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7 Hottest Fitness Trends of 2019

7 Fitness Trends 2018

Are you a fitness freak? Do you love trying out new workout routines and trends? If yes, then check out these 7 fitness trends of 2019.

Fitness Trends: Summer is finally here and it’s the best time to enjoy the coastal beach, relishing summer drinks flaunting your curves. But is your body summer ready yet? If not, there’s no reason to fret. I’ve enlisted some of the hot and trending fitness routines 2019 and workout plans that’ll make you look like a summer goddess!

From battling rope and trampolining to kickboxing and yoga wheeling, here are some of the fitness trends of 2019 that you need to turn your workouts up a notch!

1. Battling Rope

For Fitness Trends, Skipping ropes and jumping ropes have now become old school exercises. These days, another fun yet tough fitness routine, battle ropes are on the trend. The ropes are super-sized and heavy, that’s best to work on your muscles around arms, shoulders and even your legs. Starters can work out making basic waves on the ropes and later improvise moving both arms up and down rapidly. Other forms of waves like alternating waves, snakes on the floor, shoulder circles and shoulder press are effective and killer workout trends.


Stressed out? Fitness Trends, Try kickboxing! Kickboxing is a strength building exercising, most of your lower body parts. It’s also a recreational yet healthy form of workout and definitely something you should try! It has a number of advantages like the increase in muscle flexibility, blood circulation, stress-relief, muscle toning, defensive exercise, improved body balance and coordination and so on. In addition, kickboxing gets your heart pumping and your muscles working as you kick and punch your way through a workout. In fact, a person can burn an average of 600 calories in just an hour of kickboxing. So, folks, stop whatever you’re doing and start kickboxing!

3. Trampolining

Kids scooch a little because now it’s time for adults to play! Another fitness trend that is getting hype in 2019 is trampolining. Even studies have been carried out that have shown that bouncing on a trampoline is 68 percent more effective than jogging. And the fact that it’s more fun than any other exercise is making it a popular fitness routine of 2019. Jumping or jogging on trampoline develops upper and lower body strength, boosts the body’s posture, balance and coordination. It’s also a good cardio and it releases endorphins that are natural pain and stress fighters.

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4. Yoga Wheeling

Yoga, unlike heavy duty, exercises and work out sessions, is best for fitness of body mind and soul. The trends of yoga are constantly changing and a bit of stretching is great for your muscle flexibility, balancing your mental and physical health. But I’m not talking about regular yoga. Fitness freaks are now claiming yoga wheeling to be the hottest workout trend. The yoga wheel is designed to help you improve flexibility and stretch to the fullest. It’s great for people who have muscle spasms or body aches and those who are willing to tone up the muscles. It’s also amazing for building stamina and increasing fitness.

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5.Circuit Training

If you don’t know what a circuit training is, then it’s a style of workout where you perform a cycle of different exercises(5 to 10) targeting different muscle groups with minimal rest in between. Circuit training is another fitness trend of 2019, not because it’s new work out routine but it has tons of benefits, unlike other regular exercises. It can give you the best of both worlds: strength training and cardio workout in one cycle. It not only saves time but also burns calories and fat like a poof! You can go from bench presses to crunches, for example, followed by jumping jacks and lunges. Then do pushups and bent-over rows, followed by jumping rope and squats. Complete the circuit two to three times.

6.  Cycling

For Fitness Trends, Cycling definitely digs up sweet and fun childhood memories but it can also be a part of your fitness regime. Gather some friends and go cycling in the woods. This light yet good muscle exercise will boost up your stamina and mental state of being. Health benefits of regular cycling include improved posture and coordination, stress and anxiety reduction, improved joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

7. Rock climbing

This might sound a little too adventurous, but rock climbing lands on our list of the hottest fitness trends 2019. This daring exercise might intimidate you first but as you go on, it upgrades your inner strength and motivates to conquer the greatest climbs. It builds muscle, improves body balance and coordination, boosts concentration and brain function, increases flexibility and endurance. A single climb session can burn over 700 calories.

So guys, are you interested in taking up the sport and explore the world from the top? You better start climbing that rock!

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