How to Become a God in the Age of Information and Technology?


God; the word has brought about many roller coaster rides in history. Some believe in it, some do not and some make their own sense of the word. But what does it really mean to you to become a God? Tell us in the comments below.

For Islam, you can never become Allah, because you are His Creation, for Christians, you don’t deserve to be a God, for Hindus, becoming a God or a Deity might mean holding a power over the weather and the Earth and the entire universe: Being the Almighty, The Lord of the World.   


But, what does it mean to a person who is walking onto the path of liberation, Buddhahood and enlightenment?

Becoming a God, means living in this mortal world and still remaining untouched by its elements. For example,

  • Living in a goldmine and not being greedy about the gold.
  • Being in Love with your family and/or your spouse and not being attached to them.
  • Being kind to everybody but not being anybody’s doormat.

For the World, In this aquarian age, becoming a God is closely related to knowing everything. A Mister-Know-All is considered God today. But we need to be careful of just that.  We feel all powerful when we know things, but that might be just the thought that will bring us down.

Who do you think is closer to becoming a God, a chatterbox? Or a poet?


A spontaneous poet has more potential to become a God because he lives not with his memories but with his feelings and emotions. He lives neither in the past, nor in the future but in the present.  

While a chattering mind is dependent on the brain for living, a poetic mind lives independent of all the information of the world. While an information is brought about in the head, a poem does not have to be brought in, it arises from within, it simply overflows from your being and is pinned down to a paper.  

If I ask you a question, you go back to the archives of your mind and then you tell me the answer. This is how the modern slave like brain has been trained, to be dependent only on one’s memories.

However, if you answer me not from your memories but from your consciousness, then that’s an awakened person. That’s a person who is not living in the past or the future but in the present.

This kind of person, who does not live in memories but rather lives in the present, is God in today’s world- In spiritual definition.

If I ask you your name and you say that it’s Charlie. What you did there is you went deep into your memories and brought back the information of your name.
If I ask you your neighbour’s name, then you’ll say, “I know it but I just cannot remember it yet!”


So, what happened here is that you went deep into your memories to retrieve your neighbour’s name but something obstructed you. If you are given enough time, the obstruction will be clear and you can utter the name again.

That’s what human beings have become. Our minds have been trained to remember so much that we are unable to stop it from functioning.

But being a God is not retrieving information from memory but from the spirit, your current state of mind and your feelings and your conscience.

A God’s answer to the same question might change every day, every moment for that matter for it is not brought from memory.

One day, Buddha was sitting silently when one of his new disciples, asked him if there really was an omnipresent God.

Buddha said there isn’t any such element called God.


Then again immediately, another disciple came and asked him the same question,

This time Buddha replied that there IS a God. Again after a while, a third disciple came to Buddha to ask him the same question. He said, “I do not know if there is a God or not, find out for yourself!”

The point is that Gods speak according to people and situation and they do not blurt random words out of their memories.

Your memory is like a photograph that shows the same picture all the time but life changes all the time, every instance, every moment.  But people who are deemed God, they never speak from memory. They speak from their inner spirit. That is the reason we find differences in the Godly men’s voices. However,  we tend to keep the words that came from their spirit into our spirit and fight for it and call it religious crusade. Such a stupid thing to do, isn’t it? In order to become Godlike, we need to depend less on our memory and more on our spirit. Of course memory is very important to go about in this world. But, memory, or our mind is no more important than our hand, which is an appendage, and extension of ourselves.

Do you see your hands continuously moving without your consent? But our mind which holds our memory continuously moves around and chatters and we are barely able to stop it. When we become able to tame our mind, only then can we move forward to knowing our spirit to become God.

So how shall we tame our mind?

  1. Sit in a comfortable position
  2. Practice the Self Guiding Meditation from Types of Meditation.
  3. At the end of the meditation, make a decision to watch your thoughts as they pass by in front of your closed eyes.
  4. Do not be attached to any of the thoughts, but just watch them without any sentiments, without any judgement.
  5. This might be difficult in the beginning but when you continue it for 21 days, it becomes a habit and you become accustomed to it.
  6. Your mind will definitely get attached to thoughts now and then, and begin to wander, just make sure that you calmly bring it back to WATCHING your thoughts and not MOVING with them.

Try this for 21 days, and see if it brings any changes in your life. Leave us your thoughts and questions in the  comments.


May you be Blessed.

Shunya Samarpan

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