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Green tea is getting very popular among the people these days. People prefer to drink this tea mostly because they have heard about its good effect on the overall health of the person but most people don’t know how Green tea can be beneficial for the overall health. Most researchers and scientists have pointed out towards the positive effects of having green tea on a regular basis. It is obvious that there is no particular food or drink which can totally protect you from all the diseases. The overall health depends on the type of lifestyle we have, genetics, environment and a lot of other related factors. So, it is important to take care of your own health even if you drink a lot of tea. Even if you drink green tea, it is necessary to do regular physical exercises, quit smoking, avoid drinking and eat healthy food.

Most people drink Green tea not because they like the taste of it but because they believe it helps to control the body weight. If we check out the history of Green tea then we should look at the history of ancient China where Green tea (Hyson) has been used for medicinal purpose for over thousands of years. Later on, it was used by people in all over Asia. It has been proven that Hyson can be effective in preventing Cancer and also to lower the blood pressure. Hyson is processed in a different manner compared to ordinary black tea. The processing for Black tea is done to allow the process of fermentation but the processing of Hyson does not include the process of fermentation. Because of this difference in a manufacturing process, Hyson retains different types of antioxidants and polyphenols which are responsible for the positive impacts of hyson.


Health Benefits of Green Tea 

Hyson is said to have many health benefits out which some of the known benefits are mentioned below. However, it is advised to take medical advice if you are using this Tea for medicinal purpose. There are still many debates and researchers going on regarding the benefits of Green tea.

  1. Weight control

Green tea is known to be helpful in increasing the metabolism process of the body. There is a substance called polyphenol in Hyson which intensifies the fat oxidation level. It also intensifies the process and rate at which the body converts the consumed food into calories.

  1. Diabetes Control

Studies have proven that regular consumption of Green tea helps to maintain the blood sugar level. It slows down the blood sugar level after eating. Regular consumption can prevent unnecessary storage of fat and high level of insulin.

  1. Prevents Heart problems

There is a belief among the scientists that the green tea helps to relax the lining of the blood vessels. It helps to make it able in handling a change of blood pressure. Clot formation is one major cause of heart attacks but hyson helps in prevention of clot formation.

  1. Decrease risk of Esophageal Cancer

It has been found that Green tea is effective to kill the cancer cells in the body and during that process, the healthy cells in the body are not affected. Drinking Green tea regularly decreases the chances of Esophageal Cancer to a great extent.

  1. Maintains Cholesterol level

There are two types of cholesterol in the body. Good cholesterol is necessary while bad cholesterol will cause harm to the body. Green tea destroys the bad cholesterol level in the blood and it increases the level of good cholesterol.

  1. Effective against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Green tea is known to be effective against diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It delays in the deterioration process caused by these diseases. Several researches on mice were carried out, according to which Hyson helped in the restoration of damaged brain cells and it also saved the brain cells from dying.

  1. Effective against Tooth Decay

Green tea also has magical effect against a problem of tooth decay. There is a substance present in Hyson which is called catechin. Catechin destroys the harmful virus and bacteria which are responsible for tooth decay, throat infections or dental problems.

  1. Maintain Blood pressure

If you drink Green tea on a regular basis then it can be helpful to maintain blood pressure levels. Especially, It has properties which can reduce the high blood pressure levels.

  1. Fights Depression

Green Tea also contains substances which lift up the mood of a person and it will fight depression. Hyson contains a substance called Theanine which is an amino acid and it is naturally found in the leaves of tea. It is because of Theanine that people feel relaxed after drinking tea.

  1. Antiviral and Anti Bacterial properties

There are substances in Green tea which carry strong Antiviral and Anti Bacterial properties. It has been proven effective in treatment and prevention of various health issues ranging from normal flu to cancer. Many studies have shown that hyson stopped the chances of any disease in the person.

  1. Good for the skin

Drinking Green tea on a regular basis may also be good for the skin. It helps to deal with the wrinkles and different signs related to ageing. It contains a lot of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are good for the skin. Tests have been conducted on animals and humans as well which proved that hyson was effective in controlling damage to the skin caused by sunburn.

Things to remember

There is something to remember and note before keeping Hyson in your daily routine. There is no fixed indication as to how many cups of green tea are required in a day. Some may consider drinking two cups a day while others may want to take more than that. But it is advised that at least a cup a day can give benefits to the health of the person. Hyson has caffeine in it so, people who are caffeine sensitive should limit consumption to just a cup. Tannins are present in Green tea and they can decrease the iron and folic acid absorption level. So, pregnant women are advised to avoid Green tea. For better taste and health benefits, Green tea can be mixed with Ginger which can be a great combination.

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