Kai Therapy or Comfortable Medicine: A Guide For Healthy Living


Introduction to Kai Therapy:

Kai Therapy is also referred as comfortable healing or comfortable medicine. It is actually derived from the Japanese terminology kai igaku’ where kai stands for comfort and igaku for healing. This method was basically developed by Dr. Ryosuke Uryu (1935-2012) in Japan and now its widely practiced almost all around the world. In the world of alternative medicine where. it’s gaining the reputation for being unscientific and disproved by medical facts (as suggested by most of the renowned websites while we were researching) comfortable healing or kai therapy has no place till now in the cyber world. It has also got the synonyms like pseudo medicine, experimental medicine or unethical medicine. So I decided to let all of our readers to know what exactly is Kai Therapy with an easy guide to a healthy life.

But before I take you there, let’s get few details about health benefits of Kai Therapy.


Kai Therapy heals our mind, body and soul in many aspects making us comfortable, without the use of any external medics or forces. It’s the way we understand our mind and body completely and behave in a proper way so that we can live our life happily,comfortably and healthily. Here are the basic laws of comfort to our life and which are very easy if we follow them well to get rid from disease, pain and stress and live a healthy life.

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5 laws of universal comfort:


Eating good food, chewing it with ease and on time improves our digestion and also our mental health. As the gateway to get the positive energy is food, it is the integral part of our health to sustain us with positivity, healthy and stress free life. Less consumption of meat, alcohol and drugs help us digest our food faster and effectively; which means we have less time in our body for the waste products to remain. So being slightly careful with our diet can change our world and improve our health.

Guide to a Healthy Living



In this present scenario of world filled with stress, anxiety and multiple disorders going on in life, we almost find it hard to sleep properly and enough. A proper sleep helps reducing stress, making your body feel fine and your health go sound. A proper way to sleep when we lie upside down is to restrict pillow and relieve our body breathing deep. In this way the center of gravity is exactly at the resting position and helps our muscles to get away from any external stress and doesn’t bend our neck bones and muscles.

Guide To a Healthy Living

And when we sleep on our side the pillow is essential because it aligns our neck bones and muscles to be in a perfect condition. Imagine you getting approximately 10 hours of sleep per night and still feeling stressed and heavy and only sleeping for 6 hours and waking up fresh. This defines proper way of sleeping. And remember sleeping too much can also do you a harm.


There are several laws of breathing and in certain circumstances, it is the most essential part of your life. There are basic laws of breathing like when we sleep or meditate we inhale slow and exhale slow. Similarly, when we walk we inhale slow and exhale slow and when we play music instruments like trumpet, flute or a saxophone we inhale fast and exhale slow. So breathing technique is extremely essential in different circumstances.

Guide To a Healthy Living


In this present world where we are surrounded by gadgets and computers, we ought to care about our movements. Movements can be mentioned not only when we are in motion but also when we are  stagnant. It’s the proper way we walk, run or be it when we sleep, sit or work in our computers. A good and appropriate movement and posture helps us get rid of physical and muscular pains and spasms. whereas, it also helps to get rid from both physical and mental stress.


Guide To A Healthy Living


Of course, thought is the most essential element when it comes to our mental health and stress management. A good thought not only brings smile to our lips but creates happiness and positive vibes all around our environment. If we think positive and stay in the positive environment, our stress reduces and our health improves as we start thinking about it in a different way.

Guide To A Healthy Living

If we govern these 5 laws of universal comfort and start practicing it thoroughly we will certainly see the changes that are going on in our mind, body and soul. Remember a person with good health and less mental stress is always in joy and spreads joy. And is very less likely to get sick because of strong immunity and less likely to get serious diseases. Also kai therapy deals with many other aspects like sotailife energy test and urine therapy. We will get into those details in our other articles.

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