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There was this Demon, who had been granted a wish that his death could only come through Lord Shiva’s Son. But this was devised very carefully because the Demon, named Tarkasaru, knew that Lord Shiva is an ascetic and would not bear any sons. Well, Lord Shiva did marry the Goddess Parvati and did want to have a baby but she couldn’t because again, she was cursed. Meanwhile, Tarkasur was wreaking Havoc onto the world. Therefore, Lord Shiva took Devi Parvati into a cave and asked her to meditate with him. They are cosmic beings by default, and when they started to meditate, they started producing cosmic heat amongst themselves. Gradually, this cosmic and divine heat took the shape of a burning fiery ball.

Indra, the Gods of the Gods or the King of the Gods, found out about the fiery ball and sent Agni, the God of Fire to take hold of the ball to bring it back to defeat Tarkasur. But the energy emitted by the meditation of Shiva and Parvati was so intense that even the Lord of Fire could not hold on to the ball. He hurriedly passed on the Ball to Ganga, the eternal flowing river. Ganga, as cool as she was, carried the ball of fire for a while but she too could not hold on to that cosmic, divine ball for long and deposited it into a lake in a forest of reeds. Again, the water body could hold the fire for only so long. Goddess Parvati found out about this and took the form of the water body herself and only she could, as she was the consort of Lord Shiva, bear the Ball of fire.


After a while, six babies appeared in the lake and were spotted by the Krittikas, or the Pleiades of the sky. The Krittikas came down to earth and nursed and took care of the six babies for a long while until Goddess Parvati herself reached the spot and hugged all the six babies tightly with glee, merging them all into one body with six faces,  hence Lord Kartikeya, who is also known as the God with six faces was born.

That was the story of the birth of The God. But What is Lord Kartiyeka, what does the Kartikeya Elements represent?


Lord Kartikeya is the Lord Commander of the Army of the Gods. He is married to Valli and Devasena. Valli means a Strong Will Power and Devasena means a strong Action, or the Army of the Gods. SO basically, symbolically The Shakti or the Power of Lord Kartikeya is a strong will and a strong action. The six heads of the God also represents the victory over the six human vices which are:

  • Kama (desire)
  • Krodh (anger)
  • Lobh (Greed)
  • Moha (Attachment)
  • Mada (Ego)
  • Irshya (Jealousy)

Lord Kartikeya the Lord Commander rides a Peacock. A Peacock symbolizes grace, beauty and colours in one’s life. The bird represents the destruction of ego as it is often represented tearing a venomous snake apart, the snake representing the human ego. The God riding a peacock also represents the victory over sexual desires. Basically, he is noticed as the Macho Man amongst the Gods. He is the sheer synonym of strength and power as he had destroyed the demon Tarakasur on the seventh day of his birth itself.


The Lord was sent to God Brahma himself in order to receive knowledge and wisdom. Interestingly, on the first day of his tuition, he asked Brahma the meaning of OmKara. That was unusual, because in Hindu Dharma, the knowledge of Omkar comes in the end, but Kartikeya asked it in his first class. Impressed by this, God Brahma explained to him Omkara in twelve thousand verses. However, Kartikeya was unimpressed by the explanation. Therefore, he went to his own father, Lord Shiva to ask about Omkara. Lord Shiva explained to him the Omkara in twelve Lakh Verses but he found that too, unimpressive. Therefore, next he discovered by  himself that the Omkara can be defined in twelve crore verses and just one verse at the same time. Impressed by his discovery, Lord Shiva deemed Kartikeya Intelligent and wise enough to help the people of the earth.  

KARTIKEYA MANTRA OM SHARAVANA BHAVAYA NAMAHA Mantra for Courage, Stability & Resolve Enmity by Divine Eyes. 

Lord Kartikeya, is the Army General of the Gods. His favour grants courage and vanquishes enemies. His mantra is to be chanted to resolve enmity, win over people, This mantra also works to stop bullying incidents and grants favour to win legal issues. Nature of the mantra: The mantra calls Lord Kartikeya to descend on earth and vanquish enemies or those conspiring against the chanter. In the process, the Devotee earns courage. Time of chant: It is to be chanted at night, before you go to sleep so that it works dual, calling upon the God and rendering help to the subconscious together.

Lord Kartikeyas Mula Mantra or his greatest teaching is to not fear anyone or anything. He advises and empowers his devotees to find courage in the deepest pits of darkness and insecurity. His blessings endow one to muster courage and focus on and only on the output and strive through the obstacles at lightning speed.

Lord Kartikeya is the vanquisher of all your woes and brings you closer to satisfaction both in the material world and the spiritual world. In order to balance life and generate courage in your life, it is advised to chant or listen to the Kartikeya Mantra for at least 21 days continuously. It warms you up with the heat of courage and spiritual pureness.



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