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Have you ever thought of a God that looks like a Monkey? Weird isn’t it? Well, the Hindu Mythology is all full of strange Gods and Goddesses. And one of them is Hanuman. He is one special God as he is one of the 7 Chiranjivis of the world. Now Chiranjivi’s are beings who are immortal until the end times according to Hindu Scriptures and yes, our Bulky Monkey God is one of them. We may speak about the other Chiranjivi’s in other articles. Let us focus on our mischievous Monkey God, Hanuman for now.
Hanuman is believed to be an Avataar of Shiva as he was represented as a die hard fan and a devotee of Lord Rama, an Avataar of Vishnu. (According to Hindu Scriptures Lord Vishnu gets incarnated into the material world once in a while and is usually accompanied by an incarnation of Lord Shiva, they are apparently best friends, lol!)

There is a very interesting story as to how our Dear Hanuman was born. The King of Ayodhya, Dashrath, was performing a ritual to receive offsprings. He had three wives and all of them were offered a sacred pudding which would help them conceive a child. At the same time, somewhere in a distance, Anjana, another childless lady was worshipping Shiva and was calling out for his favour to receive a child. The Lord of the winds, Vayu, noticed this and made a Kite Bird snatcha  little of that sacred pudding away in order to drop it into the outstretched hands of Anjana. Therefore our dear Hanuman is also known as Vayu Putra or the son of the Wind God.


Lord hanuman was a mischievous little child from his birth. One fine morning he looked up at the sky and saw a big red ripe fruit and wanted to eat it. Therefore he took flight towards it. However as a child he did not realize that the fruit he was about to eat was actually the sun. The Gods acknowledged this and were troubled that the earth would be without sun, therefore The King of the Gods, Lord Indra intervened in the middle and struck our little Hanuman with a lightening bolt. Hanuman was hit on the jaw and he fell onto the earth, unconscious. Vayu, his divine father noticed this and was truly upset. In a fit of rage, The Air Lord took away all air from the earth, putting the life of all the living beings in danger. However, seeing that his would be catastrophic, Prajapati, the God of Life or Prana, resuscitated hanuman and gave Life back to Hanuman as a result of which Vayu returned to earth.

If the west has Spiderman, Superman and Batman, the east has the one and only Hanuman. He is endowed with various superhuman strength for instance:

  • Immortality:
    The Gods whom he worshipped Rama and Lakshman died, but he on the other hand, is immortal. That’s the power of devotion.
  • Shapeshifting:
    He can become shrink or bloat up in size as per his will. He has used this power twice. He once shrunk himself to stealthily meet Devi Sita the consort of Rama after she was kidnapped by Ravana the Demon.

He bloated up once to carry a hill to Rama which carried the life giving herb, “Sanjeevani Buti” to be used on Dying Lakshman.

  • Strength:

Lord Hanuman is the sheer manifestation of strength. He is deemed to be extremely powerful and strong. He I ready to carry any type of burden for a cause.

  • Innovative:

He is usually given tasks t be completed by his Lord Rama, but he faces different types of odds in the process of carrying out those tasks. However, he only knows that he is supposed to complete the task and hence impossible is a concept unknown to him. Therefore he shows his presence of mind and comes up with creative solutions to remove obstacles in his way.

  • Bhakti (Devotion): Another one of this strengths as depicted by the Hindu scriptures is his unfaltering devotion towards Lord Rama.
  • A Scholar:

Later, after everybody that he knew passed away he became a sannyasi and went to the mountains to learn the Vedas and the Vedantas (Hindu Scriptures) and polished his skills of poetry, polymath, grammar and music. A earned superhero eh?



Play this mantra in your room to charge the room with Auric properties. Best if you are able to play the video for 54 days atleast twice a day in order to build an aura of this mantra around yourself.

Now let us understand, when and why should you do the Hanuman Tapa.

If you are facing problems in your life, if you feel that a lot of things are not going according to plan or if there are too many obstacles appearing in your way of success and work completion. It is better to call upon Hanuman. Among all the other Gods and Goddesses, it is believed that Hanuman is the one God that responds quickly to your offerings and prayers because all the other Gods and Goddesses are Akashik, i.e. belonging to the sky, whereas Hanuman is the only God that lives on the Earth to this day. It is better to start the chanting of the Mantra either on a Tuesday or a Saturday.



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Shunya Samrpan


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