How to be Happy in Life


What is the meaning of happiness?

Happiness is the state of being elated, joyful and pacified. But How can we remain happy? For that we need to understand the reason of unhappiness.


A fact of life is that another person can never change your feelings. The change of your feelings is YOUR response to whatever someone does. When you start expecting from people , you sow the seed to becoming unhappy.

Whenever you say things should have been different, you start becoming unhappy. And similarly whenever you find things happening as to your liking, you are happy.


An enlightened being reads the newspaper and says, “The world is as it is.” However a normal man might complain, “Why is the world like this?”

An enlightened being understands that the world consists of life and death, bliss and sadness. He understands that to every white there is a dark and accepts it.


Now what is Pain?

The belief that things should b=not have been in the way they are. That is pain. A complaint is pain. Whenever you are complaining, you are basically complaining to God that you disagree with his creations and his plans.

Whenever you tell somebody a story, you are always the hero and somebody else is always the villain. And the same story is narrated by another person, he will be the hero and the first person will be the villain. Whenever you define yourself as the Hero of a story, you have already invited pain in the form of others.

What is this disease of pain?

Whenever we complain about somebody else, we start pain. “The other is wrong, they should not have done this!”, this is pain. This is the disease. “The other should not treat me in the way they did.”

  1. Life has pain
  2. What is pain?

-The state of complaining. If you are free from complaining, you’ll be free from pain.


Don’t expect the other to change, YOU need to change yourself. The nature does not change according to us, we need to change and adapt according to the nature.

  1. What is the cause of pain? Why do we complain?

The reason is the ego. I am something. I am great, I am.

When people fight they say, “Don’t you know who I am

I am important, this is ego. I can do stuff and everything happens because of me. That’s ego. When you say, I do, Then the other can also do. And there will be a battle between your I and the other’s I.

No body else can give us pain or pleasure. If you have pain, you are the sole reason. If you have pleasure, you are the sole reason.

You need to understand that nobody is the doer and nobody can do anything. Things are just happening. The sun rises by itself, the moon glows by itself, the earth revolves by itself, the planets move on their own, the seasons change on their own.


We are born and we have no hand in it. When we die, how do we play a role in it? We have another journey until the next life, the body grows from childhood to adulthood, the food, the breath, the heart beats and we have no voluntary role in it. Whatever is essential in our life, we do nothing. So what do we really do in life?

I am the doer? Really? We create our own web of illusions and keep sliding into it. Meanwhile you boost the ego and invite. This ego brings 6 types of diseases, according to the sages.

Expectation (Kamana)
Desire: (Lobh)
Attachment (moha)
Dwesh ( Enmity)
Anger (Krodh)

The cause of pain is the feeling of being a doer, the ego.  Why do we have this doer feeling? Because we are connected to the form, we are not connected to formlessness.  Be determined to understand that I am not the body. That’s a yogi. Be determined to experience that you are not the body but the formlessness.  We are not just the body and the mind. We are something beyond that, we are the formless.

If we relate and connect ourself to the body and the mind, then you will have pain. If you go beyond that then you will be pain free.

4.What is the door to pain free living?


The door to pain free living is connection with the formlessness.

Just like there is an ocean, it has waves, but if you go a little deeper into your consciousness, then there are no waves and its calm inside. You are an ocean- if you relate yourself with the waves, you are unfortunate and without peace . If you go a little deeper and connect yourself to the depth, you become peaceful.  

Lets try it right now.

Close your eyes.

Spine straight.

Lets first get connected to space. Outside space, the akash, the sky, raise your hands and feel the akash outside, close your eyes and feel the sky. Forget time, just feel the sky, like a bird flying in the sky. The sky is to us as the ocean is to the fish. Feel the sky with your hands. As you get connected to the sky you become free of the past and the future. Only space exists. Feel it, enjoy it. Sway in the sky. Now slowly lower your hands. Make your body still and feel your breath. Long deep breaths.  When you take it in, keep taking it in and don’t rush to let it out. When you throw it out don’t rush to take it.


After 2 minutes, stop your breath inside and feel the sky inside you. This is called Antar Kumbhak in yoga. Look in at the inner sky. If It gets a little difficult, let your breath out and do it again.

When you are looking at the inner sky, invite your thoughts, you shall realize that there will be no thoughts. ☺

Look inside and there is no thought. This is meditation. Then return your breathing tempo to normal. Rub your hands and massage your face. And slowly open your eyes.

How many of you experienced thoughtlessness. Write to us in the comments below. Being free from thoughts is meditation.


Until Next Time,


Shunya Samarpan

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