Foods To Avoid on An Empty Stomach

7 Foods You Should Avoid Eating On Empty Stomach

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We need food to stay healthy. But did you know that it’s better to avoid certain foods if you want a sustainable health?

Foods To Avoid Eating on An Empty Stomach- While everyone is chasing their dream of eating healthy and attaining sound health, most of them are forgetting the simple rules of eating healthy. WHAT? You might be wondering. Well, we’ve all talked about what you should eat for breakfast or for lunch, which food has low calorie, which burns calorie and so on. But most do not have any idea on what food you should avoid eating, especially in the morning on an empty stomach.

It’s evident that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but most, for the sake of eating healthy, eat foods like yogurt or bananas or coffee on an empty stomach that may wreak havoc with your gut! Keeping that in mind, here I’ve enlisted seven foods you should avoid eating on empty stomach.

7. Bananas

Having a glass full of banana smoothie to start off your day might sound a good idea but bananas are not necessarily the best food to eat on an empty stomach. Bananas are rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium, and hence if consumed on an empty stomach can raise the levels of magnesium in the blood. Higher magnesium levels can impact the heart and lungs in the long run.

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6. Yogurt and other fermented milk products

Yogurt is probably the best food for your gut as it’s a good probiotic food. But having yogurt or any fermented milk products on an empty stomach increases the levels of hydrochloric acid in your stomach. This eventually wipes up the good lactic acid bacteria present in milk causing acidity in your tummy. So if you don’t want to start your day feeling bloated, avoid consuming these products on an empty stomach.

5. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons or grapefruits can possibly irritate your lower esophagus as they are rich in citric acid. This can cause heartburn or regurgitation if you eat too many oranges on an empty stomach. Also, the greater fiber content can result in abdominal cramps and lead to explosive diarrhea.

4.Pastries and processed Sugar

I know how waking up to freshly baked cakes and pastries with a cup of coffee sound like a dream. But these foods are not the best solution for your morning meal. When you eat foods containing processed sugars, they increase acidity, risking you towards gastritis and stomach ulcers. Also, eating puff pastries and other baked goods that contain yeast can irritate your stomach lining and result in flatulence.

3.Carbonated drinks

Though it’s a hot summer day, you should always avoid having carbonated drinks in the morning. These drinks can damage your mucous membranes, disrupting the normal process of digestion. It also reduces the blood supply to the stomach, causing various serious issues like nausea and gas.

2.Spicy food

Spicy food contains chilies and other flavors. Hence these foods contain high levels of the chemical known as capsaicin. Capsaicin increases the rate of metabolism, increasing your heart rate. If you have gastritis or heartburn then having spicy food on an empty stomach can make it worse.

1.Tea or Coffee

Drinking tea or coffee once you wake up is the common norm among all of us. Sipping some hot tea or coffee is an easy way to start off a lazy day with full-on energy. But the fact that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can lead to acidity. It stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive system which causes gastritis in some people.

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So What Should We Eat on An Empty Stomach?

Now, since coffee and bananas are out of your table, you might be wondering what one should actually eat on an empty stomach. Well, there are lots of delicious and healthy options that you can choose to make up your morning breakfast routine. Let’s go through it right below!

  • A good boiled or scrambled egg is the best choice for a hungry stomach. It can keep you feeling full for hours and it doesn’t cause any gas or heartburn as well.
  • Oatmeal is undoubtedly the best breakfast food as it contains enough calories, fibers and other vital nutrients that improve your digestion.
  • If you are a fruit freak and want to eat fruits for your breakfast then go for fruits like watermelon, berries(blueberry, strawberry, blackberry),  figs, kiwi, pineapple, papaya and so on. These fruits can detoxify your system, boosting your immunity, giving you more energy than a cup of coffee!
  • Eat whole grain bread with no yeast. Our body needs carbohydrates for the digestive system to function fully.
  • Have some nuts as eating nuts for breakfast because they improve your digestive health and normalize the pH in your stomach.
  • Wheat germ, that is widely used as a topping for many breakfast items can be used as a breakfast itself. It is crazy rich in vitamin E and folic acid that can prevent you from an upset stomach.
  • Other foods that you can eat include raisins, chia seeds, soaked almonds, warm honey water, papaya and so on.

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