Have a Mega Orgasm Through Meditation


Inside this physical body of yours, you have an electrical body. And we take it everywhere we go. When in your last life, you died, your physical body fell down but your electric body or your astral body got liberated, it got freedom. And that is the body that resides in a new womb to take a new birth. Only when you are in a Samadhi do you lose the Astral body. Samadhi breaks the connection between your physical body and your astral body.

When a normal human being dies, only his physical body dies whereas his astral body elevates in search of another proper womb, but when a spiritually aware person dies, his astral body dies with him too. Now there is no more a need to come back to the physical world after that. Whatever type of energy you carry around yourself when you die, you find yourself positioned in a similar type of womb in the next life. You might have heard:


When a wise man dies, his head bursts. His energy exits the body from the top of his head. A laborers death happens from the sexual organs. Everybody dies differently, just like everybody lives differently. You have a personality when you live and you have a personality when you die. That is the reason Hindu people have a ritual of breaking the dead man’s head before he is cremated. However, that is only a symbol. There is no point in bursting the head of a dead person because Energy would have already left that person. The whole point is to let the energy break the inside of the head and exit through the head, not to break the head from outside, and that too, of a dead person!

Anyway, whichever chakra lets your energy out when you die, that determines the type of womb you shall get in the next life. However, when you exit your body through your head, then you don’t need another womb, meaning, you do not need to come back in the world. There is one typical nerve through which you exit out of your head, it is called the Susumna.


Usually, our energy gets collected in our sex center. Well, that is what nature requires from you. Nature does not care about you attaining Enlightenment or Moksha, well it does not play an antagonistic role in your quest for liberation but it does not really help you either. It cares not. All it cares about is you reproducing and your genes being passed on to another generation. Therefore it makes sure that your energy is collected in your sex center. That is the reason your sexual desire always catches you. No matter how much you try to fight it in whatever ways, you will have a very difficult time because you are kind of going against the nature of life, and nature will force you to submit to its ways.

All your energy is collected in your sex centre and flows only as sexual desire. This is the energy that we are supposed to bring upwards, ascend it. These are the two ends, two extremes, two polarities. One is the Muladhar or the root Chakra, while the other is the Sahasrar or the Crown Chakra. An aware human beings goal in life is to bring the collected energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra. And the nerve that brings the energy upwards is the Susumna Nerve. This is a completely scientific process.

As the energy ascends, you will realize that your personality also changes. Wherever your energy resides, that’s the kind of personality you will develop in life.

Let us take an example. There is a small child. He does not know anything about sex since his sexual organs are not yet active. As he attains puberty, his sexual organs and sex chakra becomes active, all his attention shall flow in the direction of sex. As he walks, sleeps, eats, all he shall be able to think about is sex. That is the reason teenagers become so anxious and moody and fragile. They don’t understand what is happening to themselves. The age is usually between 14 to 18 years. They don’t even tell anybody about it. But they can’t think about anything else either.


Similarly, when your crown chakra gets activated, one shall have a similar type of feeling. You were filled with the sex element when your sexual organs got active, but when your Crown center activates, you will be full of the God element. And you won’t be able to see or think anything else except for bliss from that day onward.

So, every time your sexual desire rises, practice the Mula Bandh as described in the previous article, sexual energy into god energy.

Imagine that your energy is flowing upwards. And as you do this a couple of times, you will realize that a strong wave of heat flows upwards through your spine. This is no imagination because at times this heat is so powerful that the person next to you can also feel it!

This was the reason the Yogis of the east would do Shirshasan or the Head Stand Yoga Posture. Whenever sexual desire arose in Yogis, they would perform a headstand and direct their energy towards their Crown Chakra. Try it yourself sometimes. Try all of these things at times and tell us how your experience has been.

Your body, your mind and your soul will give you signals if your energy strikes your crown chakra properly. Tell us how your being gives you signals as your energy strikes the crown chakra, in the comments below. In scriptures, the striking of the energy into the crown Chakra is described as a feeling that is thousand times better than an orgasm.

There have been many people in the world, who could actually levitate by breaking the rule of gravitation, and that happens usually when the energy of your crown chakra pulls you upwards. However, there is not much meaning in your physical body levitating, when your soul levitates, that is when it matters.
Gravitation is an existential rule of the physical world; levitation is an existential rule of the spirit world.


So, whenever sex energy overcomes you, try the Moolbandha and imagine your energy flowing upwards. When your energy flows upwards, be thankful that you could experience all of this.

We will discuss this further in the next Article,

Until then,
Shunya Samarpan


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