How To Lose 1 pound a Week With Exercise and Diet Plan

How To Lose 1 pound a Week With Exercise and Diet Plan

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7 tips to lose 1 pound a Week With Exercise and Diet Plan

Do you want to lose 1 pound a week but have no idea where to begin? You’re hitting the gym every day but you still have not shed a pound and you’re wondering what are you missing out on. Well, I’ve got all the answers for you.

Losing weight is not a rocket science but it’s quite difficult if you’re not doing it right. Some workout with the objective of shedding 10 or 20 pounds a week but that’s not a healthy method. We all know that we should sweat it out to lose that extra belly fat but sweating is not the only way to maintain a healthy weight. For that, you need to have a diet plan. Going slow and steady is the main motto if you want to lose weight in a healthy way.

So, without further wasting any time let me tell you these 7 incredible tips to help you lose 1 pound a week through the right exercise and diet plan.

1. Start by a Morning Cleanse and light workout

When you’ve planned to shed a pound each week, don’t overwhelm yourself with an intense workout and a strict diet plan. Start your program with a light workout and morning cleanse. By cleansing, I mean eating a healthy breakfast with low calories (250-300 calories). You can have lemon juices or some fruits before working up your muscles. You can also go for detox drinks such as Yellow Dock Detox Tea or Kombucha Tea. Some experts even suggest that a nice warm-up early in the morning before hitting the gym is really helpful as it can burn a considerable amount of calorie that’ll help you reach your goal in the long run.

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2. Go For 500-Calorie Deficit

I want to tell you this straight up; you need to cut off your net calories by 500 every day to lose a pound in a week. You can either do this just through your diet or you lose 250 from your diet and the remaining 250 from the workout. This means you need to give up 3,500 calories from your plan every week. But how do you know your caloric needs? For that, you need to calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Your BMR is the number of calories your organs need to function while you perform no activity whatsoever. You can find tons of online sites that’ll calculate your BMR. Your BMR data matters because after knowing it, you can actually plan out on the number of calories you actually burn a day and eventually determine the required amount of calories you need to either gain weight or lose it.

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3. No excuses During Work out

The American Heart Association suggests at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio, or 75 minutes of vigorous cardio a week to lose a pound. Hence, it’s better to drop out any excuses you find that’ll hold up your workout sessions. We pay the cost but when it’s really time to go, we come up with all the reasons to avoid it. Your main motto is to lose weight and maintain a shape, hence you don’t need to do heavy lifting or other intense workouts. Go for easy fat-burning cardio exercises such as sprinting or squatting or running in the treadmill.

4. Work out with your pets

If you have pets, work out with them! Walking and running is another easy workout that will help you burn tons of calories. Taking your pooch for a walk or a run is not only healthy but also fun! An hour or so walk or run with your dog in the morning can help you lose that extra fat from your body. A study at the University of Missouri showed that walking the dog was actually more effective for weight loss than having a membership in a gym or joining a diet plan. The more you walk or run or play with your pup, the more calories you burn. So how about walking your dog two or three times a day?

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5. Swap water for beverages

Sweetened and flavored beverages such as colas and other energy drinks contain tons of sugar and other fattening ingredients. Even though you feel strained after a workout, don’t go for such drinks. Instead, drink more amount of water as drinking water increases the number of calories you burn. Some studies have also shown that drinking water before meals may reduce appetite in middle-aged and older individuals. This decreases calorie intake, leading to weight loss.

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6. Snack Smarter

Working out in the gym or running your pet are not only smart options to maintain your weight. You need to snack smarter as well to keep your weight in the right balance.  Choose a right strategy for your diet and stick to it. Some of the effective diet plan strategies include:

  • Swap up eggs and cheese with scrambled egg whites
  • Replace your morning bagel with English muffin
  • Skip your afternoon lunch with ground nuts
  • Switch to lemon tea instead of the latte or milk tea
  • Control your portion by eating 1/4th of what you eat normally
  • Modify your lunch: Skip the cheese on your salad or sandwich, substitute mustard for mayo, and replace potato chips with soy chips.
  • Switch from cream soup to vegetable-based soup at lunch and dinner.
  • Have a vodka and soda instead of a margarita at happy hour.

7. Circuit training

If you don’t know what a circuit training is, then it’s a style of workout where you perform a cycle of different exercises(5 to 10) targeting different muscle groups with minimal rest in between. Circuit training is trending a lot nowadays, and it has tons of benefits as well. It can give you the best of both worlds: strength training and cardio workout in one cycle. It not only saves time but also burns calories and fat like a poof! You can go from bench presses to crunches, for example, followed by jumping jacks and lunges. Then do pushups and bent-over rows, followed by jumping rope and squats. Complete the circuit two to three times.

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