Itchy palms causes and treatment

Itchy Hands: Here Are The 7 Causes of Itchy Skin

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Can’t stop scratching your palms? You might be suffering from a serious disease! There are several causes behind itchy palms such as skin allergies and even diabetes.

Itchy palms doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose money or get robbed because there are some legitimate medical reasons behind why your hands and palms are making you scratch like crazy! Itching is annoying and finding the right treatment option and knowing the right cause can definitely help you get rid of it.

To add more, itchy palms and hand can be a potential sign of some serious problems like hypersensitivity reactions or psoriasis and also diabetes.

So Why Are My Palms And Hand Itchy?

One of the main reasons for itchy palms is dry skin. The severely cold weather during winter causes your skin to dry out and cause itching and irritation. Nevertheless, there are tons of underlying causes behind itchy palms. Some of them include:

1.Allergic reaction:

Constant use of sanitizer and other chemical products like lotions and hand creams can irritate your hands if you have sensitive skin. Allergens such as metals, latex gloves, soaps, dust or chlorinated water can also result in itchy hands and palms. Also, scrubbing and brushing your palms and hands too much can also result in peeling of skin, causing itching.


Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that results in scaling and peeling off your skin, causing it to crack and bleed. It is characterized by rapid over growth of skin cells resulting in inflammation and redness around the affected area. One of the early signs of psoriasis could be itchy skin.

3.Eczema or Atopic dermatitis:

It’s a medical condition that makes your skin itch  either due to a presence of irritant or due to other skin causes. It results in the formation of colored patches on the skin. The affected area of the skin goes dry, resulting in itchy feeling.

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Most of you might not know this, but itchy palms is one of the warning signs of diabetes. Diabetic patients often suffer from rashes on skin, due to poor blood circulation that also causes tiny blisters. The rashes and blisters are painful and itchy. However, most of the itching experience is on the legs than in their hands.

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Scabies is the result of a parasite infestation, when the human itch mite digs into the top layer of the skin resulting in itchy skin. The parasite mostly affects the specific areas like wrist, fingers, armpit and elbow.


Primary biliary cirrhosis can also cause itchy and irritating palms. PBC is the condition that affects bile ducts, disrupting the flow of bile that travels between liver and stomach, causing damage and scarring. Other symptoms like bone ache, diarrhea, jaundice and dark urine are also evident but itchy palm is a peculiar symptom of PBC.

7.Nerve Damage: 

Nerve damage in the hands and palms due to certain conditions like diabetes can also cause itchy palms. Not only this, itchy palms or hands is also another warning symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In this disorder, the median nerve gets pinched due to symptoms like swelling and this triggers itching sensation.

How Can We Stop The Itch?

The treatment of itchy hand depends upon what is making your hands and feet itch. If it’s diabetes and other medical condition, you need to reach out for your doctor immediately. If the itching is due to exposure to any kind of allergen or irritant like creams and disinfectants, you should avoid using them or adopt proper precautions while using them. For immediate treatment, you can always buy ointments and creams to cure the itch, especially if it’s due to dryness of the skin. Also, you doctor might prescribe you antihistamines or corticosteroid hormones to take in. Skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema often require a more detailed treatment plan.

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