Know Your Deity: Lord Ganesh & Abundance Mantra


Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha, also known as Bianyaka or Ganapati is like the rich kid of Instagram of today but with a lot of social responsibility. He is the son of Lord Shiva, yes, THE LORD SHIVA and Maa ( mother ) Parvati, the direct embodiment of Power! He is funny and quite reckless, but accountable at the same time. He likes to do whatever he likes but also makes sure he cares for his followers. He listens to the pleas of his devotees and answers their call. If he were present in the material world, he would be the Flash of today’s world.


So what does the word Ganesha mean?

The word Ganesha is made up of two words,  “Gana” and “Esha”.  “Gana” means “Army” or to be precise the Army of Lord Shiva. All the spirits fall into the army of Lord Shiva. Now “Esha” means The Lord, like literally. So he is quite Literally the Lord of the Army of the Gods or the Lord Master of the Army of his father. Lord Shiva. So how did he become the Lord of the Ganas? Let me tell you a little story.


One day, little Ganesh was playing in Mount Kailasha, while Lord Shiva was taking a nap. I know its a little uncanny for the AdiYogi, the first Meditator to be taking a nap but come on, who does not have cheat days? Little Ganesh was playing around his father and happened to see the moon that was elegantly placed on Lord Shiva’s head. He found the glowing ornament very attractive and so he stealthily took it off of his father’s head and started playing with it. Mesmerized by the serenity of the little shining silver ball, he ventured far into the mountains playing with it.

When Lord Shiva woke up, he realized that the moon was missing from its place on his head. Immediately, he called his Gana (His followers/army) and asked them if they had seen the moon. Nandi, Shiva’s Animal Ride, said that he had in fact seen the moon with Little Ganesha and that he was playing with it.


Shiva immediately ordered Nandi and the Gana to fetch the moon from Ganesh to put it back in its place. (If the moon is displaced from its rightful place for a long period of time, it could have dire consequences on the world. You know how the moon controls the tides of the ocean and the water element in our body, so yeah, it would be Ragnaroky if it had been displaced from its place.) Following Shiva’s orders, the Gana looked for Ganesh and found him at a distance playing ball with the moon! But as soon as they approached him to make grab the moon, he disappeared and reappeared at  a distance.  Again, they ran after him to grab the moon, but again Ganesh disappeared and reappeared at a distance. He kept them chasing after him until they reached back where Shiva was sitting. To their surprise, Ganesha was giggling behind Shiva while the moon had already been placed on Shiva’s head!

Fascinated by his little boy’s mischief, Lord Shiva smiled and declared him the Master of the Ganas. And that is how he became Ganapati.

Ganesha is playful in nature, and is a mischievous little Brat. Who wouldn’t be if you were the Son of Shiva and the Lord of the Army! He is a good friend of his devotees nevertheless. ☺

Ganesh is portrayed as a God with a big belly and an Elephant’s Head. In many scriptures, he has a Golden crown on his head and his glowing golden aura encircles his head along with the crown. He sometimes has two hands and four at other times. You know, he is a God, so its his wish. He rides a mouse. Yes, it’s quite unbelievable, but he is a God, so there’s that liberty.

And Ganesh is the first on the list when it comes to remembering and worshipping Gods. Why is that? Let me tell you another interesting story about it.
The Kingdom of the Gods once held a competition as to decide who shall be the Deity that should be worshipped first, before all the other Deities. Ganesha’s elder Brother Kartikeya and Ganesha himself signed up for the competition. It was decided that whoever returned quicker after going around the world once, would be the winner of the competition and would be worshipped before any other Deity.

What Ganesh did there was while Kartikeya flew off immediately on his peacock, ) Yeah Hindu Gods have weird rides), Ganesh made Shiva and Parvati sit together and encircled them three times, implying that they were his world. And yes, he won the competition. So that is one of the reason he his worshipped before any other deity.


Ganesh is in charge of the world. So if any problem arises in your worldy matters, you can call upon Ganesh to solve them. Also, it is better to evoke Lord Ganesh before starting anything new. Whether it be building a new house or starting a new job. Evoking Ganesh is the thing to do.

So the best mantra to use in order to activate Ganesh Element in your life is the Ganesh Upanishad Mantra.

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namoh Namaha”  

Chant it or listen to it at least 108 times in one sitting.

Try to be consistent in your endeavor to connect with the Lord. Therefore, try to complete at least 21 rounds of this Mantra, one round every day. 1 round is equal to chanting this mantra 108 times. It is not like he will be angry if you do not do it, but he will definitely be pleased if you do it.


Let us discuss some other benefits of this mantra:

  • Ganesh is the embodiment of material energy, prosperous life and wisdom. He is also the master of arts, culture and beauty. He is usually kept together with words like grace and compassion.
  • The Mantra of Ganesh can bring your mind at peace.
  • The Ganesh Mantra also activates the lower three chakra of the human body ie Muladhar, Swadisthan and Manipura.
  • The Ganehs Mantra helps us to concentrate on whatever results we aim to bring in our life.
  • As mentioned before, chanting the ganesh mantra and evoking him before undertaking any new woek may prove to be fruitful.
  • The Ganesh mantra is also used to simply connect to the Lord in order to maintain his blessing vision into your life. Hence removing fear from your life.
  • Even if there arise obstacles in the path of whatever you are doing, you can chant the ganehs mantra to remove them.
  • Ganesh helps to bring abundance in your life.
  • This mantra also increases your blood circulation, hence making your body healthier.  

Until Next time.
Shunya Samarpan

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