foods you should eat to live a longer life

Foods You Should Eat to Live a Longer Life

Tips for a Longer Life

We are eating food items that might kill us, on a large scale. The food industry is feeding us what is not appropriate for our body. However, there are certain natural foods you should eat to live a longer life. Here are ten food items that will make you live healthy until your grandchildren have their children.

The foods that kill us quick are acidic food items. And the food that makes us live long are alkaline. So stop munching junk and start looking for fresh stuff. Here is a list of 10 food items that will increase your longevity and decrease your aging.

10 Foods You Should Eat to Live a Longer Life

Fresh Fruits

Fruits have been an elixir for human beings and all living creatures alike. Fruits are high in water content and provide the body with nutrients that are highly needed for the body. They contain minerals and vitamins and nutrition galore. They cost less comparatively and keep you alive for long. Bring home some Mangoes or Grapes or Strawberries and consume them regularly. Believe me; they’ll keep you fresh as new.

Fresh Fruits

Personal tip: Fruits taste better when eaten with a little bit of salt, honey or squeezing lemon sometimes.


Sprouts are one food that we human beings have already forgotten. If you ask the next generation what sprouts are, it is very likely that they will refer to the cold drink “Sprite.” Nope, it’s not sprite; it’s sprout. Have you ever soaked beans in water and saw small threadlike extensions sprouting from it, yup. That’s sprout. They are magically nutritious. Better than any food supplement that you might be taking. Once you start taking them regularly, you will start noticing the difference.


Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables are a far cry in today’s food market. We do consume them, or we are made to believe that we eat them but rarely do we consume them in the amount that we are supposed to. May it be leafy vegetables or non-leafy vegetables, having them regularly makes your body happy. You can cook it with some healthy vegetable oil but once you start deep frying, they start losing their essence, and it starts becoming acidic for you again. So, cook them, try not to deep fry them and for the best results, eat them raw.

Fresh Vegetables


Now this one is debatable. Recent studies have been showing that the dairy we consume might not be healthy for us. But it has been observed since time immemorial that milk has been an essential part of our regular diet. Milk is rich in calcium and minerals and is vital for the growth of the body. Cow milk is good; goat milk is good too. However, sometimes, the buffalo milk, which is popular in the east, is regarded as acidic as it tends to contain a lot of fat. Fresh milk regularly is what you want to drink, but again, be aware, if you start heating and reheating it again, it might turn unhealthy for you. Psst, stop putting it in the refrigerator.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the star of the plant-based food family. It is becoming very popular these days and for good reasons. It is not possible to contain its merits in this article so I shall be writing a whole new article on Aloe Vera soon.

Aloe Vera

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Natural Sugars

Yes, Yes I know. Before this point, I have always condemned sugars, but here I am advertising it. Why? You ask. Well, I am only in favor of sugars that are found in nature. I am strictly against processed sugars, but natural sugars are actually good for you. The sugar that you find in honey, or say, sugarcane is a natural energizer.

Natural Sugar

Multigrain Foods items

Multigrain food items are those delicacies that have been keeping the people of the Indian Subcontinent agile, yogic and happy. The Roti’s that you get in South Asia is a kind of superfood. Therefore I am in full favor of any food item that is made with multigrain. And the more naturally refined it is, the better.

Multi Grain Food Items

Natural Ghee (derived from Cow’s Milk)

Cow Ghee is essentially another super food. The moment you find some Cow Ghee, bring it home. Its advantages are beyond measurable. Pure Ghee tastes great and has a very strong impact on your immune system. It also slows down your aging process. So if you ask me, you can say bye-bye to cosmetics and welcome Cow Ghee home. Besides, it creates a balance in the air element of your body and forms a shield in and around your body.

Natural Ghee

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits like cashew and Cardamoms, almonds, chestnuts and all can be considered as the gemstones of nature. They are the pearls and diamonds of the natural food environment. Therefore, dry fruits and nuts will enhance your physical and mental health tenfold but only when taken in the right quantity. The right amount of cashews can make your body alkaline but take a little more, and it might start causing constipation and stomach aches.

Dry Fruits and Nuts


Water is the elixir of life. I don’t shy away in saying that you since you are almost entirely made up of water, hydrating, re-hydrating and re-hydrating your body is essential for your well being.

Drinking water


So these were the ten foods you should eat to live a longer life, happy and fit. If you want to learn what food items not to have, check out our article “10 Everyday Foods That Are Killing You Slowly.” It might be difficult for all of us to strictly adhere to these to diets. But, I’d like to say that one needs to use one’s wits and common sense. No two humans are the same, and therefore no two bodies are the same, so carefully experiment with the foods that you like, that you do not want, that is good for you, and that is acidic. After all, it’s your life.
Cheers. Until next time.

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