Guide: Why is a Guru Important in a Spiritual Journey?


#The Guru teaches you the Secret of Life and Death.

#The Guru is the human form of the Superconscious.


#The Guru like the Guide holds the blueprint of the path that we want to travel

#The Guru knows what mistakes you can make in the path


#The Guru is like the mother, making a harsh world livable.

Guide is defined as a person who shows the way to others. Whenever we travel to someplace new, we need somebody who is already aware of that place and knows that place so that he or she can show us around and show us the right path to our destination.
Mind you, the spirit world is vast and confusing and bewildering ad without a mentor there is a high probability that we might get lost.


But is a Teacher or a Guide or as they say Guru, is only important for us to show us the path? The Hindu Texts say something else.

“Gurura Brahma Gurura Bishnu Gurura devo maheshwara

Guru sakshat parabhrahma tasamayi shrii guruve namaha”

This is a concise quote but believe me, it holds the entire universe inside it.

Gurura Brahma- The Guide, or the Guru is the Creator,

Gurura Bishnu- The Guide, or the guru is the Sustainer


Gurura deva Maheshwara- The Guide, or the Guru is the Destroyer.

Guru Sakshat Parabrahma- Guru is the God Element,

Tasmayi Shree Guruve Namaha- I Bow down to my Guru with the utmost reverence.

Guru Is like witnessing the drop of perfume squeezed out from a thousand roses. That’s how important a Guru is to us on our spiritual journey. But many people forget the real essence of the Guide and tend to repeat the words the Guru tells them, in order to become somebody else’s guide, without knowing the essence of the truth. We tend to repeat their words without putting any meaning into them, like parrots. But we need a constant and a rigorous polishing of the consciousness and the bliss of meditation to become a Guru, and utter devotion to one, first.  But how do you get a proper Guru? Don’t worry, all you need to in order to learn from a genuine, proper Guru is to learn become a genuine, proper Disciple.

There is a Lovely Story about Yama the hindu God of Death/ time and Nachiketa, someone I’d like to call a proper disciple.

Nachiketa’s father was performing rituals and trying to sacrfice cows when he asked his father.


Nachiketa; Why are you sacrificing cows?

Father: I am sacrificing them for the rituals.

Nachiketa: Whom are you sacrificing the cows to?

Fathe: To God, now bugger off, let me finish the ritual.

Nachiketa: But!

Father: Shut Up! Else I shall sacrifice you!


Nachiketa got excited at the thought of being sacrificed to a God, he started dreaming of meeting Gods and travelling to new places.

Nachiketa: Whom are going to sacrifice me to?

Father: (Now very angry) Go! I sacrifice you to Yama! The God of Death.

On that note, Nachiketa was taken to Yamalok, the abode of Yama. But Yama had gone away. He waited for Yama to come and told the hosts that he would not eat until he met Yama. Yama on hearing this was impressed and returned to meet Nachiketa. On meeting him,

Yama: I am very impressed with your devotion,why did you come here?

Nachiketa: My father sent me here.


Yama; Very well, I shall grant you three wishes, speak, what do you want? Riches?

Nachiketa: No!

Yama: Fame?

Nachiketa: No!

Yama: Power?

Yama: No!


Yama: Then what do you want?

Nachiketa : I want to learn the secret of death.

Yama realized that Nachiketa was very smart indeed because if he was told the secret of Death, Nachiketa would be immortal. But Yama was very impressed by his determination and devotion. And so he taught Nachiketa the secret of Death.
If you become a genuine seeker, you find a genuine teacher, and a genuine teacher teaches you- yeah, you guessed it! The Secret to Death.

If you want to learn the secret to death, post to us in the comments below.

A Guru will create you, sustain you and destroy you, you need to be ready for that. And for this matter only Brave-hearts can go to a Guru, because a Guru is fire, he will never console you but rather burn you to make you a sword.

With a Sadhguru (A genuine guru)  you have to learn to die and to live at the same time, and you have to learn to die while you are living, this is meditation.


Like Lord Krishna said, Live as if “the whole world is a stage, and we are its actors.”  Shakespeare repeated this mantra numerous times.  Don’t take life too seriously because Creation is pro-life, and life is pro-creation. You don’t need to be serious to live through it. Life is an opportunity to learn the Art of Living.

Live like a Lotus Flower. That’s what a Sadhguru teaches you to do. And once you understand this, you come to realize that Guru is the Lord Almighty. And then you will slowly also realize that You are the Lord Almighty because the Guru is actually just a reflection of yourself.  Therefore the quote mentioned at the top of the article says, “I bow in reverence to my Guru or Tasmayi Shri Guruve Namaha.”

We are bound to face a lot of struggles all throughout life. Therefore our life is like a dark night and not like a sunny day. And a Guru is like a full moon on a dark night. We, humans will never be able to look at the sun directly, therefore we need a moon to let our eyes drink the light of the sun. If we look at the sun (the Truth) directly, our eyes might be destroyed, but if we look at the same light from the moon (The Guru), we’ll be able to drink the subtle and soft light with our eyes. Sun (T he Truth) is masculine, strong, aggressive while the Moon( The Guru) is feminine, passive and soft. A Sadhguru is a full moon in a dark night. We are the dark night, and we need full moons.  The full moon drinks all the light from the sun and emits it at night when we need it most. In order to get the light of the sun you need to pass through the Sun.

Just like if you drink water from the seas, you;ll die. Bu if you drink the same water from a river or a lake or a fountain, it quenches your thirst. That’s what a Guru or A Guide does to you. He/she softens the aggressive truth of existence. And the day you become able enough to drink the light from the sun, the Guru disappears from between.

No wonder the day of the Guru is celebrated on a Full moon day.

Blessed Be,
Shunya Samarpan



2 thoughts on “Guide: Why is a Guru Important in a Spiritual Journey?

  • February 15, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    I love how you talked about spiritual advisors as creating, sustaining, and destroying. My best friend is planning a trip to Nepal to find a spiritual guru. Thanks for the information on why gurus are important on spiritual journeys.

    • February 19, 2018 at 6:46 am

      Thank you for finding the time to read our blog. If she wishes we can help your friend find a Guru here. Do remain connected. Blessed Be. 🙂


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