Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine | How much should you drink?


Red Wine is a vital part of any family gathering, party or celebration events. Most people include Red wine as a part of their daily food intake because they just enjoy the taste and flavour of it but it is not the only thing for which Red wine is so popular. Almost all of us may have heard about the Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine which has been popular among people for centuries. Although there have been various debates and discussions regarding the health benefits of Red wine, many scientific researchers have indeed proven that Wine has some health benefits. Some people may feel that the benefits of Wine have been overrated while many people feel that including a glass of red wine in their daily diet can do wonders. Studies have however proven that including a moderate level of red wine in the daily diet can amazingly decrease the chances of any form of heart problems. It is important to note that excess of anything is not good so the Red wine does have benefits if consumed in moderate quantity but if it is taken in excessive quantity then it may not be as beneficial as it can be.

Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

The process of making Red wine is the same in any part of the world. It is made by simply crushing and then fermenting the dark-coloured grapes. Red wine can be of different types, taste and colour. Some of the common types of Red wine are Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir, Zinfandel, Shiraz and Merlot. Usually, a Red wine has 12-15 percent alcohol content. Consuming Red wine in moderate quantity is said to be beneficial because it is rich in antioxidants. Red wine is made from Grapes which naturally has antioxidants like resveratrol, proanthocyanidins, catechin and epicatechin. These antioxidants are mainly believed to be the reasons why Red wine has health benefits. Proanthocyanidins are believed to be beneficial in preventing health problems like cancer and heart diseases. Resveratrol is found in the outer skin part of the grapes and it is beneficial in clotting of blood. It also helps to fight inflammation. It is also known to be helpful to prevent diseases like cancer and heart problems. So it is well known that Red wine contains strong plant compounds which have amazing properties to fight off against health issues like inflammation, heart disease and cancer.


There are many known benefits of Red wine but some of the reasons why you should include a moderate quantity of Red wine in your daily diet is as follows:

  1. Reduces the cholesterol levels

Tempranillo red grapes have high fibre content and Red wine like Rioja made out of this kind of grapes has a magical effect to keep the cholesterol levels under control. A study was conducted at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain where healthy participants found their LDL bad cholesterol level drop by 9% after consuming the grape supplement. Similarly, those people who had high cholesterol levels found their LDL cholesterol levels decreased by 12%. An excess amount of LDL or bad cholesterol is dangerous for the health because they can get stuck to the walls of the arteries which increase the risk of heart attack.

  1. Maintains the health of heart

As mentioned earlier, Red wine contains properties to reduce the bad cholesterol levels similarly it also has polyphenols which are an antioxidant. Polyphenols maintain the flexibility of the blood vessels and it also decreases the chances of unnecessary clotting. Scientists claim that Red wine is as beneficial for the heart as Aspirin but drinking too much of Red wine can, however, be dangerous. It is important to maintain the intake quantity while drinking it.

  1. Controls level of sugar in blood

Resveratrol is found in the outer skin of the Grapes and it is a natural compound which helps to regulate the blood sugar levels among diabetes patients. A study showed that people who consumed at least 250 mg of resveratrol supplement daily for three months had their blood sugar level reduced compared to who didn’t consume it. Similarly, it was also noticed that the levels of total cholesterol and systolic blood pressure also reduced in those people. It is believed by Scientists that Resveratrol helps to stimulate the secretion of insulin and it also activates protein which helps to regulate glucose and sensitivity of insulin.

  1. Boosts up the brain

Another known benefit of the compound called Resveratrol is that it helps to keep our brain sharp. It helps to stop the formation of an ingredient of plaque formation called beta-amyloid protein in the brain. This plaque is found to be formed mostly in Alzheimer’s patients.It is suggested that we can indulge in brain activity then relax with a glass of red wine which may have a good impact on the brain of a person.

  1. Fights against cold

Red wine has such antioxidants which help you to be healthy and those antioxidants will fight against common illnesses like a cold. American Journal of Epidemiology conducted a study in 2010 according to which faculty members at Spanish Universities who drank wine regularly for a year were less likely to catch any type of cold. National Institutes of Health states that the antioxidants present in Red wine can help fight infections and it also protects us against problems like Cancer. Several studies have shown that regular consumption of Red wine can also be beneficial against breast cancer.

  1. Prevent Cancer

The University of Virginia had conducted researches according to which we can get resveratrol by drinking a glass of wine few times in a week. It can help to stop the growth of any type of cancer cells. The compound resveratrol is known to inhibit the properties of a protein related to cancer.

  1. Maintain your body weight and be slim

Journal of Biological Chemistry published a research according to which piceatannol is another compound which out body converts from the compound called resveratrol. The compound called Piceatannol has got properties to prevent the growth of fat tissues. It is said to block the ways because of which the fat cells may grow.

  1. Fights against depression

Red wine is known to contain properties which help to boost up the mood of a person and it is beneficial to fight away depression. Researchers showed that people who consumed Red wine on a regular basis were less likely to get depressed. It is believed that around 2-7 glasses of Red wine every week can be an amazing way to fight away depression.

Negative impacts of drinking Red wine

Though Red wine has all these health benefits, it is important to note that anything in excess will not be good. Similarly consuming Red wine in excessive quantity may do more harm than good. So there are a few negative impacts of drinking too much Red wine which we should also know. The negative impacts of drinking too much are as follows.

  1. Dependence on alcohol

Drinking too much of Red wine may make the person an alcoholic and their consumption of alcohol may go out of hand which might result in fatal circumstances.

  1. Liver cirrhosis

Consuming more than 30 grams of alcohol every day can be harmful. The risks of getting Liver-related problems may increase if a person drinks more than 2-3 glasses of Red wine in a day. Liver cirrhosis is the end stage condition of the Liver which may be threatening to the individual.

  1. High risk of Depression

When a moderate quantity of Red wine consumption may be beneficial to fight against depression but consuming it excessively increases the chances of getting depressed. Alcoholic people are more likely to get depressed.

  1. Weight Gain

Drinking too much of Red wine may give negative impacts on the weight of the person because Red wine contains a high level of sugar. It contains two times calories as in the soft drinks or beer. So when we consume too much Red wine then the calorie intake is also getting high which results in weight gain.

  1. May cause different disease and death

We have to keep in mind that, Red wine does have health benefits but it stands true only if we consume it in limited quantity. Consuming alcohol in a huge quantity even if it is consumed a few times in a week can be dangerous. Many of the untimely deaths in the world are as a result of drinking too much.

How much of Red wine is considered safe?

You don’t need to worry about the bad impacts of Red wine if you are drinking in a recommended quantity. Moderate consumption of Red wine in Europe and America is considered to be either one or two glasses. More precisely, for women 1-1.5 glasses a day is advised while for men 1-2 glasses are the maximum. ┬áBut it is also advised to maintain a one or two days in a week as alcohol-free days. You must consider the total intake of alcohol which may be high if you are drinking Red wine with another alcoholic beverage. It is not beneficial to the health of a person to abuse alcohol in any way. So if you have any such history related to Alcohol abuse then it is better to stay away from Red wine.



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