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There is a concept of Trinity in the Hindu Culture, and one of the Trinity is Bishnu, the sustainer. Mahalakshmi, ,the Goddess of Prosperity is the counterpart of Bishnu the sustainer. One needs wealth to sustain, so I guess it makes sense.  The word “Lakshmi literally means wealth in Sanskrit, if it is broken down, the word has its root in another word, “Laksh” or “Lakshya” which means the Goal or the Aim, distantly relating the Goddess to acknowledgement of One’s Goals in life. When she is referred to as “Mahalakshmi”  it means that she is addressed as the Ultimate Goddess of Wealt or the Great Goddess of Wealth, “Maha” meaning “Great”.

Mahalakshmi is usually depicted as a Beautiful Golden woman who is richly dressed.  She has four arms which depict the four goals of Human life.

  1. Dharma
  2. Artha
  3. Kama
  4. Moskhya

She also has two lotuses on both her hands. Lotuses hold a very important symbolic meaning in the Hindu culture. The Goddess carrying lotuses remarks that receiving her blessing usually lead too liberation or self-actualization.  It shows that although we stay in a mud-like world full of attachments and desires, through Mahalakshmi’s blessings we can surpass that world and ascend into a world far more superior.  The Lotus also symbolizes Karma in “Tantra” meaning one shall gradually and eventually achieve the riches one desires and deserves if he continues to follow good Karma.  

Lakshmi is also shown with an Elephant or two on her sides. Elephants are spiritual symbols of hard word, strength and persistence. They represent continuity in one’s work and endeavors. The Elephant is also a representation of Abundance.  


Lakshmi is also often seen with an Owl. The Owl is a bird that can see in pitch dark and is observant silent and careful. This denotes the expected character of devotees of Lakshmi to be patient and observant even of the devotee is surrounded by darkness on all sides. Also, he is reminded to not be carried away by greed once his desire to acquire wealth has been fulfilled.

She is usually dressed in red embroidered with Golden threads to represent Lavishness and fortune. Her hands are shown open and facing the devotee reminding them of her generous nature.  She is also known through other various names such as Padma, Kamala, Vishnupriya, Padmahasta and so on.


There are various forms of Lakshmi out of which these following eight are the most noted ones:

  • Adi Lakshmi
  • Dhanya Lakshmi
  • Dhairya Lakshmi
  • Gaja Lakshmi
  • Santana Lakshmi
  • Vijaya Lakshmi
  • Vidya Lakshmi
  • Dhana Lakshmi
  1. Adi Lakshmi– Adi Lakshmi is the first Lakshmi and is regarded as the origin of Laxmi Devi. She originated as a byproduct of manifestation of Vishnu
  2. Dhanya Lakshmi– Dhanya Lakshmi is the Lakshmi that originated when Bliss originated through Vishnu.  She is also the Goddess of Agricultural Wealth.  
  3. Dhairya Lakshmi– Dhairya Lakshmi originated when Bishnu formulated the energy of Patience. She is also the giver of courage and valour during wars and battles.
  4. Gaja Lakshmi– Gaja Lakshmi is the manifestation of Pride, Honour and Hardwork because she was the one who brought back the Welath of the Gods from the ocean which was lost by Indra, the king of Gods
  5. Santana Lakshmi– Santana Lakshmi is the energy of recreation, procreation and reproduction. She is worshipped in the case of impotency and infertility.
  6. Vijaya Lakshmi– Vijaya means to win. Therefore Vijaya Lakshmi is the formulator of victory. While Dhairya Lakshmi is the former form, Vijaya Lakshmi is the latter form, ie, she is worshipped after the victory of a battle, a struggle or a war.
  7. Vidya Lakshmi– Vidhya Lakshmi is responsible for generation of wisdom and acquirement of knowledge.
  8. Dhana Lakshmi– Dhana Lakshmi is the one that humans pray to the most. She is the generous provider of wealth  and prosperity. She is depicted with a Chakra, a Conch and a pitcher containing the Divine elixir of Life.

Now the question is How did Lakshmi came into existence? How did she become a spouse of Vishnu?

It’s a long story but let me tell you in short:

Once all the Devas (Gods) and Asuras (Demons) decided to churn the ocean in order to bring out the divine elixir that would make them immortal. As they churned, many things came out and those were divided among the Demons and the Gods.  Laksmi was one of the elements that came out of the sea as the Gods and the Demons churned the great big ocean. She was then gifted to Vishnu, the sustainer of all things present.

Her mantra is :

Om Mahalakshmyay Namaha. The mantra chant is provided in the link below:


This Mantra is the shortcut to material riches. Pleasing Goddess Mahalaxmi by chanting her Mantra brings her home. This mantra should be used quite often because MahaLaxmi is known to be playful, never staying at one place all the time.

Chanting the Mahalaxmi Mantra makes her grant you favours from her. Chanting of Lakshmi Mantra gives one with riches, wealth, excellence, youth and well-being. The Mantra is discussed to know your objective and as a way to fructify that objective. In any case, the Mantra is to increase budgetary flourishing as well as to give us the insight to illuminate our brains with comprehension. What’s more, is the representation of all that brings favorable luck, flourishing, and magnificence.

Nature of Mantra: As mentioned, the Mantra acts temporarily but is a powerful and a quick acting Mantra. In order to gain Material Stability, using this mantra alongside Ganesh Mantra proves best. (Link Here)

Time of Chant: This Mantra works best when chanted in the evening. This can also be simply listened to. However while listening to this mantra, do not forget to make a connection with the Goddess by Visualizing her. You can also talk to her inside your mind and ask for her favours. Visualizing the Goddess giving you her blessings and favour is the best way to work with the Mantra.

Until Next Time,


Shunya Samarpan


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