Insomnia: Acute & Chronic | Types, Causes, Preventive Measures & Treatment


Insomnia is the difficult stage where people have deep trouble during the time of sleep. The problematic situation of falling to sleep, maintaining sleep, waking too early and experiencing un-refreshing sleep are some of the effects of sleeplessness. Such conditions affect the daytime performance while it can be accompanied by impaired concentration, memory, reaction time, less creativity and productivity. In addition, it might hamper your whole life and may increase the absenteeism from the work.

In other words, It can be explained as the sleep disorder which is further characterized by3 difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. People who are suffering from sleeplessness might have the problem of waking up often during the night while it’s equally hard to go back to sleep. In addition, the unusual sleep patterns make the body to wake up early in the morning, while it is followed by tiredness and bad mood.


Acute Insomnia and Chronic Insomnia

Facing the problem in sleeping for a short time is simply known as Acute Insomnia. These type of insomnia does not need any medical attention, while it may only last for one night to a few weeks. The main causes of Acute Insomnia are stress and anxiety while it will be solved automatically after the healing of temporary stress.

Sleeplessness which troubles the humans for a long time is simply known as Chronic Insomnia. It starts from at least three nights a week while it may last long to several weeks, months and even a year.


Types of Insomnia

  • Primary Insomnia: The general condition in which people have problems to have sleep while it is not associated with any other specific health condition is known as Primary Insomnia. Such type of sleeplessness can be cured with the preventive measures and can be less stressful compared to other types of sleeplessness. 
  • Secondary Insomnia: Sometimes, chronic insomnia might be the symptoms of severe health conditions. The serious and unavoidable disease such as asthma, depression, arthritis, cancer or heartburn can cause chronic insomnia which effects the human body for a long period of time.


Just like everything has its causes and consequences, chronic or acute insomnia has several causes. These causes are the initial starter of sleeplessness, while it can be the symptom of something severe as well. If these causes are not the actual things for your regular insomnia problems, then it’s better to consult further with reliable doctors.

  • Depression or anxiety: This is the most general causes of sleeplessness. Worrying about things too much cause you anxiety, which alternatively causes sleeplessness. The stress that takes hamper your brain, and hinders the nervous system. Such acts occur especially when you are alone or at the bedtime. Taking too much tension and thinking about the past events, excessive worrying about the future events and disturbed with the unwanted responsibilities are some of the conditions that cause anxiety. As a result, it hampers the regular sleep patterns and leads you to sleeplessness problems. Likewise, people who are in depression has the chronic insomnia problems. Since we’re dealing with nervous system and brains, it directly related to sleep. And the fail attempt of adequate sleep causes sleeplessness and further depression.
  • Chronic Stress: You should handle the stress that your body can take or your mind can behold. The overstress disturbs the whole part of your body and can cause the malfunction of several organs. Reducing the amount of stress can prevent chronic insomnia.
  • Improper lifestyle: If you have improper lifestyle then that can also cause your sleeplessness. For instance, people working late night or night shift have low tendency to have enough sleep. People who generally take a long nap during daytime has a hard time sleeping at the night. Furthermore, if you’re a shift worker and has absolute irregular shift then it might cause your sleeplessness.
  • Food and consumption of Alcohol: If you have the habits of eating in irregular patterns then you might be the victim of insomnia problems. After the consumption of time, a body needs several time to process the food and give the energy. The lack of proper time management and cooperation between the organs, it causes several health problems, out of which insomnia is one. Besides, heavy meals cause discomfort and make your body hard to settle and relax. In addition, the consumption of spicy food causes heartburn and interfere with your sleep. Similarly, the absolute amount of alcohol makes you sleep faster but hinders the later sleep in the night.
  • Nicotine: Similarly, the use of nicotine from smoke and cigarettes will make you hard to fall asleep.

Preventive Measures

  • Maintain a routine life: Following the routine lifestyle will prevent insomnia. Make the habits of early wake-up and early to bed policy. To start fresh, take the help of meditation and other regular exercises. Try to eat regular and at the right time and maintain the personal hygiene. Don’t stay too late and make yourself comfortable before bedtime. You can take the warm bath, let go all the things of the day and completely relax. Doing so, you can get relief from unnecessary sleep problems and even heal acute insomnia.
  • Healthy lifestyle: The healthy lifestyle will help to maintain perfect routine life. On the contrary, it helps to have the proper and sound sleep. The healthy lifestyle may include a proper and healthy meal, less consumption of alcohol, smoke and caffeine and healthy minds. Likewise, helping yourself with a calm break before bedtime and listening to calm music will kill all your daily stress. Which ultimately leads to peaceful sleep and prevents insomnia.
  • Worry Less: Since, stress, anxiety and depression causes’ insomnia, eliminating such factors will give you prolonged and adequate sleep. Try not to worry about the things that have yet to be foreseen. While trying to concentrate and make the present situation more comfortable and enjoyable. Likewise, be happy and blissful.
  • Be Creative and Mindful: Another great option to avoid sleeplessness is acted to creative and mindful. Engage in the things that you like and simply let go the things. If you’re having a problem with your past then try to engage in music, photography, adventure, relaxation or any mediums. To avoid unnecessary and unfruitful ideas surrounding your mind, people should keep their mind busy.


Most of the people suffer from Sleeplessness, some have serious problems while some are minor. Acute Insomnia might not need any medical treatment as it can be preventive and it last for short period of time. The following of preventive measure absolutely stops acute insomnia whereas chronic insomnia needs proper treatment.


The use of a light dose of sleeping pills will help you to cope up with chronic insomnia. However, we strongly do not recommend to go for this solution. Instead, you can improve your behaviour and take behavioural therapy. Techniques such as relaxation, exercises, sleep restriction and proper lifestyle might eliminate the long attack of sleeplessness. However, as we have already get the idea of sleeplessness underlying several diseases, we should consult the doctor and conduct several tests just to be sure.

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