10 Everyday Foods That Are Killing You Slowly


Do you think you eat healthily? The world is getting full of food-related diseases these days. There is not one person who is not sick because of the food they consume. Did you know that there are foods that are killing you slowly?

In the west, Obesity has become a huge problem while in the east it’s rare to find an individual without gastritis. Why is this happening? Why are we becoming such a diseased species?


To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. Many schools of thoughts might have different approaches and different opinions on this topic, but if you look at it holistically, there are only two problems.

The first is, the food items being sold in the market. They are all full of preservatives and all things that cannot and should not be ingested.


The second is our lack of knowledge about our body and healthy eating habits. It is the nature of the market to try and sell you stuff, healthy or otherwise. But we, as the preservers of our body also need to be aware of our choice of food.

Our body is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. That is how the body constituents are made up of. The problem arises when we disbalance this ratio and stuff ourselves with more than needed acidic food items.


So, here are ten foods that are killing you or ten food items that you need to avoid or reduce to stay healthy.

I’m sorry, a lot of the food items might be your favorite. But the choice is yours. Choose taste or health.

10 Foods That Are Killing You

1. Fried Food

We tend to fry everything in our life whether it be potatoes, onions, tomatoes, eggs, noodles, pie, rice, bread…everything! And how the fried food items taste! Yumm yumm!! The first on our list of  Fried foods have a high amount of fat, calories, salt and trans fat which is responsible for many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer. These kinds of food increase the acidic content of the body. So, it is highly recommended that you reduce or if you can, avoid fried food altogether.

Fried Food

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2. Soft Drinks

This is a universal favorite. Many of the drinks available in the market are just flavored sugary beverages and hardly have any fruits and are of no nutritive value. Most of us cannot live without sipping your favorite can of soft drink with your every meal. The tangy and satisfying feeling that it leaves behind after you take a sip is beyond words. But, these very carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar and have no essential nutrients at all. The high sugar and calories in these drinks make us prone to weight gain, increase our risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even decay our teeth.

Soft Drinks

3. Sugars

Sugar is another part of many foods you consume daily from your morning tea to pastries, your favorite drink to all the yummy desserts. Though sweet in taste the aftermath of consuming too much sugar might turn out bitter in real life. Sugar should be kept to a minimum whenever possible and natural sweeteners such as stevia should be used instead. Natural sugar like that found in fruits is likely to cause no harm but make sure you are not consuming food and drinks with sugar-free such as juices, soft drinks, biscuits, etc.

Sugar Cubes


4. Baked Foods or Cookies

We eat a lot of baked food in our daily life. From burgers to baked bread to cookies. We munch on them whenever we can, especially the cookies. Most of the baked items are enriched with a lot of additives like preservatives, flavors, and colors. The amount of fat and sugar is quite high and many of them are being made from refined flour and refined sugar which make them deficient in fiber.

Baked Foods and Cookies

5. Processed Meat And Processed Food

Studies show that people who eat processed meats have a higher risk of many serious diseases, including colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Consume food in its natural state as much as possible. Avoid packaged and processed food whenever u have any healthier option.

Barbecue Cause Cancer

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6. Non-Veg Food

Well, most of the entire world is non-vegetarian at the moment. Meat and other non-veg food is hard to digest and might cause a little more stress to our digestive system. These foods are considered tamasik in Ayurveda increasing emotions such as anger and frustration. Generally, they contain high fat, cholesterol, and sodium than vegetarian food. There is also the risk of many diseases being transmitted from animals to humans on the course of being eaten like bird flu and swine flu.

Non-Veg Food | Meat

7. Alcohol And Drinks

Drinking small amounts of alcohol like red wine in the right amount might have positive health effects but if you have been drinking excessively and if u notice that it has been causing problems in your life, you should avoid it as much as possible. If you can reduce it, try reducing it or just leave it altogether. Try it and you will find that in the long run, you will have a healthy and peaceful life if you omit alcohol from your diet.

Effects Of Alcohol On Health


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8. Tea And Coffee

Now, this is a must for everybody. Nobody can work without coffee. Whether it be a formal meeting or a casual meet up with your cousin, coffee is always on the table. Not many people can think of starting a day without coffee. There are benefits of taking caffeinated drinks but with the good side, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. More than 2-3 cups of tea and coffee might lead to insomnia, gastric irritation, milk tea is known to reduce iron absorption in the body, along with it the sugar consumption also increases leading to diseases that we’ve mentioned earlier. Caffeine may also cause addiction and stain your teeth.

Coffee in a plastic cup

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9. Fast Food

If you are an occasional fast food consumer then its ok but if you have been hopping into your favorite fast food restaurants a lot recently then it’s time to rethink what you have been eating. Pizza, burgers, french fries we love munching on them whenever possible, your taste buds love them a lot but it’s high time we a little about our health. Fast food is high in calories, loaded with salt and one of the main reasons behind high blood pressure, diabetes, increased cholesterol and obesity. Also, they make you prone to a breakout of acne.

Fast Food | Burger

10. Stale Food

Food should be consumed within 3 hours of cooking. Any kind of stale food will kill you in the long run. Once a dish is reheated, no matter how nourishing or nutritious it might have been, it will never be like when it is cooked. Be careful when eating food that is reheated because there are high chances of growth of fungus, mold, and bacteria. Stale food will cause flatulence, indigestion, and gas. This increases the acid element in your body and even the chances of u suffering from food poisoning rises.

Stale Food


Final Words

So, this was our list of ten foods that are killing you or 10 food items to avoid or let’s say reduce. Now I know, a lot of people’s diet constitutes of some of these, if not all of these, and it might be difficult for some of you to change your diet altogether. It is not necessary to avoid them all but just a few changes like better food choices, reducing the frequency of unhealthy food, the way you make your food or switching to healthy alternatives might help you boost your health.

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