Top 6 Foods That’ll Kill Your Testosterone: Do not Eat This!


Did you know that the food you eat is slowly killing your testosterone levels, making your sex drive plunge down the drain?

I care about my body and my hormone levels because as a woman, our hormone levels keep shooting up and down between the PMS and pregnancy. But I didn’t know that men too suffered different hormonal imbalance disorders, particularly testosterone hormonal imbalance. And what I didn’t know as well was that certain food was also responsible in lowering down your testosterone level. And once your testosterone level goes down, you suffer several uncomfortable and embarrassing disorders like low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, increased body fat, increased fatigue, hot flashes and so on.

Yes, you read that right. While many factors influence the regulation of testosterone levels, the type of diet is also a key factor that affects the testosterone levels and prevent them from dripping too low.


So what could be such devil foods that would make you tired and not sexy? Let’s go through it one by one.

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Mint is perhaps one of the best herbs known for its powerful soothing properties but it might shock you when I say you this, Mint could cause a dip in testosterone levels. The major component, menthol present in mint could lower the testosterone level. A recent study conducted among 42 women showed that drinking spearmint herbal tea daily resulted in a dramatic decline in testosterone levels. Also in another animal study, they found significant decrease in testosterone levels in rats who were administered with pepper mint tea. The study, however, has not been carried out in men but it’s still best to avoid having some mint.


2.Soy and Soy-Products

Soy products like tofu, soymilk, miso edamame are rich in protein and they are healthy foods to eat. But, scientists and experts have claimed that regular consumption of these food might cause a drop in testosterone levels. For instance, a study of 35 men who consumed soy protein daily for 54 days showed a decreased level of testosterone levels. However, there has been a controversy regarding this as some research even claimed that soy products do not have much impact on testosterone levels.

3.Flax Seeds

I will explain you this with an interesting story. A 31-year-old woman who suffered hirsutism(abnormal growth of hair on woman’s face and body) due to high testosterone level was advised to consume 30 gms of flaxseeds everyday for four long months. Her total testosterone level dropped by 70 percent while her free-testosterone level dipped down by 89 percent. Well, this is was a pretty sick solution for the lady but for men, consuming flax seeds is not a great idea. You should find your omega 3s from other sources other than flax seeds.

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4.Licorice Root

Licorice root is a miracle herb known to cure almost every minor diseases, from chronic pain to persistent coughing. But recently, studies have shown that licorice roots might influence testosterone hormone levels to a greater extent. In one study, 25 men consumed 7 grams of licorice root daily, which caused a 26% drop in testosterone levels after just one week. As licorice extract is used widely in candies and other beverages, it’s better to avoid such products.


Nuts, wait what? You guys might have only  heard the beneficial stories of nuts, how it’s a great source of all the important nutrients such as fiber, omega-3s, minerals but some studies are now suggesting that certain types of nuts might have an impact on testosterone levels. Nuts consists of a type of protein called SHBG which binds to testosterone, leading low testosterone levels in the body, decreasing the free testosterone.

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6. Shrimp

Technically, shrimp is not the food you should avoid, but it’s the pesticide that’s used to preserve the shrimp. The pesticide, 4-hexyl resorcinol which is applied to the shrimp are a major “endocrine disruptors” meaning they interfere with our hormone systems and cause imbalance. Hence if you consume sea foods like tilapia, eel, or shrimp that contains pesticides, chances are that you might suffer not only the low testosterone levels but other defects as well.

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