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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Brain Young

5 Ways To Keep Your Brain Young

Do you know human brain is made up of more than 100 billion nerves that communicate in trillions of connections? It sounds amazing…right? Our brain keeps on functioning day and night and it has control over almost all the major system of our body. It keeps on processing sensory information, regulating blood pressure and breathing and at the same time releasing hormones.

So, yes, we can call our brain the best cookbook…LOL. Why? Because it contains all the recipes for making each and every part of our body function. Ok! One more metaphor for human brain…Our brain is also a bunch of toys as it must be played with, in order to learn all sorts of things and also to keep it young no matter how much we age.

I always wonder when people say that only body gets older but the heart remains young. Well, I think it’s not heart but our brain which will remain young if we keep on strengthening and using it. Young brain is an active and fit brain which has good cognitive and receptive abilities. Along with the growing age our brain’s functional abilities also changes. However, we should not avoid the fact that we can maintain the functioning of our brain and keep it young. Healthy and young brain keeps our physical and mental health sound and active.

So, what can you do to keep Your brain young and healthy?

1.Good nutritious food

What we eat not only keeps our body young and slows down the aging process but also keeps our brain young and healthy. Foods which are rich in fiber, has low cholesterol level and sugar helps to maintain the cognitive ability of the brain. Avoid the foods which are destructive for health. This helps to reduce the risk factor of dementia. Include more fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and unsaturated oils in your diet. Strictly avoid alcohol and tobacco.

2.Play brain games

Playing games not only makes our time fun filled but also sharpens our brain. While playing games, our brain concentrates, solves problem as well as makes decision. This helps our brain to remain engaged and constantly working all the time. We can find many brain training games which sharpens the mind and possibly averts cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s. Some of the best games for brain are Lumosity, Clevermind, Dakim and Brain Metrix.

3.Read good books

Good books are the gateways to good life, health and good brain. Information is very good for mental health. In addition to that entertains, improves memory as well as relieves stress. According to a study at the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, reading every day can slow down late-life cognitive decline, protecting memory and thinking skills.

4.Be social

Be social over here does not mean involve yourself in social networking sites. It means make friends…real friends! Spending time with your family and friends helps you to keep your memory strong and sharp. Socializing with friends lowers the risk of dementia. Being socially active helps improves your cognitive skill in the long run.


Writing improves the functioning capacity of the brain. Our brain processes information better when we write. Writing not only enlightens our mood or lowers stress level but also improves our psychological state by enhancing immune system.

Along with above given tips, physical exercise, self-confidence and meditation also help a lot to keep our brain healthy, young and fit. Most importantly, keep yourself in high spirits and have fun in life. This will not only sharpen your brain but will also cheer it up.

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Written by Anupama Maharjan

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