How to Make Your Hair Healthy ? The Best Hair Care Tips


A well-groomed and healthy hair is very important for an attractive personality. No matter what we do or where we are from, everybody wants their hair to be shiny, silky and healthy. Hair is also considered to be the crown on the head. Just like a King is not a king without a crown on his head similarly you wouldn’t be complete without healthy hair on the head. Well maintained hair not only enhances your personality but it also boosts up self-confidence to a great extent. People who are facing problems related to the hair try everything to get rid of their problems. Millions of dollars are spent around the world every year on expensive hair treatment and cosmetic products just for the sake of keeping the hair as per our wish. People watch attractive commercials on TV where a Film celebrity with long beautiful hair credits her beautiful hair to some sort of a shampoo or hair oil and we easily fall for it. Everyone wants their hair to be healthy. Unhealthy and unmanaged hair can make a person who aged or older than actual age. It also hampers the personality development of the person. Weak and unhealthy hair is easily noticed by people however they can be in different forms. It can largely affect our overall personality and self-image. People may also be concerned about our health if the hair is not well groomed. It is important to note that many medical problems have an effect on the hair too. First of all, before finding solutions to make the hair healthy we need to be able to sort out the problems related to hair.

Identifying the problem of Unhealthy Hair

There are certain signs of unhealthy hair which include weak hair, hair loss, split ends in hair and limp hair. Similarly, extreme dryness or extreme oiliness is also the signs of unhealthy hair. There may be various causes behind all these kind of problems related to hair. The main causes of unhealthy hair are as follows.

  1. Hormonal changes during menopause or childbirth may cause problems with hair.
  2. Side effects of certain medications or birth control pills.
  3. Many diseases, illness or a poor diet may affect hair to large extent.
  4. Cancer medications and treatment can cause hair loss.
  5. Stress and fungal infection in the scalp may be another reason for hair problems.
  6. Factors related to environments such as pollution or sun exposure.
  7. Chlorinated water, overheating and air conditioning can cause weakness of hair.

We may get alarmed by the amount of hair that we lose while taking shower in the bathroom but we should remember that losing around 100-150 strands of hair per day is normal. When we lost hair, new hair will grow in its place. The process may not be the same as we grow older into middle age. At a certain age the hair regrowth slows down or it may also stop totally. Hair loss and hair breakage are totally different things. If the hair falls down totally from the roots than it is known as loss of hair but if the hair breaks from below the scalp then it is hair breakage. Similarly, split ends are also a problem of hair which leads to hair breakage. Hair breakage to a certain extent is a normal but excessive amount of hair loss can be called as unhealthy hair.

How to make Healthy Hair?

Hair maintenance and care need lot of dedication. It is not possible to get beautiful and healthy hair overnight. It is a long process. Everything ranging from hair care products, diet and treatment are important to get a beautiful hair. There are certain things which need to be considered to keep our hair healthy. They are as given below:

  1. Keep your hair maintained by clipping and trimming on a regular basis

When the hair has split ends then it is not considered to be a healthy hair. There is no exact treatment to split ends in the hair. So the best-known method to solve this problem is by regularly trimming and clipping it. It is better to get rid of the damaged part. When we do that, the hair will automatically look much better than before. According to various hair experts, the best time to get your hair trimmed is 5 weeks and some other stylists may recommend a longer time of around 6-8 weeks. It depends on what kind of hair you want. A gentle oil, conditioner and reinforcement products are best recommended for hair styling. It will help to keep the broken hair together.

  1. Use suitable kind of hair product to prevent more damage

It is very essential to identify your hair type and the type of problem you have with your hair before adopting any particular kind of hair product. A qualified hair stylist can provide useful suggestions in this regard. They can recommend appropriate hair care product and methods of use for best results. It is important to use the best quality products for the betterment of the hair. If the hair is weak and unhealthy, then a shampoo, conditioner or certain hair products which have hair amino acids, hair protein is necessary to strengthen the hair. Always avoid the shampoos which make the hair excessively dry. The conditioners should be applied in such a way that the roots get a massage first and then the scalp gets the treatment. Wrap a hot towel or a shower cap around the head so that the conditions reach deep into the roots and shafts of hair. Deep conditioning type of treatment and protein mask treatment can also be helpful to make the hair strong. We should remember that using too much of hair care products can result in negative output so it is best advised to limit it to a certain level. It is also recommended to avoid alcohol styling products because it can leave the hair dry. People think that shampooing the hair every day will make the hair better but it is just a myth. One should not shampoo the hair every day because it may cause dryness of the hair.

  1. Don’t use too much of chemicals on the hair

There are many chemicals that people use these days to get their hair into different styles. It can be considered as an abuse of hair and such kind of abuse or careless treatment can cause serious damage to the hair. Very strong and reactive chemicals are used by people for colour treatment, bleaching or to straighten it will cause weakness of the hair. It will cause permanent damage and the hair can be dry, weak which will be a irreversible damage. To treat the damage in hair, appropriate shampoo and conditioners can be used. Similarly, stearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol which helps to make the hair strong and soft. Hair care products with Stearyl alcohol may be used to treat the hair damage too. If the hair is very weak, protein treatment can be done at least once a week. First, the scalp needs to be washed with a gentle hydrating shampoo and then the protein treatment is to be used. The protein treatment has to be left on the scalp all night by wrapping the hair together and sleeping with a towel on the pillow. The protein treatment can be cleaned after waking up in the morning. It is necessary to find out about proper hair colour when using any hair colour. It is best to use hair colour products, which doesn’t have ammonia and it should be rich in conditioners.

  1. Keep your hair away from unnecessary heat

Heat, in this case, means heat from different electronic devices like hair dryer, hair straightening iron, curling iron or flat iron which are used for different purposes on the hair. They can cause weakness of the hair and breakage. Hair can be weakened by the blow dryer too because of the water under the hair cuticle. It expands as a result and hair become weak. Good hydrating shampoos and conditioners can be used to control the damage. Similarly, the hair grooming devices should be used in low heat settings and heat protection measures should be applied beforehand to protect the damage to hair. Hair setting and finishing products which contains protective oils should be used to protect the hair.

  1. Proper hair maintenance and styling is also necessary

It is also important to keep the hairstyle changed time and again. The same kind of hairstyle by keeping hair loose every day may cause split ends and tangles. Similarly, dreadlocks, ponytails, tight braids may also cause problems to the hair. Hairstyles should be changed often to avoid pressure on the hair ends and also to get a new look. Proper and suitable shampoo along with a good conditioner is necessary to protect the hair. Hair products like gel or mousse should not contain any metals in them. It is also advised to avoid wearing a hat most of the times. Too much of combing and combing of wet hair can result in hair damage. Padded hair brushes or animal hair bristles are recommended for best results. Hair detangling spray can be used before combing so that it is easier to comb the hair. It will reduce stress on the hair while you are combing it.

  1. Prevention of frizz

Frizziness is common but regular trimming of hair can be helpful to prevent more damage because the frizziness may go up the shaft of hair. A good keratin shampoo, conditioner can be helpful in retaining the strength and healthy hair but it will bear no results if it is not used on a regular basis. To get best results those things should be done in a proper way in a regular manner. There are many types of hair serums and conditioner which can be applied to a shampoo. Those products can be helpful in dealing with Frizz. Oil-based serums should not be applied directly to the scalp because it causes excess oiliness in the head. Enhancing products which give shine and smoothness should be chosen to prevent frizz.

  1. Treat your scalp well

The scalp should be healthy to have a healthy hair. If the scalp has problems of itchiness or dryness then there will surely be problems related to the hair. However, it is good news that there are different solutions available to deal with any kind of problems. If the scalp is dry and itchy, you can use moisturizing oil before a shower. We can also provide necessary moisture to the scalp and get rid of dryness by applying deep conditioning treatment or hair mask. Problems of dandruff may cause itchiness and flakes are seen on the shoulders regularly. If you have problems with dandruff in the hair then you should use appropriate dandruff shampoo on the hair according to your hair type and need.

  1. A healthy diet is also important for healthy hair

There are plenty of factors which affect the health of the hair. While what we apply to the hair or the way we treat our hair may be affecting the health of the hair similarly what we eat in our daily diet can have a huge impact on the hair health. Unhealthy diet or low-calorie diet can cause problems of the endocrine and other disorders because of which the hair may become weak. Our food has a great effect on the hair and scalp. Different nutrients like iron and protein are necessary to make keratin which is needed to make the hair strong. Keratin also helps in improving texture and stimulating hair growth. Other foods like lean meat, egg white, spinach, low-fat cheese, fish, fruits and vegetables provide vital nutrients for healthy hair. Vitamins like vitamin C help to keep the blood vessels in the scalp healthy. Our body can absorb Iron from plant protein with the help of Vitamin C. Similarly, Biotin which is found in food like Egg yolks, Salmon, Sardines and carrots make the hair strong and smooth. Silica which is a vitamin supplement is necessary for hair growth. It is found in rice, asparagus, cucumbers, cabbage and sunflower seeds. Calcium is another necessary nutrient which we can get from dairy products, fish or leafy vegetables. Last of all water is one nutrient which is important to keep the hair healthy. Water helps to provide hydration and it helps to keep the hair strong.


If you think that you are having abnormal problems with your hair then it is advised to pay a visit to a doctor as soon as possible. It can be a sign of other problems. A visit to a dermatologist can ensure better hair health.


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