Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites Through These 5 Life Hacks


Nobody likes a mosquito bite! First, it’s something that happens without our knowledge, violating our personal space and second, the after effect of the bite is just too much to bear.

The second these little vampires suck the mighty blood out of you, you want to scratch and tear off your skin. But guys, scratching will only make it worse! All you are left with is a mad look and a huge red bump on your skin. That’s not it, you might also have an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. These vampiric pests can spread malaria and other deadly diseases like Dengue, West Nile, Zika and several other pathogenic viruses. This is enough be aware that you should avoid mosquito bites but even after using chemicals and barriers, they will escape and come right away to hunt you down!


But there’s no reason to worry because there are certain home remedies and life hacks you can adopt to get rid of mosquito bites and itching sensation naturally. But before jumping on that, let’s find out what exactly happens during a mosquito bite.


What Happens During A Mosquito Bite?

Mosquitoes get lured easily from your body’s heat and carbondioxide. A mosquito searches smooth skin to pierce it’s needle. Once the mosquito sticks the needle into you, it injects saliva that contains enzymes to make the area senseless, hence you won’t have any idea that you are getting bitten. Once the saliva reaches your blood vessels, it actd as vasodilators to expand the blood vessels preventing the blood from clotting. The mosquito sucks in the blood full belly and flies away. The itch comes few hours later; once the body’s immune system reacts to the saliva and produces histamines. The histamines sends the body itchy signals, increasing the blood flow to the area, making it swollen and itchy.

Ok, let’s admit, we can’t completely avoid mosquito bites but what about the itch? There are certain ways to stop the itch through common remedies. Let’s get through it, shall we?


1.Spit? Nope! Use Honey

You’re not a four year old to fix everything with spit, so using spit on bite marks is a bad idea. Spit only makes it worse, leading you to scratch more, making the marks prone to other bacterial infection. Using honey might work as it consists of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to soothe the burn and itch. Put a small drop of honey on the bite and it will reduce the inflammation. Most importantly,it will control your temptation to itch!

2.  Ice it baby

Ice can be another life hack as it can reduce the burning and itching feeling. The cold will numb your skin giving you a short-term relief. However, it is not advised to keep the ice pack on your bite for longer period of time as it can cause cold damage on your skin. For better results, you could use a cold ice pack or a wash cloth with crushed ice to gently dab on the affected area.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is easily available in your kitchen garden and it is also another home remedies to get rid of mosquito itch and inflammation. The plant have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can help you heal mosquito bites. Not only this, the gel will help prevent possible skin infections that can happen otherwise. You can either use commercially available gel or cut out the plant for the gel. Apply the gel on the area that’s been bitten and let it dry. Make sure you don’t itch once the gel has been applied.

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4. Antihistamine Sprays

Benadryl creams and antihistamine sprays are also effective to treat the mosquito bite. Or, you could also go for oral antihistamines to reduce the itching and inflammation. Professor Leila Gray at University of Washington states,

“I encourage patients with mosquito bite sensitivities to begin taking an antihistamine a few hours before going into an area where they are likely to be bitten. Depending on the size of the reaction, it may be necessary to repeat the recommended dose for a few days until the swelling subsides.”


There are several oral and topical antihistamines that you could buy easily from a drug store to spare yourself the annoying itch and burn. So, guys do a favor to yourself!

5. Lemon or basil

Lemon might sound like adding salt on your wound but doctors and experts have claimed that using lemon juice might help you get rid of itchiness and stinging sensation at some level. Though lemon is acidic, it’s tolerated on the skin. Not only this, you could also use the fragrant plant basil to work magic on your bite. Experts have found that a chemical compound found in basil, called ‘eugenol’ has been known to relieve the itchy skin. For this, all you have to do is boil two cups of water and add half an ounce of dried basil leaves to it. Leave it to boil and cool it off. Use a wash cloth to soak in the mixture and rub gently on the mosquito bites. Or you could grind the fresh basil leaves and rub the mixture on the area. Simple as that!

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