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Yarsagumba is referred to as Cordyceps Sinensis in Latin which means summer plant and winter insect in the Tibetan language. Yarsagumba is a very rare and unique herb which has many health benefits of Yarsagumba. We can find it at high altitudes over 3,500 meters (11,483 feet) in the Himalayan region of Nepal. This herb grows in a very peculiar manner. Before the start of the rainy season, the spores of the cordyceps mushroom settle down into the head of the caterpillar which lives under the ground. The caterpillar is a moth genus Thitarodes (Hepialus) therefore Yarsagumba is a result of the parasitic fungus infecting the caterpillar. The fungus grows into the caterpillar in such a manner that it grows out of the head and finally the caterpillar dies. The fungus actually spreads its mycelium all over the body cavity of the larva because of which it is mummified. When the snow melts, the herb grows out of the head of the caterpillar’s forehead and it emerges out of the ground. The Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet is very famous for different types of medicinal herbs but Yarsagumba is one of the most popular. Yarsagumba has many medicinal properties so its trade is increasing in a very rapid manner.

How did it come to the world?

It came to the attention of the world only after the famous Chinese coach Ma Junren mentioned Yarsagumba as the reason behind the amazing record-breaking performance of his women athletes during the 1990s. According to coach Junren, the athletes were given Yarsagumba three times in a day while they trained in high altitudes. As Yarsagumba starts to grow after the snow melts during the spring season in the upper Himalayan regions, thousands of Yarsagumba collectors flock in to collect Yarsagumba in hopes of making some good money. The herb has unlimited health benefits because of which it is rare and very expensive. The per capita income is well around USD 500 while the Yarsagumba collectors can make as much as USD 2500 in a good season. Most of the ancient Chinese scholars have recommended Yarsagumba for the treatment of various health problems including stress, fatigue, respiratory problems like asthma and tuberculosis. The demand for Yarsagumba especially increased around the world because of its aphrodisiac properties. Ancient Chinese and Tibetan medicines have mentioned Yarsagumba to have abilities which can boost up the immunity as well as enhance virility power. The Tibetan traditional practitioners also recommend Yarsagumba to improve the weak eyesight and treat diseases like hepatitis B.


Yarsagumba(Cordyceps Sinensis): The Himalayan Herb of Wonders


The various health benefits of Yarsagumba are as mentioned below:

  1. To relieve stress, fatigue, and mental tension
  2. Decrease tiredness and increase level of stamina
  3. Make the kidneys stronger
  4. Keep the lungs healthy and strong
  5. Increase the sex drive of both men and women
  6. Increase semen in men
  7. Keep the immune system strong
  8. Make the body muscles strong and increase strength
  9. Provide relief fro the congestion of phlegm
  10. To make one calm and improve sense of balance

Positive impacts of Yarsagumba in the treatment of various health problems and diseases including the following:

  1. Known to reduce arrhythmia
  2. Prevention of Nephralgia
  3. Increase in the blood cells and protein required for producing blood plasma
  4. Treatment of neurasthenia and rheumatoid arthritis
  5. Medical care of liver-related problem and cirrhosis
  6. Treatment of chronic nephritis and chronic nephropathy
  7. To reduce the level of lipoproteinemia
  8. To prevent arteriosclerosis and heart diseases
  9. Stimulation of sex hormones
  10. Delaying the process of aging
  11. To make the immune system strong
  12. Helpful to maintain immunity in patients with a tumor or who have received radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery
  13. To treat sex related problems like impotence and premature ejaculation
  14. Treat problem of knees and flabby waist
  15. To remove the toxic substances and side effects caused by different therapies and treatment

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How much should Yarsagumba use?

The dosage for use of Yarsagumba depends on the health condition of the person. A doctor recommends 0.3-0.7g for a healthy person, which comes to be around 1-2 pieces in normal size. A person can eat whole in its original form or drink it after boiling in water for  20 minutes.People can consume mixing Yarsagumba powder into the milk. The dosage can be of 3-4 days and the dose can be repeated after three days gap. If the person has some health problems then it is advised to seek advice from the practitioner. The dosages can be much higher if the person has particular health issues and practitioner’s prescription is recommended for its consumption.

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