Meditate in Order to remain PTSD free


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in simple words is re occurring of stress or painful feelings because of a past event.

For example, a couple of years back, different parts of the world have experienced spine shaking earthquakes, now, people from that part of the world, feel anxiety, fearful and stressed out at the mention of the word Earthquake.  


Another example of PTSD is a person being scared at the mention of physical intimacy because he or she has gone through a sexual assault in the past.

These kind of triggers may bring about dreadful symptoms in the patient which might range from re-experiencing the events through memories to hyper arousal to long term mood changes.   


For example a person who has gone through Sexual assault might have recurring memories of the event which might lead the person to avoid intimacy or company of the opposite gender. They might start avoiding the person of another sex or might even develop negative thought towards them triggering violent behaviors when the casualty is around them.  

PTSD symptoms can appear differently from person to person and from time to time. And the symptoms also depend upon triggers. For example, you may read in the newspaper about some sexual assault that happened some place far away and that might trigger a distasteful feeling in yourself giving you the vivid memories of your own sexual assault.


What To Do If you come across PTSD?

Well, as a meditation practitioner, my first advice to anybody who feels any kind of stress in to develop a habit of meditation. If you are able to give yourself at least 30 minutes doing nothing and just breathing, stress eventually becomes a non-existent thing in your life.  See Types of Meditation for more help.

Tell your family about it. Talking about it can relieve you of an unbelievable amount of stress and trauma.

However, if you are certain that you are suffering with this disorder, then visiting a doctor as soon as possible is the No. 1 thing to do. Nothing beats an expert taking personal care of you and your disorder.

Another best way to relieve yourself of all the painful feelings is to find a close friend and express all that your mind is chattering to make you anxious.

The University of Oxford also suggests that regular gameplay experience of Tetris can also reduce traumatic stress events.

Understanding PTSD


PTSD is a malfunction of the Brain, or rather one could say over function of the brain. Once our brain encounters something sad or traumatic, it tends to go into our memory vault and bring back all the related memories of the event and eventually magnifies it in order to victimize oneself in order to gain sympathy from yourself and from the people around you. I’m sorry it sounds a bit rude but that’s the truth. If you are willed enough to cure PTSD yourself, you need to understand these facets of yourself and only then you can go beyond it.

When you think of your traumatic event, the sad color of the event automatically and immediately colors your present, making whatever is in front of you a gloomy phenomena.

For example, If you are a having fun at the rollercoaster and you see, in the next carriage, a child being scolded by his father, then your memories of being physically punished by your father might be brought up immediately. Now it will color the entire event of the rollercoaster ride and the ride will be no more fun! You might even look down and have suicidal thoughts.

Now here is the deal,

If you are truly determined of curing your PTSD then you will have to be wise enough to let things go. And be grateful that you experienced the traumatic event and lived. If it was a natural calamity, then accept it, accept that it happened and be grateful that you lived. If it was a sexually abusive behavior that you faced, I know it’s hard, but forgive the person and move on. Be grateful that you now have an opportunity to stand up for someone who might face a similar turmoil.

Letting go is the best thing one can do to avoid PTSD, and if it still persists, then we suggest you visit a doctor.


Binaural Beats Meditation Music for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

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