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Lack of Sleep or Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is one of the key elements that we all need for the better function of mind and body. However, the lack of sleep can cause a lot of trouble while it can have profound consequences on your physical health as well. The research states that one in three people suffer from poor sleep and stress while computers, taking work from home are some of the general causes of lack of sleep.

The lack of proper sleep or sleepless nights affects your mood and helps to have a poor focus on almost anything. Regular poor sleep even has adverse effects on your health. Whereas, it might put you in serious medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. On the contrary, it shortens your overall life expectancy and makes you irritable, moody or angry person. The only solution for these unwanted consequences is a proper good night sleep.


How much sleep do we need in a night?

Now, the proper sleep is determined by several factors, but at first, we need to understand about the actual sleep period. Most of us need around eight hours of sleep which is taken as a good quality sleep, which also helps in the better function of body and organs. But some need more and some need less. Some people get enough sleep during the seven to eight hours of sleep while the next day determines whether you have proper sleep or not. If you wake up fresh and can start the day without feeling dizzy or lack of sleep is considered to have adequate sleep. While the hard awakening and dizziness is the symbol of not having an adequate and quality sleep. A variety of factors and elements can cause poor sleep, including health conditions such as sleep apnoea. But in general, the bad sleeping habits are the result of lack of sleep. You can check out how to get proper sleep including the sleep cycle.

Effects of lack of sleep

Here are some of the adverse effects of lack of sleep:

  • Lack of sleep causes accidents: Since the lack of sleep makes you out of focus, it helps to have unwanted accidents and several disasters. Accounting the several disasters in the history, most of the accidents have caused due to lack of sleep. The 1979 nuclear accident at Three Miles Island, the huge Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and the 1986 nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl are some of the huge accident that was caused by the sleep disorders. Besides, the lack of sleep has caused heavy fatigue road accidents every year.
  • Dumbness: The adequate sleep plays a significant role in thinking and learning. The lack of sleep hurts these cognitive process in several ways. Furthermore, it harms attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Meanwhile, the various period of the sleep cycle is responsible for holding and memorizing important memories. And the insufficient sleep simply ignores these and helps you to become dumb.
  • Serious health issues: The continuous sleep disorder is the invitation towards many long-term diseases. According to some estimates, 90% of people with insomnia starts with sleep disorder while it can behold some other deep fatal diseases. Heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes etc are some of the dangerous diseases that can be caused due to lack of sleep.
  • Kill Sex Life: The research states that the people who tend to sleep less have less interest in sex. While, depleted energy, sleepiness, and increasing mental tension are the main reason for losing interest in sex life. The research shows another surprising fact about men. Men who have sleep apnea have a low level of testosterone, while it is extremely low during the night resulting almost no interest in sex.
  • Chronic sleep order leads to depression: The regular lack of sleep helps to have depression. While the chronic sleepless night is one of the symptoms of depression. The research of American poll diagnosed with depression in 2005 tends to sleep less than six hours at night. While another research with 10,000 people was five times more likely to go for depression after chronic irregular sleep. In another simple word, insomnia and depression are interlinked with each other while some say they feed on each other.
  • Aged your skin: Most people suffered from sallow skin and puffy eyes after few nights of irregular sleep. But in facts, it is the result of chronic sleep loss which can lead to lacklustre skin, fine lines and dark circles under your eyes. During the period of irregular sleep, our body produces high amount of stress hormone cortisol. Further, it breaks down and loses the protein, which helps the skin to be smooth and maintain its elastic.
  • Makes you forget things: The research held by an American and French researcher in 2009 states that brain events are known as “sharp wave ripples” are responsible for consolidating memory. These ripples help to transfer learned data and information from the hippocampus to the neocortex of the brain, where long-term memories are stored. Sharp wave ripples occur during the REM sleep while the irregular sleep hampers the transfer cycle and hence makes you more forgetful and complicated.
  • Helps to gain weight: Well, you may think it’s good for the skinny guys, but you are totally wrong. The lack of sleep helps to gain inappropriate weight and troubles you with unwanted diseases. Our body is just like a machine, which needs to get refilled time and again. The morning refill might work as energy for day to day activity, while the night meal is to restore the energy and develop the overall body organs. Likewise, the body needs to get the desired sleep for the effective metabolism, while the disturbance in it might gain you some extra weight. Gaining the weight after the physical activity is good, but gaining the weight with improper balance diet and sleep cycle is dangerous for health.
  • Increase the risk of death: Sleep is basic elements of the human body. The proper sleep with good and plan cycle is beneficial while the irregular sleep might troubles you in many ways. Along with the several health problems, the lack of sleep also double your chances for heart diseases and even increase the risk of death.
  • Effects your judgement skills: If you are in judging profession or quick decision-making job and you are having an irregular sleeps then you are in a big trouble. The research states that people who tend to sleep less have problems in interpersonal skills. Whether its decision-making process or memorizing things, people with irregular sleep tends to act dumb and dazzled.

The proper sleep is a most for effective and prosperous life while eliminating the irregular sleep is also a big challenge. There are several benefits of having an adequate sleep, while the overall sleep cycle is determined by various factors such as the best colour of sleep and sleep plan.



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