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Lucid dreaming is an all-fascinating experience, an explosion to the senses. It is an alternative reality in which you can live and experience things without any fears and inhibitions. While it gives you enough confidence to do increase your skills in real life. Digging further, Lucid Dreaming is the awareness of your dream which generally occurs during the REM stage of your sleep cycle.

Accounting its brief history, it has been first recorded and experimented in the year 1975 and since, it has been the major contributing factors to enhance people’s life. According to the Dr. Stephen LaBerge research, lucid dreaming is the hybrid state of consciousness with definable and measurable differences. Whereas, the research further proves that lucid dreaming is both real and distinct from typical REM-sleep dreaming. Similarly, the lucid dreamers can remember their identities, think quickly and act intentionally within the dream world. While the dream is extremely vivid and is lifelike, and people can fantasize anything and get the real-life experiences. People often use this technique to have sexual fantasy followed by flying around, a trip to the universe, time with the lost one, or walking and running for the disabled people. Meanwhile, some use lucid dreaming to enhance their skills in real life, experiment different things and dig out several possibilities.


How common and what can happen in Lucid Dreaming?

There are no boundaries when it comes to lucid dreaming, There’s a whole community’s and numerous forums who regularly talk about their experience and achievement in lucid dreaming. Some claims to have developed intelligent ideas, skills and life hacks. While some utilize their time having sexual intimacy with their crush. Many books and research papers have been out which explain the huge possibility and extensions of lucid dreaming. It is taken as the science related to conscious and subconscious mind. Since we have yet to explore the huge portion of the brain use, lucid dreaming possibilities are simply beyond measures. In other words, you can do anything, simply anything. But looking at the bright side, it helps people to feel things. It helps disabled people to see, walk, smell, or have real-life experience. Likewise, many people love to be in a lucid dream rather than their real life. The experience is so natural that many of them just hate the real, sad and unwanted real life.

The research states that 20 percent of people have one or more lucid dream per month. While the same research study states that nearly 60 percent have experienced at least one lucid dream in their lifetime. Looking at the majority, some experience it and have no idea about it. While some states this as the dark nightmare.


Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Since we are dealing with minds and its part, there are several benefits of lucid dreaming which we might not be well aware of. Some of them are shortly listed below:

  • As it is all known to us that subconscious mind is way powerful than we can ever imagine. On the contrary, lucid dreaming simply plays with our subconscious mind. The keen player knows how to take advantages of it and apply it in our daily lives. We can learn several things while we can meet anyone. The sharing of information between the conscious mind and subconscious mind is pretty hard. However, it is extremely beneficial to its right utilization. There’s no boundary about what you discover within the subconscious mind.
  • The benefits of having a lucid dream are you can do whatever you want. Literally, anything, while the experience is real and can be felt as of real life. Many people have extreme sex fantasy while they use the lucid dream in order to fulfil it. Likewise, you can fly, you can produce fire, you can be anything, you are the king and you can manipulate your dream. No matter what you desire in your real life, you can simply get that in your lucid dream.
  • If you have the habits of being into lucid dreaming almost every night, then, in that case, you have a blissful and more restful sleep. Since lucid dreaming needs peaceful mind and long sleep, the practitioner can eliminate all the stress from our daily lives. It gives you pure relaxation while you can start the fresh day in next morning.
  • Normal dreams have episodic memory and can be forgotten after the very short period of time. While the deep sleep can help you to create a semantic memory which is quite hard to forget. Since lucid dream occurs in deep sleep, it is obvious that you will remember most of the thing in your lucid dream. On the contrary, it helps to improve your memory skills.
  • You can learn the delightful skills in one single night. The things you do in lucid dreaming is same as the things you do in your daily life. What I meant to say is that you can use lucid dreaming process in order to learn some skills. Like above, there’s a huge community of lucid dreamers and with their words, it’s pretty safe to say that lucid dreaming helps to increase the real potential of mind and skills.

How to begin?

Here are the simple steps that you can follow in order to have lucid dreaming. But, remember the fact that it takes lots of patience and careful moments to obtain the Lucid Dreaming. It takes hard time, dedication and calm mind to perform lucid dream.

  • Dream Journal: Before you headed towards lucid dreaming, make sure to use dream journal. Since it’s all about mind and memories, the dream journal will help you to keep tracks of your dream. While it will help you to remember most of your dream. Keep a pen and paper by your side or a handy device that can be used to record dream journal. Without acknowledging the dream that you see in the night does not make any point and keep you very far away from lucid dreaming.
  • Reality Check: Since our whole body works in routine order, the use of reality check frequently will help to have lucid dreaming. Such practice in real life have the habits of performing in the dream as well. In order to get full function of lucid dreaming, you should be well aware that you’re dreaming, so make the habits of a reality check. Repeat the word “Am I Dreaming” check your watch, feet, text or anything that will make you aware whether you’re dreaming or not. Usually, watch, clocks and text will be blurry in a dream.
  • Repeat the phrase: Repeat the word “Am I Dreaming” most often and assist it with “I will know while I am dreaming”. The repetition of such words will create automatic habits of a reality check and makes you aware of your dream.
  • Know your Dream: Since you have started to write a journal, go through it and grab the dream sign. The dreams which you frequently see and has the deep knowledge of its surrounding and its action. Doing so, you’re one more step ahead in lucid dreaming, while you can manipulate the same dream in your later phase.
  • Use the soft alarm: If above habits don’t work, then try to set the soft alarm on your clock. Note, the alarm should not harm your sleep while it should only buzz you and aware you that you’re into a deep sleep and whatever you see is a dream. It’s tricky and takes a lot of time to be perfect in it. Most people usually wake up after hearing the alarm but with focus mind, people have conquered the lucid dream.
  • Prolonged your REM sleep: Before going to bed, make sure that you’re free from all kind of tension and make sure that you will have deep sleep. Doing so, you can obtain the REM sleep which is a deep sleep and is the right period where you can experience a lucid dream.
  • REM Sleep and lucid dream: Lucid dreams and vivid dreams in general occurs in REM sleep. While accounting the sleep pattern, REM sleep occurs after the 90 minutes of your sleep. The sleep goes deeper after every 90 minutes while you can take the benefits of a lucid dream at the same time.
  • Sleep back: Lucid dreaming is very rare things and it’s pretty hard to obtain. Many fail while attempting the lucid dreams. They usually end up being a wake-up and not falling back easily. In such situation, try to concentrate on your latest dream, close your eyes and try to fall asleep thinking of the same dream.
  • Meditation: The other methods of having lucid dreaming is meditation. Meditation simply calms your mind from every aspect and leads you to have prolonged REM sleep.

Though we can have numerous benefits from Lucid Dreaming, it is the act that one should perform very carefully. In order to get into a wondrous dream, many have suffered from the deadliest nightmare. Whereas, some are addicted to it and simply hate the real life.

Brain Waves Meditation Music for Lucid Dreaming:



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