How to Control High Blood Pressure?


How to control High Blood pressure? High blood pressure which is also known as hypertension is referred to a condition in which the blood pressure of a person may increase to more than 140/90 mmHg. High blood pressure can result in fatal conditions if it is not treated on time. It can consequently give way to other life-threatening conditions like stroke and heart-related problems.  If a person has high blood pressure for a long time then that person is at high risk of cardiovascular problems. High blood pressure involves a lot of complications which include poor blood circulation, severe damage to the heart tissues and heart muscles. There can also be a risk of heart attacks and stroke as a result of high blood pressure for a long time.

In most situations when a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure then we cannot identify the exact cause of the condition. But, it is important to note that if the blood pressure remains high for a long period of time then the side effects can be more dangerous. There may be various causes like genetic cause, too much stress, poor diet, less exercise, smoking, alcohol and side effects of medicines responsible for high blood pressure. Age can also be a factor because when a person grows older then the arteries may become stiff causing problems in blood pressure. High blood pressure because of unknown factors is known as primary hypertension while high blood pressure because of kidney problems or other medical problem is known as secondary hypertension. However, if you are suffering from a problem related to high blood pressure than you don’t have much to worry about because there are various medications available which can treat the high blood pressure. Similarly, there are other ways to control the blood pressure which include making a change in your lifestyle.


Apart from taking medicines prescribed by the doctor, you can also follow the tips which are mentioned below to take control of your high blood pressure. If you follow these steps seriously then there may be low chances of your high blood pressure turning into other complicated heart problems.

Keep control of your weight

Results of various scientific studies and research show that keeping control of the body weight can have an impact in controlling the blood pressure too. It can be extremely important to reduce your weight if you are obese and you also have obesity-related problems. Both of these problems combined together can be disastrous for the health of the person. When both these problems of obesity and High blood pressure affect a single person then it can lead to poor blood circulation, joint problems, problems to the bone structure and impact on the heart function. This can lead to worse symptoms of the high blood pressure. Researchers show that 35 percent of Americans suffer from obesity-related problems and if you are also suffering from obesity then firstly you should take immediate measures to reduce your blood pressure. If you reduce your weight effectively then it will also help the medications to work properly. The National Institutes of Health suggests that it will be effective to lose weight if the weight is more than the healthy limit. It is advised to seek medical advice from a doctor or nutritionist if you are looking for safe ways to reduce your weight.


Take BMI measurements regularly

It may be difficult to determine if you are overweight at times. You may feel like you have a healthy weight but you may actually be overweight so taking a Body measurement Index measurements can be helpful to find out the exact condition. Body Mass index more than 25 is considered to be overweight. You may seek help from the medical professional or a doctor to know about your waistline and also your Body Measurement Index. Finding of both these BMI and waistline can be crucial to determine if your high blood pressure problem is somewhere related to obesity. Actually, Body mass measurement or BMI helps to see if the body height is right in proportion to your body weight. You may be able to guess the level of body fat by measuring BMI but that may not be the only sure and certain medium. Waist measurement may also be necessary to find out the risks involved in increased blood pressure.

Do regular physical exercise

Regular exercise is very important to have a good and healthy life. Regular exercise can help to control your blood pressure and improve the Body mass index. You may not need to do a tough form of exercises to keep your blood pressure under control but just doing regular stuff like cleaning up the garden, walking or doing daily activities around the house can also be of great benefit. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that minimum half hour of physical activity for five days every week may have a positive impact to control the high blood pressure. You should do Cardiovascular exercise every day so that it will help to improve the blood circulation. It will also improve the capacity of the lungs and ensure a healthy heart. If the heart, lungs, and blood circulation are working in good condition then the blood pressure will also stay in control. Doing regular exercise outdoors may be of greater help but make sure you apply sunscreen. Outdoor exercise can make you happy and lift up your mood which is beneficial for controlling blood pressure. You may not directly be able to do cardiovascular exercises so it is necessary to try some simple stretching exercise. Yoga and Pilates programs can also be helpful to make a beginning. If you are stretching your body muscles on a regular basis then you are not only improving the blood circulation but you are also eliminating the muscle pain and improving your body posture. With all these forms of physical exercises, you are taking steps to control blood pressure.


Follow a DASH diet

DASH diet refers to the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension according to The Mayo Clinic. It is evident that healthy diet is very important to keep the blood pressure under control. The DASH diet includes food which is balanced in nutrition with low cholesterol and saturated fat. The food must also be rich in vitamin C and vitamin D. The main factors of a DASH diet are as mentioned below.

  1. This diet includes food like lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy products.
  2. Snacks in DASH diet include nuts, seeds and different types of fruits.
  3. Food deprivation is not recommended when you are trying a DASH diet. It is better to keep eating healthy food to stay full. It is also recommended to cut down the consumption of sugar and sodium.
  4. In a daily DASH diet, you need to have at least three full meal and two or three snacks in a day. The main part of each meal should be full of colors which includes a lot of vegetables and fruits. The meal also may include some portion of lean protein.

The blood pressure may reduce by up to 14 mmHg if you try the DASH diet so it is known to be effective.

Reduce your salt intake and include potassium-rich food

Taking too much of salt may affect your blood pressure to a great extent. It has been known that cutting down the salt intake from the daily diet can be extremely beneficial to reduce the blood pressure. The blood pressure can decrease by up to 8 mmHg even if we reduce a small portion of salt intake. The Americans consume most of the salt in the form of restaurant food or packaged food. According to the American Heart Association, it is better to limit the salt intake to 1,500 mg a day. Taking more salt than this quantity can negatively affect our health.  It is also advised to eat a lot of food including potassium because potassium can be beneficial in reducing the impact of sodium to our body. The American Heart Association suggests that it is important for an adult person to eat at least 4700 mg potassium every day. Food materials like white beans, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, oranges, salmon and dried apricot are rich in potassium. You should seek advice from the doctor regarding how much of potassium is required for you because eating potassium in right quantity may be beneficial but eating too much of it can be harmful.

Keep control on stress

Every one of us has faced some level of stress at some period in our life. The levels of blood pressure can increase because of stress so it is necessary for you to be less stressed if you have high blood pressure and obesity. There are many steps which we may need to apply to take care of excess stress. We need to keep a healthy habit of exercising daily and eating healthy to deal with stress. Similarly, deep breathing techniques and meditation can also be of great help to deal with stress. Starting the day in a proper stress less manner by either meditation for a while or taking some chamomile tea can be beneficial. People may rely on alcohol or strong coffee to deal with stress but instead of that, you can try the above-mentioned measures.

Preventive measures for High blood pressure

As mentioned earlier in the points above, the above-mentioned measures including daily exercise, meditation, reducing salt intake, taking healthy diet and controlling stress can be very helpful in controlling your high blood pressure. It is also useful to look at your family history and determine if your parents or some close family members had problems related to high blood pressure and hypertension. High blood pressure can also be a genetically inherited problem so it is better to have knowledge about the family history of that health problem. It is also necessary to reduce intake of alcohol, smoking, coffee to be safe from the problem of high blood pressure. The main thing is that you are the only person who is responsible to keep yourself healthy first. You need to live a healthy life and eat healthy food to prevent most of the health problems including high blood pressure.


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