Lord Vishnu : The Preserver of All That Exists | Vishnu’s 10 Avatars to Protect World


Hari Om!

Lord Vishnu, you are also known as Paramatma, Sakshee, Keshava, Purushottam. You are the Gopala, the Krishna, the Buddha, the Kalki. You are everything that is and everything that is not. You are the sustainer, the stealthy stealer of pain and panic.


Lord Vishnu is the Neutron Element of existence. Now when we say Neutron, a lot of us might feel that he is chargeless or energy less and therefore probably less important than the other two elements i.e Brahma the proton and Shiva, the electron. However, we need to understand that there is no Electron or Proton without the Neutron. The Neutron does the work of sustaining and containing all the other particles in place. If proton and Electron counterbalance each other, it is the Neutron that balances both of them as an umbrella element. Hari, or Vishnu or Keshava is that element.

He is God, Swayam Bhagvan. He is the preserver of all that exists. He is the one that balances everything. He is the one that overlooks the creation of Brahma and the destruction of Shiva. Also, whenever there is a need, he presents himself in different forms of species of this planet in order to root out evil and injustice. But before we move onto that, let us see how serenely he is presented in Hindu Scriptures.


Close your eyes for a moment, and look inside, what do you see? Do you see a dark space, muddled with blue-black clouds? If not try it in a dark room. You shall see dusky darkness inside your eyes. Now, let me tell you a secret, that is Lord Vishnu. Believe me when I say this. That is his space, where he resides, his abode and he pervades everything. He is dark, bluish in nature and has four arms. A surreal smile compounds his face all the time. He has eyes like the lotus and he holds a Chakra (His Ultimate Weapon) on one of his hands while he holds Shankha (A conch Shell) on the other. The other two hands of his are filled by the divine Lotus and a mace. He rests on the Shesha Naga, the king of all the serpents who in turn rests upon the ocean of bliss.

As Vishnu lies down and closes his eyes, he dreams and with his consort, Mahalaxmi by his side, he manifests all that he dreams into a reality. WE ARE THAT DREAM. We are a dream of Lord Vishnu. We are his Maya. And when all is said and done, we recline into him and his bliss. That is Moksha, the ultimate liberation which is generally a follow up of enlightenment.


Vishnu, the one who enters and pervades everything.

Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases I send myself forth.
For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil,
and for the establishment of righteousness,
I come into being age after age.

— Bhagavad Gita 4.7–8

This is a promise made by the Lord Almighty, By Vishnu. He says that whenever the world gets full of turmoil and injustice, when the feeble and the weak are no longer able to save themselves, when the strong start taking unjust advantage of their power and position, when ego pervades truth, when greed pervades humanity, I shall take birth into the material world, the world that is my creation and rid it of all unrighteousness in order to bring balance in this world. I shall start the chakra of Dharma anew, And with an eon, the chakra slows down and the world falls back again into unrighteousness and again I shall rise to start a new Chakra, anew.

As per his wish, he has taken birth into this material world of his 9 times already (As Avataar or incarnation) and Hindu Scriptures have predicted a 10th waning of Lord Vishu soon into the future.

The 10 avatars of Hindu God Vishnu are as follows:

  1. The Matsya Avataar: The Matsya Avataar is the first and the foremost avatar of Vishnu on this mortal earth. The Matsya Avataar is the representation of the Fish. He is said to be the discoverer or the founder of the Vedas.
  2. The Kurma Avataar: The Kurma Avataar is the second Avataar related to the Turtle. It is said that he helped the Devas and the Asuras with Samundra Manthan.
  3. The Varaha Avataar: The Varaha Avataar is the boar Avataar of Lord Vishnu who is said to have slayed the Demon Hiranaksha.
  4. The Narasimha Avataa: This Avataar is the Half Lion- Half Man Avataar who slayed the brother of Hiranaksha, Hiranakshyap.
  5. The Vamana Avataar: This Avataar is the fifth Avataar and had taken birth to restore cosmic balance by killing the Demon, Mahabali.
  6. Parasurama: He is the rama with an Axe and refers to the Avataar of the hunting and gathering society.
  7. Rama: he is the Ideal Avataar of Vishnu who helds morals and regulations above anything else.
  8. Krishna: He is regarded as the complete Avataar of Vishnu or he was regarded as Vishnu himself on the mortal Earth. He is very popular among the Avataars of Vishnu.
  9. Buddha: The ninth Avataar in the list is the pioneer of peaceful living in the world.
  10. Kalki: The final and the last Avataar of Bishnu is imagined as a warrior who rids the world of all kinds of evil and starts the Dharma chakra completely anew.

ॐ नमोःनारायणाय || OM NAMO NARAYANAYA ( The Powerful Mantra for Happiness, Well Being & Stability in Life )


Lord Bishnu is the Operator in the GOD element in the Hindu Tradition. He is the reliever of Pain and Suffering. This Mantra is very powerful. It brings about Abundance in one’s life as well as removes Negative Influences. Nature of Mantra:This Mantra is very powerful and is fairly used. One sitting of this Mantra should be enough to bring about changes. However, if one gets attached to this Mantra, and wants to chant this often, one should abide by certain ascetic rules such as avoiding Non Vegetarian Food and keeping oneself Clean at all times. Time of Chant: This Mantra works best when chanted at Dusk or Dawn. But there is no such restrictions as to when it should be chanted. However, a clean Body and a clean mind is to be maintained.

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