provides numerous health benefits. These particles are destroyed by heating or cooking. Upon eating raw, we can get its juice, though it’s pretty hard to digest, however, we will get all the things that we supposed to get. To get all the elements from the onions, you can bake their skins just like we baked potatoes. Such cooking methods prevent important elements to go while it gives mild and aromatic flavour while eating.

Several uses of Onions:

  1. It’s commonly used as the initial starter of numerous foods. The huge Indian and other Asian mass uses onion as the main and initial ingredients. Whereas, it is used for making onion soups, chutneys, raw in salads and as pickles in Vinegar.
  2. Apart from a food source, it is well used in the study of the cell as Onion cells are quite large.
  3. The skins of onions have been used in dyeing for ages.
  4. The healthy life hacks of onions are it is used as odour remover, insect repeller, and metal polisher to remove rust from metals. Among various uses, it is also used to eliminate the smell of new paint in houses.
  5. The Ayurveda use of onion is great as it has been used for taking care of numerous diseases.

Benefits of Onions:

  1. The use of onions help to remove worms, whereas, it has the properties similar to an antibiotic and antiseptic
  2. The regular digest of onions helps to alleviate pains, inflammations and spasms.
    It lowers the cholesterol and triglycerides in our body while it controls high blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease & Stroke.
  3. Likewise, it helps to prevent the wide range of cancers cells and act as a shield for the growth of tumours.
  4. It also helps to relieve respiratory problems like a cough, cold, flu, bronchitis and remove phlegm.

Benefits of Onions for particular health conditions:

Insomnia: If you are suffering from the most common insomnia problems, then drink the juice of red onions. Whether you take it in raw, boiled or by steam, it will help you to fall asleep. Better take 4 teaspoons before going to sleep.

Eyes: The regular use of onions in long-term improves your vision power.

Dog Bites: The finely crushed onions applied with honey on the bite portions will prevent bacterial infection.

Warts: The use of onion juice on the body portion simply destroy the Warts.

Mother’s Milk: Having raw onions with two times meals increase the health and mother’s milk.

Sunstroke: The sunstroke can be prevented upon applying onion juice to a chest and other parts of your body.

In-Ear Problems: The use of 5-6 drops of warm onion juice in the ear gives instant relief from the pain, pus and whistling sounds.

Baldness: The use of onion juice and soft massage on the bald areas in head regularly will help to stop the hair fall. Besides, the source also states new hair growth.

A problem in Digestion: the consumption of onion will increase the appetite and support in digesting the food. In addition, it helps in the good function of liver and spleen, removes accumulated wind and gives instant relives from pain and bloating of the stomach.

Hiccups: If you’re having a hectic hiccup, then just eat the raw materials. Slice and wash the raw onion, the use of sliced onion with salt helps to get relief from hiccups.

Constipation: The use of raw onion will prevent constipation.

Worms: One teaspoon onion juice regularly taken in every two hours will kill worms and give relives and avoid indigestion.

Acidity: Mix 60 gms of white onion cut in small pieces in 30 gms curd. Have them 3 times daily for over a week for the relief from Acidity.

Dyspepsia: Eat red onion along with a squeeze of lime juice for a meal to get relief from Dyspepsia. For the children, give 5 drops of onion juice to drink.

Diarrhoea: The use of Grind onion will control loose motions. Apply on the navel for relief from diarrhoea.

Nausea: For the Nausea, eat raw onion with a little salt in it.

Jaundice: Raw onion helps to prevent jaundice and get to rid of it. Cut the onion in half, garnished with vinegar and lemon juice and stored in a Jar. Furthermore, add some salt & black pepper to this. Eat one onion daily in the morning and evening to get long-term relief. Collect half cup juice of white onion and add little jaggery & ground turmeric. Mix both and drink in the morning and evening.

Bloody Piles: Add 50-gram sugar in 100-gram onion juice and drink to get relief from piles.

Urinary Problems: In order to get relief from urinary problems, put 50 grams of onion pieces in one litre of water. Boil and strain this water and add honey to it. Drink the mixture 3 times a day. It helps in the flow of urine whereas, it also give you aid from the frequent urination and helps in bringing on urine in case of retention of urine. If you have burning sensation problems while urinating then put 50 gram of finely cut onion into half litre water. Boil the water and heat it up till it became the half size of half litre water and drink it for relief.

Black Hair: Since, the onion is used for dying hair, apply grind onions into hair for natural black colour.

Renal Stones: To heal the renal stones, just add sugar to onion juice, make it as a syrup and drink it. The use of drink breaks the stones and removes them.

Asthma: For an asthmatic cough, lick the onion juice by adding extra honey. Whereas, inhale the vapour of crush onions for a throat, respiratory diseases and lung affections.

Gout: Massage with the mixture of onion juice & mustard oil.

Cholera: To get relief from Cholera, add mint juice to onion juice and take 1 teaspoon in every 10 minutes. In addition, take warm onion soup to get relieves. Furthermore, make a mixture of 1 part lemon juice, half part mint juice and half part onion.

Teeth: In order to protect from harmful bacteria and bad breath, take raw onions as a salad every day.

Heart Failure: Though, it’s not the permanent solution, however, the researchers at The Royal Victoria Infirmary Institute, UK have found that it is beneficial to heart patients. The consumption of plateful of boiled or fried onion pieces in breakfast every day will prevent the chances of heart attacks. As onions prevent the formation of blood clots in the coronary arteries.

Heartbeat & Heart Diseases: The use of raw onion every day with a food will help in regulating blood circulation. In addition, it also cleans the heart track and improves the condition of a heart.

Intoxication: The onion juice helps to reduce the effects of intoxicating drinks.

Snake Bite: This might be useful tips as the onion is also useful in the deadly situation. The use of 15 ml onion juice with 15 ml mustard oil for three doses in 30 minutes interval, will remove the poison. Though, it might not remove all the portions of poison, take the patient to the hospital immediately after the immediate aid.

Cold and Cough: The raw onion helps to get relieves from sneezing and running nose. The consumption of three to four teaspoon of onion juice will take care you from cold, cough & flu.

Skin Diseases: The use of raw and cooked onions is beneficial for pale looking people. It helps to improve the colour of the skin. Similarly, the use of onion juice and dry pus in a wounded area helps to recover it.

Nosebleed: Apart from the aid of throat infection, the raw onions is also useful at the time of nosebleed. Put the onion juice in the affected nostril, it will stop the flow of blood and give you instant relives.

Tuberculosis: The elements contained in Onions inactivates the TB bacteria in the body. So, the use of onion will somehow kill the virus, whereas, add salt for extra benefits.

Anaemia: Raw onion simply increases haemoglobin as it contains a high amount of iron in it. In regards, it improves the strength.

Insects Bites: Just like the snake bite method, use the onions with salt for the poisonous insects’ bites such as scorpions. It also helps to reduce pain from the bites of honey bees.

Vomiting: If you are on a long road journey and tired of round roads and vomiting. Drink the equal mixture of onion juice and ginger juice. Take 2 teaspoons to stop the vomiting immediately.

Toothaches and Gum Aches: keep the pieces of raw onion at the affected tooth area for relief.

Blood Disorders: To avoid any blood disorders, add 10 gram of candy sugar and 1 gram roasted white cumin seeds in 50 grams of onion juice. Drink the mixture on a regular basis for the proper benefits.

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