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Get rid of leg pain instantly with simple exercise 

Feet play an important role in the exercises we practice to stay fit and healthy. So it’s safe to say that, taking care of our feet is as important as eating healthy.


Here, we present to you the five different exercises that will help you get rid of all feet related problems.

  1. Pressing the toes against the floor: You can practise this exercise to relax the feet. First, stand straight and then slowly bend the knee as you press the floor with your toes. Maintain the pose for a while. Practise this exercise at least three times a day.
  2. Walking on your toes: Walking on your toes strengthens the leg muscles. This exercise is not only beneficial but also really easy to practise. Practise this exercise twice everyday.
  3. Ankle exercise: Maintaining the flexibility of the ankle is very important. Sometimes you may feel your entire body turn numb if your ankle muscles tighten. This may lead to excruciating pain in the muscles and the joints. To exercise your ankle, lie down straight on your back and slowly raise one leg and slowly turn the ankle clockwise. Do the same with the other leg.
  4. Resisted Flection: This exercise is beneficial for the bone marrow, which plays a vital role in balancing the feet. This exercise makes the muscles of the leg flexible and also helps to prevent muscle cramps.
  5. Toe pencil pickups: This exercise is simple and easy to practice.  Place a pencil on the floor and as the name suggests, try picking the pencil up with your toes.           


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