Itchy Hands: Here Are The 7 Causes of Itchy Skin


Can’t stop scratching your palms? You might be suffering from a serious disease! There are several causes behind itchy palms, such as skin allergies and even diabetes. This article deals with the causes, treatment, and prevention of itchy hands.

There is some superstitious belief that itchy palms leads to making money or spending of money. Itchy palms don’t mean that you’re going to lose money or get robbed or earn. There are some legitimate medical reasons behind why your hands and palms are making you scratch like crazy! The reasons behind your itchy palm might be due to an allergic reaction, diabetes, eczema, scabies, psoriasis, or even nerve damage. Itching is annoying and finding the right treatment option, and knowing the right cause can help you get rid of it or your doctor to diagnosis what’s happening.


To add more, itchy palms and hand can be a potential sign of some serious problems like hypersensitivity reactions or psoriasis and also diabetes.

So Why Are My Palms And Hand Itchy? – Cause of Itchy Hands

One of the main reasons for itchy palms is dry skin. The severely cold weather during winter causes your skin to dry out and cause itching and irritation. Nevertheless, there are tons of underlying causes behind itchy palms. Some of them include:


Damage Skin

Certain substance that you have recently used can damage your skin. Maybe it’s the new soap or hand wash you recently used has chemicals or substance that does not suit you. Therefore, always apply the substance in a small portion of your hand and check for any allergies or changes in your skin. If the product does not suit you, it will cause dryness, your skin to peel off, or itchy skin. Not only the chemicals used in these substance causes itching, but the way you use the product also matters. If you are rubbing, scrubbing or brushing it on your skin for too long, it might also irritate your skin causing irritation or itching.

Dry Skin

Some people have oily skin, whereas some have dry skin naturally. For those with dry skin, using soap, or substance or product with chemicals can cause the skin to dry out more. Dry skin can be irritating and may cause itching. Likewise, in winter weather, skin is naturally dried out a little bit, so use moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and free from itching palms.


Allergic Reaction

Constant use of sanitizer and other chemical products like lotions and hand creams can irritate your hands if you have sensitive skin. Allergens such as metals, latex gloves, soaps, dust, or chlorinated water can also result in itchy hands and palms. Also, scrubbing and brushing your palms and hands too much can also result in peeling of the skin, causing itching. So, if you are allergic to something you touch or see, stay away from them. Itching of skin might not start right away being contaminated to allergens. In some case, it might take several hours to experience any itching after coming into contact with the allergens.


Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes uncontrolled growth of skin. This results in scaling and peeling off your skin, causing it to crack and bleed. Psoriasis is characterized by rapid overgrowth of skin cells resulting in inflammation and redness around the affected area. One of the early signs of psoriasis could be itchy skin. If you have Psoriasis, it may cause, painful, swollen joint, cracked skin that might cause bleeding, or soreness in the nearby joints, redness due to piled up skin cells on the surface of your skin, etc.

Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis:

Eczema is a medical condition that makes your skin itch; either itching is due to a presence of irritant or due to other skin causes. It results in the formation of colored patches on the affected area of the skin. The color of the affected area might be different from people to people. Some eczema will be red, while others may be gray or dark brown. Likewise, some people will develop red or brown bumps on the surface of the skin which may burst and leak fluid, the affected area of the skin goes dry, resulting in itchy skin which can lead to cracking and bleeding. Eczema can affect a person for several days to several weeks and then not affect your skin for several months.

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Most of you might not know this, but itchy palms is one of the warning signs of diabetes. Diabetic patients often suffer from rashes on the skin, due to poor blood circulation that also causes tiny blisters and itchy palm. Rashes and blisters are painful and itchy. However, most of the itching experience is on the legs than in their hands.

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Scabies is the result of a parasite infestation when the human itch mite digs into the top layer of the skin resulting in itchy skin. The parasite mostly affects the specific areas like wrist, fingers, armpit, and elbow.


Primary Biliary Cirrhosis can also cause itchy and irritating palms. PBC is the condition that affects bile ducts, disrupting the flow of bile that travels between the liver and stomach, causing damage and scarring. Other symptoms like a bone ache, diarrhea, jaundice, and dark urine are also evident, but the itchy palm is a peculiar symptom of PBC.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage in the hands and palms due to certain conditions like diabetes can also cause itchy palms. Not only this, itchy palms or hands is also another warning symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In this disorder, the median nerve gets pinched due to symptoms like swelling, and this triggers itching sensation.

Due to certain Medication

The itch can be one of the side effects of taking some medications like aspirin, blood pressure drugs, antibiotics, and pain killers. If you noticed any change after tanking these medicines, consult with your doctor as it needs to be changed.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a highly contagious viral infection common in kids. This infection can cause irritation and itching in hand foot and mouth.

When to Seek Medical Help

See your doctor if you don’t know what is causing your hands to itch; or sometimes itching can be severe, you will not want to stop scratching your hands; or if you experience any other symptoms other than itching. Since some itching is serious, which can lead to various health hazard, it’s essential to know what caused your hands to itch so that you can treat the condition.


Diagnosis of the Cause of your Itchy Hands

Your health care physician will diagnosis your symptoms of itchy palm, providing you a physical examination and ask you several questions regarding your problems. Questions like:

  • Do you have allergies?
  • How long have you had itchy palm?
  • Have you been in contact with any allergens?
  • Are you taking any medications?
  • How frequently does itchy palm occur?

If your physician could not identify the cause of your itchy palm, he or she will make you undergo more tests like a blood test, your thyroid test, skin test, scraping of your skin also known as a biopsy which can determine what has caused your hand to itch.

Once the cause of your itchy hands is identified, your physician will prescribe you some medicine in the form of lotion and oral medication to consume. If the itch is severe, he or she will give you steroids (anti-itching), which will help relieve the itching.

Itchy palms are rarely a chronic condition. In most case, itchy hands will stop once its cause is identified and treated. Make sure that, you avoid the reason that caused your palm to itch

How Can We Stop The Itch?

itchy hand

The treatment of itchy hand depends upon what is making your hands to itch. If it’s diabetes and other medical condition, you need to reach out for your doctor immediately. If the itching is due to exposure to any kind of allergen or irritants like creams and disinfectants, you should avoid using them or adopt proper precautions while using them. For immediate treatment, you can always buy ointments and creams to cure the itch, especially if it’s due to dryness of the skin. Also, your doctor might prescribe you antihistamines or corticosteroid hormones to take in. Skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema often require a more detailed treatment plan.


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Treating Itchy palm due to Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you may have itchy palm most of the time. So, always moisturize your hands with a moisturizing lotion several times a day. Drink plenty of water as dehydration can cause your skin to dry out. You can also use a humidifier in your room to hydrate your skin or hydrate your skin with glycerin, lactic acid, or moisturizers.

Treating Itchy Hands due to Allergies

Allergies are one of the most common causes of itchy hands. There are anti-allergic medications that you can eat or medicines that you can apply to the affected area to eliminate the itch.

Treating Itchy Palm due to Diabetes

Itchy palm or itching in any part of your body might be one of the symptoms of diabetes. Diagnosing diabetes, as early as possible, can help reduce its side effect and symptoms. If the blood glucose levels are properly managed you itchy palms will go away.

Prevention of Itchy Palm

Prevention is better than cure. Preventing itchy palm can be as simple as taking care of your skin.


Use Moisturizing Lotions

If your skin is dry, you need to keep a moisturizer in your bag pack or if it is winter. Dry skin can cause itchy hands, so apply thick lotions and moisturizers, keep the skin from drying out. This makes your skin more comfortable and hydrated and itch-free.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration causes your skin to dry out, which can cause itchy hands or skin. So, drink water, fruit juice, or water-rich foods as much as possible to moisturize your body inside out.

Stay away from Allergens

If you have allergies to substances, stay away from them, touching these substances might irritate your skin, causing itchy skin.

Home Remedies for Itchy Palm

If you are dealing with itchy hands or skin, there are some things that you can try at home to eliminate the discomfort.

  1. Avoid items or situations that might cause you palm or skin to itch; like certain fabric, overly heated room or cooled room, hand wash or cleansers,
  2. Moisturize daily, one of the main cause of itchy palm is dried skin, so apply lotions or moisturizers in your palm and skin,
  3. Avoid scratching the skin, cover the affected area with a cloth, or wear full sleeve cloth.
  4. Take a bath with lukewarm water adding Epsom salt, baking soda, uncooked oatmeal or colloidal oatmeal,
  5. Use a humidifier; the overly heated room will dry the air around you causing dehydration to your skin. A humidifier helps to hydrate your skin and air around you,
  6. Apply cool or wet cloth on your hands. Cold packs or damp cloth will help relieve inflammation and itching on your skin,
  7. Wear loose, cool, smooth-textured fabric made out of cotton to prevent yourself from sweating and scratching,
  8. Stay hydrated; dehydration is another reason for your itchy palm or skin. Try to drink eight to twelve glasses of water a day.


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