How to lose fat belly ? Easy Weight Loss Tips


Belly Fat which is best known as central obesity is the abdominal fat around the stomach and abdomen. It is one of the types of abdominal obesity, whereas visceral fat is its second type. Visceral fat is known as organ fat or intra-abdominal fat which are located inside the peritoneal cavity and packed between internal organs and torso. This fat is also known as subcutaneous fat whereas it is generally found underneath the skin. However, the excessive visceral fat is called as central obesity or belly fat which is also known by other names such as pot belly, beer belly, beer gut, and spare tyre.

Though visceral fat is essential for our body but the huge amount of these fat leads to central obesity or belly fat which is another source of several unwanted diseases. the huge amount of such fat leads to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, breast cancer, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, metabolic and vascular diseases.


How to measure it?

The best way to determine the amount of fat in your body is to have CT scan or MRI. Meanwhile, the cheapest way to measure your belly is to wrap measuring tape around your belly. According to research, a woman should have the waist size less than 35 inches while men should have less than 40 inches. It might not work every time but you can compare your belly size with fruits. It is considered to have a pear shape bigger hips and thighs rather than an apple shape body.

How to lose fat belly?

Losing the fat is not so hard, you just need to follow the right procedure and work out on your plan. Along with several research and guidelines, I have shortened the whole healthy living body in five steps. Though it’s not certified, I somehow take the guarantee of the below steps.



Though it’s tough and really clumsy when it comes to burning fat, exercise is the easiest key to lose belly fat. The excessive workout burns all the fat including visceral fat or belly fat, while it also trims your body and gives you a perfect shape. So why not exercise? But before beginning exercise starts with your plan. At first, begin your day with 30 minutes of moderate exercise for at least 5 days. Don’t be hard on yourself and go easy. Start with walking and step up your pace, meanwhile prepare for vigorous exercise like jogging in the next week. If you are a slow starter then go on a treadmill, while Zumba, and playing several sports are another option to burn the fat. Likewise, if you are a regular gym guy then you know what to do, but if you’re not in the gym then follow tutorials by an expert. Stretching and basic stretch along with crunch will do it for losing the belly fat.

Food and Diet:

Having the adequate and balanced diet is one of the important factors to deal with visceral fat. But don’t be afraid of the hard and hectic schedule on diet. Keep it simple and there is no such magic to lower your belly fat. However, the consumption of fibre oriented food will help to maintain right weight. The Hairston’s research illustrates that people who eat 10 grams of soluble fibre per day and no other diet changes will build up less visceral fat rather than others.


Besides, go green. Not completely, but having loads of kale, lettuce and broccoli which contains super vitamins will fill your appetite full. Which results in less consumption of food and hence prevents the growth of belly fat. Likewise, it will give you enough energy to deal with your stressful life and is beneficial to health at the same time. On the contrary, make the habits of eating in every three hours. The thing is deep while our body act just accordingly. If we starve for long, then the body hormones try to hide the food which is quite stored in the middle part of the body i.e. belly fat. While the shortly scheduled consumption of food will release energy and makes you active all day. Likewise, the active body produces enough sweat to reduce the overall fat of the body including belly fat.

Furthermore, have a sip of one or two drinks before going to bed. Drink a glass of wine or two, but that doesn’t mean you should be finished the entire bottle. Upon so, the alcohol is digested as sugar which ultimately turns into fat. But the little amount of alcohol serves you well and help to digest all the food that has entered into your stomach. Simultaneously, go for some rich crunchy items such as almonds, Cashews, walnuts or apple if you’re looking for extra flavour. Meanwhile, eat dark chocolates. Since it is covered with Zinc, it helps in the circulation of leptin in our body. Leptin is one kind of hormone which deals with the body energy, expenditures, fat storages and appetite. The use of Dark Chocolate helps the hormone to work correctly and efficiently, while it also helps to have a strong metabolism.

Plenty of water:

The consumption of plenty and adequate of water will keep your engine running. While it helps in your metabolism process and flushes out the unnecessary waste which somehow helps to build the belly fat. The flow of water in our body also helps in the regulation of blood and helps to maintain the overall healthy body.

Chill life, no stress:

Yes, it may sound pretty weird, relating the belly fat with stress, but chill life with no stress will surely help to lose fat. Here’s the catch, when you’re worried about anything or have so much stress in your life, the body automatically produce cortisol. The hormone produced by the body will create extra space in your gut to store some extra fat. So, the best thing to do is not to take the stress. Enjoy your hectic life, take a break from your busy schedule, take a power nap, and perform some exercise. In any way, you just have to be calm and relax in order to reduce those hormones. Besides, chill life will increase your health, and it also keeps you away from serious depression and suicidal thoughts.

Enough Sleep:

Now, it’s the last step that you want to follow before ending up your day. Since it’s the end, you just have to end up with stress and worriedness. Just like the above, the freaking body and thoughts before the sleep will decrease the amount of restful sleep. While it produces unnecessary hormones including cortisol which indirectly helps in the growth of belly fat. The good sleep should be between six to eight hours, and the right sleep will increase the metabolism process and make you ready for the battle for the next day.

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